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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    If we try to control the Giants game with the run then we are in very serious trouble of getting behind quickly. This is the game we need to throw, throw, throw. Thursday we can run to keep Brady off the field. Go Bucs! Coaches, please make adjustments quicker!

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      “Throw, throw, throw “is a recipe for Jameis tossing lots of passes to the other team, thus putting our defense in the hole, and tuckering out an already depleted defense by the second half.

      Run/Pass/Run, or an even mix of running and passing is the only way to thrive.

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        I’d agree with you Naples, we need to run the ball effectively in this game to win. We need it for Jameis and play action, but to keep our defense off of the field.

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    Way too much panic here over the running game. We didn’t run the ball in one game because our defense was completely decimated by injury and let us get behind early, so we only ran it 8 times, which is pretty ridiculous.

    I’m going out on a limb here, sure to draw some hate from pass happy fans, but just because you’re behind in the score due to poor defense, the answer isn’t to pass 100% of the time. Particularly through the first three quarters. The reasons are obvious:

    1) It’s making the opposing defense’s job way too easy going one dimensional early in the game .. you are guaranteeing the D will pin their ears back and play pass defense all day long, which is self defeating.

    2) Jameis – he throws INTs when he throws too often and when he throws when playing from behind. That’s just how he is, at least so far in his NFL career.

    Listen, if we’re behind 28-3 in the fourth quarter, sure, you have to pass every down, virtually, just to preserve the clock. But running only 8 times the entire game, and that trend starting in the first quarter? Nope, that’s not productive.

    Yet, this is what NFL coaches do most of the time, Koetter is no different. Maybe this is a teachable moment not just for the offensive players, but for the offensive play caller.

    When your defense is letting the other guys score, the most important thing to do is run the ball well, which consumes game clock, keeps your quarterback from doing stupid stuff, and as long as you keep making first downs, it keeps the other guy’s offense off the field, which is a tremendous help to a rickety defense.

    If Jacquizz can’t get it done, then switch to Payton and see what he can do. DON’T give up on the run in the first half, it will only compound the problems of a leaky defense and a passing offense that turns it over too often.

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    The Bucs run game will be better when Doug Martin returns. We have to make secondaries respect the run and not play back and double cover our WRs. The Bucs cannot win with a pass first offense. Pretty sure everybody saw how Green Bay used the run and the short pass game to defeat Chicago last night. Dirk Koetter could take a page out of that book and our budding QB could use that relief.

    Unfortunate situation, but it is what it is now. Doug will play at the top of his game when he returns, play for the Bucs next year in a marginal role on a different contract, or play for another team. Let’s hope it works out for him and the Bucs.

    But fear not if worse comes to worse, next year’s draft is loaded with RB talent. If the Bucs play well from this point on as I expect, Saquon Barkley/Penn State and Derrious Guice/LSU will be long gone. But keep an eye on later round RBs like Akrum Barkley/Iowa, Bryce Love/Stanford, and Kalen Ballage/Arizona State.

    One way or another the Bucs will get this fixed. Go Bucs!

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      Sorry, meant to say Akrum Wadley/Iowa.

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    Hank Scorpio

    “Aside from the famous names like Penn State’s Saquon Barkley, LSU’s Derrius Guice, Georgia’s Nick Chubb, Oregon’s Royce Freeman and USC’s Ronald Jones II, keep an eye on some unheralded prospects, such as Iowa’s Akrum Wadley, Stanford’s Bryce Love, the heir apparent to Christian McCaffrey, and San Diego State’s Rashaad Penny, the heir apparent to Donnell Pumphrey.”

    You need to add Tennessee’s John Kelly to this list. His combination of speed/balance/power is truly impressive, and since he sat behind Kamara and Hurd all of last year, he’s going to be undervalued in the draft and a mid round steal by whoever gets him.

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      Good call Hank, and Great Clip!

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    Doug is the most talented back on the roster. That’s not debatable. He looked good in camp and preseason games. If he can even get close to 1,000 yards, we’ll be in good shape with Quizz & Barber providing needed rest/change of pace. Maybe he comes back at a Pro Bowl level. Maybe he doesn’t. Either way RB will be a top priority next draft.

    Maybe Licht thought he was getting a steal in McNichols and expected him to push Doug out. But the whole offseason strategy with Doug has been odd. Drug suspension voided his guaranteed money & I believe his dead cap hit. If they didn’t believe in him, (which they had ample reason not to) just cut him, draft a RB high and go about the offseason without question marks.

    We needed WR depth in case of injury, (see last season) so I’m fine with Godwin. He had a much better game on Sunday than he did against the Bears. Excited about him. The Evans pick is debatable, as we already had signed Wilcox in FA. We could have gone DE (needed) CB (needed) or RB in the second round. I do think Evans will be a nice player, but as Scott said, he’s not gonna help much on a win now team.

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    You should not be allowed to lump Brady and Eli manning into any category. There is nothing Great about Eli Manning.

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    Eli is a shell of his old self. His career statistics are not that great. His reputation was made on the two Super Bowl wins. That being said, Buccaneers are too banged up to win this one. I want to be wrong, but I see a final score of 28-24 Giants. As for the running game, hey, we are in Game 3. The offensive line looks better than last year to me. They will take time to gel. I’m looking at a 1-3 start offset by six wins a row. Hang in there fans. We’ve had some bad luck, but in three weeks we should have a healthier lineup and a more favorable schedule.

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      Eli is definitely on the downside of his career. He’s a statue behind a terrible OL. He doesn’t handle pressure well anymore & he’s missing reads consistently. Luckily the injury report is better than last week. Grimes, Baker, Spence, GMC, Ayers all practiced & will play on Sunday. I agree the OL looks better, but Smith has still let in 10 pressures through 2 games. He has to get better in protecting Winston’s blind side. Hopefully the run game rebounds.

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    Jordan Chavez

    I’m not gunna criticize Licht too much, since he’s the pro and obviously has more knowledge than I do.
    But I will say that my motto has been that we should take at LEAST one offensive or defensive lineman with one of our first three picks every year. I think those are the two most important groups to have depth for. Other than having an elite QB I think the fastest path to playoff team is having an above average o-line and d-line and being able to win in the trenches on a consistent basis. And this will obviously help our run and PA game if we are controlling the line of scrimmage.

    I am hoping for D Smith to turn a corner this year and be our LT of the future. Whether he does or doesn’t I hope we take a tackle this year in the first three rounds just to build more depth. We all remember what happened in the Dallas game last year when Dotson when down.

    On a side note. I hope we draft the tackle out of UW, Trey Adams next year. I think he will be able to compete with Smith and eventually take over for Dotson when the time comes.

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    Maybe the BUCS should read PR. Did you not call for drafting Kamara?
    Go Bucs

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