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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    As usual, nice roundup, Scott.

    Regarding Koetter getting no respect from the national media, I think it comes from the disappointment that the media writers and personalities expressed over Lovie Smith’s canning. For the most part, the national media hated that … so they’re reluctant to acknowledge the job that Koetter is doing, because that would require that they were wrong at the beginning of this year to whine about Smith. Only a few of the media talking heads and writers supported Smith’s firing. Maybe in another year or two they’ll get over themselves and recognize Coach Koetter as the quality coach that he is. Which he most certainly is.

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      Because the’re ultra liberal.

      1. 1.1.1


          Explain how the mainstream media is liberal?

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    Scott, so can we call the beat down of the Seahawks as the “Scut Farkus Affair”?
    I am happy for Noah Spence and the hard work he has put in. All of us have done dumb things. But, he is not letting that define him or hold him back. I am wondering since the shoulder injury, if that is causing him to concentrate on his technique more and thus making him better faster.
    I agree with Naplesfan above on Coach Koetter. Those national media clowns is one of the reasons I get my Buccaneer news from PR.
    I never understood the criticism that McCoy gets from some in the fan base. I am very happy he is a Buccaneer!
    Thanks Scott for the Fab5 today. Now lets show the Chargers who’s the bully on the block! Go Bucs!

    1. 2.1


      Extra points for reference to the “Scot Farkus Affair” (even if you spelled it the same way as the musical group).

      My favorite all time holiday movie – I can hear in my mind’s eye Jean Shephard’s narration, and his introduction of the aforementioned affair. “He had yellow eyes!”

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    Scott, I was hoping for more analysis on the Chargers and not a lot of the same stuff we have heard earlier this week? I sure hope our Bucs are focused on the Chargers or they will slaughter us. Rivers is a very good QB and it appears the Chargers have been addressing their Defense the past two years. We can’t live in the past; one day at a time. Sure hope you get into the analysis groove in the future with the opponent we are about to play.

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    I like McCoy a lot but best DT in NFL? NO, I will take Donald from Rams any day of the week and twice on Sundays he doesn’t have the explosion or quickness of Donald but he’s a very good player. Coaching our kids in pop warner and watching my son play has truly been the most exciting time in my life I like the Bucs and Cards but my son doesn’t play for them, not yet anyway ha! I liked Spence coming out of college a lot in fact I liked that selection a lot more than the Hargreaves pick he has that “it” factor when I ever watched his tape and stood out on tape more so than his team mate Bosa who play on other side of Spence, I’m actually surprised Bosa has 4 sacks thus far as I predicted he would be a bust and still stand by that opinion. I contemplated driving to SD for this game as its only a 4 hour drive but money is an issue as X-Mas is in less than a month away and my kids get more expensive with their X-Mas wish list as they get older ha, bring back the days of Toys R Us

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    Thanks Scott for commenting on McCoy’s contribution to the Bucs. I’m sure not many would remember that there were a lot of forum members that also panned Sapp’s play and never appreciated everything he did for the team. I don’t know if McCoy will make it to the Hall or not someday, but he’s a very, very valuable member of the Tampa Bay Bucs and I’m proud to watch him go to war every weekend.

    The one thing I can finally say is that this team is exciting to watch now and I feel that any game they go into they have to be considered to have a chance to win. I couldn’t say that for years.

    It’s fun to be a Bucs fan again!

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    I think Peter King should read a little more Scott Reynolds. I don’t care what the national media thinks anyway. Even the week before the Super Bowl back in January of 2003, no one talked about the Bucs or their chances of winning. This is why I don’t watch pregame shows or anything like that. Blah blah blah Tom Brady, blah blah blah NY Giants, blah blah blah Dallas Cowboys. Doesn’t anyone else get sick of it? Even NFL Network, which theoretically should cover all of the teams equally since it’s owned by the League does the same, except for the Jameis segment with Primetime.

    This is another huge game and Koetter’s tunnel vision should help here. I like the fact that even after a huge win like that, everyone’s moving on and talking about SD and not talking the p word. I can still see the clip of Jim Mora Sr.’s p-p-p-layoffs??

    I really hope that the players see what the fans say. I say, forget it, you lose this game and you could move down 2 spots to 9th in the conference! It’s now December football and this is where the moves are made, the games are tougher, and the men get separated from the boys. We are getting healthier by the day, we have shown toughness, togetherness, this group has talent, so now it’s all in the execution. Let’s go Bucs! It seems not many in the national media believes you will win this game, but I do, so let’s bring it home.

    1. 6.1


      Well said CDNBUCSFAN. If I hear any more stories about Brady I might just lose it. Tom Terrific, we get it, he is good, we don’t need to be reminded every 30 miutes. We are not stupid, know what I mean. I’s not like I turn on a sports show and watch a Brady piece and say, “gee he’s good”. But that is not the worst, Americas Team. Who freakin’ said so? Not freakin’ me.
      After being forced fed the Dallas Cowboys I feel like sticking a finger down my throat and yakking.
      GO BUCS

      1. 6.1.1


        Actually, I’m not too concerned about too much TB … but I am starting to get disgusted with media talkers pushing Dak Prescott for Greatest All Time Quarterback in the History of the Universe. Not that I dislike him … but any player, rookie or otherwise, who performs well on one of the media’s favorite teams (i.e., the Giants or the Cowboys) immediately gets grossly overexposed to the max. ODB anyone?

        We’ll have a shot at showing the young man who’s who in a few weeks … lookin’ forward to it big time.

    2. 6.2


      I agree totally about the national media CDN. Have you folks noticed that the NFL Network has become the Dallas Cowboys Network. That’s all they talk about. It’s been that way for a while, but now that Dallas is winning they don’t even try to hide it. I believe Jerry Jones is the real power behind the throne.

      1. 6.2.1


        Jones and Kraft, with the Maras, Rooneys and Dan Snyder rounding it out. Everyone else is second tier.

      2. 6.2.2


        I have also noticed the NFL Network has become the Dallas Cowboys Network and I want to puke. America’s team? No one asked me!
        As I said before, I am rooting for the Bucs to rudely crash this party!



          Rudely crash this party. Right on.
          The BUCS can the nerds spoiling some rich kids party. Fart jokes and all.
          GO BUCS

  7. 7


    Great fab 5. The physicality we showed against Seattle was unlike anything I’ve seen since the good old days. That was a straight beat down. If they can get that kind of pressure again, they could have a field day against San Diego, as Philip Rivers is a statue back there. His help is a very quick release and any angle he can throw at. What I like is that our DB’s match up well again with this receiving core. Anyone notice outside of playing Atlanta, and Oakland, with their tree tall receivers, our secondary has vastly improved?
    Noah has been fantastic as of late and he has really earned that second round pick. I was all for drafting him in the first and the fact that we got him in the second is pretty crazy. As for him winning rookie of the year, it’ll never happen. He might get rookie of the year , but the market the bucs are in completely screws them come award time. Hell if Mike Evans in his rookie season and Jameis in his couldn’t get it over OBJ and an overrated Gurley, I”m still pissed about that one, no Buc will get it any time soon.
    Coach Koetter has this team in the right mindset, one game at a time. I think we match up well with the Chargers and after the last two weeks, anything is possible., Just have to get pressure on Rivers, he’s a damn good QB. Him not getting respect isn’t a surprise either as the reason I listed above.
    As for Mccoy, I can finally give him some credit as the last couple of games, he’s made some big time plays in big time moments. That’s always been my main critic of him, that and he’s frequently injured. But I’m sure he’s great for the young guys in the locker room, but Jameis was exactly what he needed to I think. I’ve seen a little more aggressiveness and a little different demeanor when he steps on the field this year. He’ll always be the nice guy, I have nothing wrong with that, just play like a demon when you’re on the field.
    As for our turnovers, Jameis has played much better. Outside of two of his picks going off of receivers hands, and a fumble that literally just fell out of his hands, he’s be playing flawless. His completion percentages are up as he’s making much better reads and using the whole field. I think his mechanics have improved as well as has anyone else noticed the high throws almost completely disappeared? Maybe the line giving him much better protection would help with that as well as he doesn’t have a guy in his face every play.
    We’re hot and let’s keep this ball rolling. Go Bucs!

    1. 7.1


      Rookie of the year will go to a Dallas Cowboy.

  8. 8


    I agree that this was a very good Fab 5! The one thing that I have noticed in reading and listening to Tampa media coverage of the Buc’s success is the lack of attention to what I think may be the biggest reason for the resurgence; the great reduction in penalties.
    Also, although he is as wrong and irritating as ever, it’s good to see jongruden back on line.

  9. 9


    Another good Fab 5 Scott
    #1 We are football fans so we know where you are coming from. Some people might get the feeling that they are teaching our kids to be violent by being aggressive playing football.
    When I played junior league football we were coached to actively hurt the other players. Of course that was in the 60’s and things were different, everyone’s favorite player was Dick Butkis. That’s saying something when you grew up in Detroit.
    Watching Butkis and Alex Karras and Deacon Jones as a kid was awesome. Anyone of those players make the best players of today look like Ghandi.
    But that’s the new rules. Could you imagine how injured the bigger and faster players of today would be allowed to really beat the crap out of each other like yesteryear?
    I see your correlation of football players to gladiators. But here comes the but.
    NFLer’s won’t be killed if they refuse to play.
    NFLer’s won’t be killed if they perform badly.
    NFLer’s can’t be bought and sold. HMM something to think about.
    For my money the most violent and physical player ever was Lawrence Taylor. If was just great or hyped up on some substance you can not deny he was a fearsome individual.
    One question though. Are the kids taught to be safe and not hurt others and themselves? I have not seen a Pop Warner practice or game for 30 years.
    #2 Hope Spence runs away with that award. It would be good for him, good for the BUCS and good for BUCS fans. But as 76BUC said most likely a Cowboy wins it. I really can’t say this enough, I HOPE THE BUCS BEAT THE COWGIRLS LIKE A DIRTY RUG. Just beat them until they cry!!
    #3 Same old same old. Peter king has never shown the BUCS any respect. Even our super bowl year. I remember him saying it was cheating that Gruden knew what was coming. How could Gruden know the other coach would be so stupid to not realize that Johnny G had an edge. The BUCS tear up Seattle and move up 2 spots on the power rankings. What bullshit.
    #4 I don’t know if McCoy is the best DT in the league. If he’s not he’s standing right next to him. Not taking anything from our guys but if Robert Quinn and Brockers played next to McCoy He’d be even better. McCoy is just flat out good. I do know this I’d take McCoy over Ndamikin Suh any day of the week.
    Now it’s time to keep it rolling and beat the crap out of Phillip Rivers. If you whip his butt you whip the Chargers.

  10. 10


    Well Scott I read it early, that’s what happens when the BUCS win! Where is the piece on the 2017 draft? Usually we are arguing about what position & player the BUS are supposed to draft, what the heck? Who have we become?

    Nice piece as always. A few thoughts:
    1- I play fantasy football and listen to ESPN Mathew Berry’s podcast. He called the game “a trap game for Seattle” still noting the BUCS D isn’t very good. It goes along with most of the media & King. I say I would rather fly under the radar & the general public disregard the BUCS than whisper sweet nothings and get the fat head.
    2-If they win the world will recognize Koetter.
    3-they are playing together & tuff, but the BUCS are still 2 drafts away to improve the talent and depth.

    If the BUCS can beat the chargers sweeping the teeth of their schedule that will be impressive!

    1. 10.1


      A lot of these very same expert media hacks/talking heads declared right after the 2016 draft that this year’s no. 1 and 2 picks were actually going to prove to be better rookie quarterbacks than last year’s no. 1 and 2 picks.

      The facts say otherwise.

  11. 11


    Scott, another great FAB 5. I look forward to it every Friday. Every week your FAB 5 is so insightful and original. I remember way back in September you wrote in your FAB 5 in order to go to the Playoffs the Bucs had to go streaking and handle success. Well, has that insightful article come to fruition! This week is exactly what you were talking about in that article. I just hope the Bucs handle the success from this past week and keep the win streak alive. They can’t sleep on the Chargers who really could/should be 8-3 if it weren’t for 3 monumental collapses against the Chiefs, Saints, and Dolphins. For those who don’t believe that go back and watch those 3 Charger games.
    Now to this weeks FAB 5. You are right the Bucs finally became the bully. My family and I have been Season Ticket Holders for the last 10 years and that crowd last week against the Seahawks was easily one of the best. When I read your article I realized not only did the Bucs get tired of being bullied and flipped the script to being the bully so did the Bucs fans! The Seahawks fans came in waving their 12th man flags and I feel the crowd had just HAD ENOUGH of every other teams fan’s coming into RayJay acting like it was their HOME stadium. The Bucs fans decided to be the Bully by being as LOUD and PROUD as we could. Which I believe in turn inspired some of the awesome play on the field by the team! I hope that win or lose this Sunday we as fans show up again at the next home game against the Saints that has been flexed to a later start time for more of a national spotlight and be just as LOUD and PROUD as we were against the Seahawks. The FANS absolutely make a difference in games!!! I hope the fans continue to show PRIDE in our team and let all the other teams fans know they are definitely NOT more passionate than BUCS fans!!!

  12. 12


    The national media and Americas team can bite me. Lol. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to go into Dallas and punch them square in the mouth. Sick and tired about hearing how great they are.

    Go Bucs! One game at a time. Lets beat the chargers.

  13. 13


    Another great fab 5 SR; I have one quick question that I’d be interested in hearing yours and peoples thoughts on.

    Yes the D has played exponentially better….but at this stage do you trust them to be consistent or are we still in the stage of waiting to see which Buccaneer defence turns up?

  14. 14


    I too am sick of the sports media constantly subjecting us fans of the the other 27 teams to the Patriots, Broncos, Giants, Redskins (are we allowed to say that) and of course, the Cowboys. The other day all of the talk was about Rob Gronkowski’s back. Of course Tony Romo’s back was all the talk previously. I don’t recall any media mention of Doug Martin’s hamstring.

    How about recognizing the “league” and not just the aforementioned? No other team owner has his lifted, yet still wrinkled up, face shown anywhere near that of Jerry Jones with Robert Kraft and his baby blue white collar and cuff signature shirts running a close second. Every time the Cowboys, usually announced by former Cowboy Troy Aikman (no bias there), are on TV, the cameras always pan to old man Jerry and his almost equally obnoxious son Steve to show their joyous expressions. But never when their spit goes bad. That’s what the majority of viewers really want to see.

    It’s always been like this going all the way back to the Bucs’ Worst to First Division championship in 1979. After clinching the NFC Central title, Howard Cosell said to Dandi Don Merrideth, ” Don, don’t you think the Seahawks would have won if they were playing in that weak NFC Central Division?

    It’s no surprise that the media would scoff at the Bucs surprising victories over two of the better teams and actually make excuses for them like last season when the mighty Bucs defeated the Romo-less Cowboys. No mention of any Bucs injured players.

    The only way to get the national attention is to keep the winning streak going by beating the Chargers and Saints and then upsetting the Cowboys. If that happens, please, oh please show Jerry and Steve with the e-Trade baby’s and Hillary’s shocked face.

  15. 15


    Koetter has been doing his best Pete Carroll impersonation. By that I mean turning the culture of his team into becoming a physical presence. They look lose, confident, and like they’re having fun for a change playing football. It also helps Koetter get the message out to his team with Jameis leading the way. A sheppard knows where he wants the herd to go, but it takes a sheep dog to lead them there. Jameis is that dog. Yeah it gets old with the media’s lack of coverage, but the beauty of the league is, Dallas is on the schedule. Finally, Scott, and all you dad’s out there who take the time to coach your kids, believe me down the road you get way more back then you give. When you see the men, and woman they grow into, still look at you as coach, well it doesn’t get any better.

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