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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Nice long explanation, Not sure I agree sophomore blues for #3 ,The Blues are #3 was slow at combine and now slower with average arm and Glazers were duped by Lovie with waste of draft pick , League in this day and age does not give franchise QB to 2 win teams in so so markets.
    The players that could have been picked up later in 2015 draft and salary used by QB could really be used to reinforce team as whole.
    I like the Bucs football theme just not happy with current roster it hard to watch them lose.
    Lovie Smith set this team back years I would like see them begin to rebuild now rather than wasting 2 more years expecting #3 to win games , Problem is he has been exposed and no other team will help with the $20,741,954 it would be charged against dead cap balance.
    Darcie Glazer will be proven correct as she tried to kill the deal to be overruled by Bryan Glazer claiming #3 will take us to super bowl !! If Bucs win 6 more games in next 2 years I will be surprised

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      Funny, never seen you on her before. First time to spout BS on here? Troll maybe? This team has many more holes outside of Jameis and you did admitt that. but show me who they should’ve picked in that draft GM? Mariota, whose got 7 turnovers this year with a top 5 run offense and a Much better defense than the bucs? Please, enlighten us as to who the bucs should have at QB right now.

    2. 1.2


      Well, Mike.Seven, I say prepare to be surprised. It’ll happen. BTW, I think quite a few teams WOULD pick up the $20mil for a franchise QB. The Jets are paying $12mil (or whatever) for Ryan freaking Fitzpatrick. Thankfully, we have him. Have some faith. It hasn’t been pretty this year, but we’re far from done.

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    Good Fab 5 SR. I am at a point though that I fundamentally cannot give this team excuses anymore. Every team has a few great players the problem is the “team”. McCoy is always injured, David seems annoyed, the rest of our D line is average at best. It’s easier to say draft this guy or that guy, wait 3 years things will be better, and my favorite, picking up FA thinking we resolved a weakness in one of our multiple positions. Winston gets 3 years to form a credible evaluation. I mean look at the so called weak QB class this year. Look at how well this “weak” qb class is doing this year. I see several young quarterbacks with the same amount of potential as Winston. I’m not throwing Winston under the bus I’m just saying QB play by young QB’s is apparent in the league. We need 2 “impact” players on this team. I’m not jumping on Kwon just yet but encouraged yes. IMO we do not have an “above average” position of strength as it relates to comparison to the rest of the NFL. I’ve been down this road so many times now that I’ve become an expert with the term “potential”. It’s in my blood to be a Bucs fan but quite honestly, I’m getting bored. I do not associate myself with losers, do not think as a loser , and have always strive to be a winner in life. I find ways to overcome adversity, that’s how I’m built. the Bucs? well, not so much..just excuses, and many of them even really good ones but in the end, they lose, lose, lose. I understand why I’m getting bored i only can hope REAL CHANGE is coming. Change in how to build our team. I think for the first time we have a GM that along with Koetter can evaluate talent. Perhaps BIG changes are needed. what if we traded some of our talent we have for premium picks? My analogy is like what happened in Detroit. Best WR arguably in NFL retires and QB is better and record. they were forced to spread out the ball more and just think if they would have traded him last year for a premium pick? We need to be honest, there are so many talent gaps on this team that we need more picks in the first 3 rounds. Great to find gems but honestly, not a way to build a team. we need talent and we need talent big time. Talent that bring Impact, talent that brings attitude, talent that brings confidence, talent that brings a winning culture, talent that brings wins.

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      It’s funny how people keep pointing out how good the rookies are doing this year,. We’ll let’s admitt that ALL of those rookies are on team with better defenses and MUCH better running games than the bucs have.
      Dak Preskott Cowboys- They have the best line and the number 2 run game in football, along with a defense giving up 19 points a game
      Carson Wentz – 10th ranked rushing attack in football defense is giving up 9 points a game.
      Trevor Siemian – number one defense in the league and a top 15 rushing attack
      You see where I’m going with this? Other young QWB’s such as Luck and Derek Carr etc, are in their 3rd years. My point being is that all of you think this magical formula for picking QBs exists when it’s a matter of what kind of team is built around them that is just as if not more important. Jameis has had his fair share of mistakes this year and last, but the fact that some of you bail on him after 4 weeks into his second season is kind of laughable and the reason tam can’t get consistency.

    2. 2.2


      I’m old school too DBuc. How refreshing to read about someone taking responsibility for themselves. I just hope we have another winning team before I cross the creek.

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    Scott, great read on Alexander. He is truly one player that makes me feel this team and defense will turn it around sooner or later. 1st off let before I make my point let me say I realize that Winston’s turnovers have been game changers no doubt. He is a streaky QB so far but he is still young and has plenty of time to calm down and figure it out and I believe he will. With that said, I think one of your Buc Shot points should have been one of your FAB # pieces. The point of Chris Sims should have been benched as a starter. I believe Sims miscues and tentative running has absolutely killed this team the last 3 losses and has made the Martin injury a disaster for this team. Yet I don’t blame Sims becasue he is who he is. I put total responsibility on Licht. We as fans don’t have the luxury of seeing every offseason workout and practice but Licht does and you can’t tell me that he couldn’t recognize that Sims couldn’t be the guy if Martin went down. So how in the world do we not have a capable RB to replace an injury prone Martin? Look all over the league guys go down all the time but the succesful teams and GM’s are ready for it with an in-house candidate and not someone who they sign off the street. It’s the attention to detail of a COMPLETE roster that in my opinion separates the great GM’s to the run of the mill GM’s. Licht has hit on some draft picks (especially Kwon) and missed on some draft picks and that happens with every GM but to not have this team prepared for a Martin injury is absolute careless and reckless in my opinion. Licht needs to have this roster more prepared for injuries.

    1. 3.1


      Your argument that Licht is mostly at fault isn’t persuasive. You fault him for not having a great backup running back, but most teams don’t have two “great” running backs. If they’re fortunate they have one and someone else who can be OK. If you have a great offensive line then that can make up for having only a so-so backup running back, but we don’t have such a line. Perhaps in another season or two, but not yet.

      You might argue that we should have drafted a good running back in the second round instead of trading up to take Aquayo. It already seems evident that the Aguayo pick is not panning out, at least not yet. But if we hadn’t taken Aguayo, better arguments would have been made to take a quality tight end given ASJ’s personal weaknesses … or another offensive lineman given our continuing weakness there. And of course most all of the fans of quality defense would have argued, no, we need a quality safety much more than we need another RB given the performance of both Martin and Sims last year.

      All GMs face a mountain of roster needs every year. Even the great teams face challenges in that way, for instance the Pats, as well as they perform year in and year out, they run a turnstile at a bunch of positions on the team every year, including running back.

      1. 3.1.1


        And of course, fans of defense would also have argued that, no, we need another pass-rushing DE far more than we needed another RB, given how our d-linemen tend to get nicked up every year … and of course, that’s exactly what’s happened, with the season-long loss of Jacquis Smith and the new guys Ayers and Spence getting nicked up, and Gerald McCoy continuing to have injuries just about every season.

        Better coaching and better luck with injuries could take exactly the same roster we’ve had the last several seasons and delivered at least several more wins per season. I’m not ready to blame coaching this year just yet, given that the HC and two coordinators are brand new in their jobs … but even they admit they need to do better. I don’t hear any coaches or any players pointing fingers at Jason Licht.

  4. 4


    Mr Reynolds, in Fab 2 it was Juron Brown not “John Brown” as you mentioned who smoked Conte just before half in AZ. I agree the safeties on this team are a joke, while I hear “some” namely one fellow poster make excuses for their bad play, the bottom line is they just suck and its nobodies else’s fault but their own. Sims is not a full time back, DE is a problem again for Bucs, TE except for Brate is a joke, Evans has virtually no help at wr, the corners are adequate at best and Winston still has big flaws to his game, kicker can’t make xtra points and short yardage field goals, poor time management by coaching staff, and it goes on and on and on. As I stated before season we will be a 5-6 win team this yr I wish I was wrong about this team but I am always proven that I’m right “unfortunately”

  5. 5


    SR is sticking to his “sophomore slump” cliche on Winston. Statistically, that’s not the case … through the first four games Jameis is about the same as his first four games last year … his passer rating is down some compared to his full season PR last year, but his QBR is up compared to his full season QBR last year. Beyond stats, it comes down to the fact that Jameis has had two very good games and two very bad games .. which averages out to average. And without the benefit of his star running back, and without the benefit of our most experienced offensive lineman from his rookie year.

    No excuses, Jameis should be showing distinct improvement over last season, and he’s not.

    Now, if the “good Jameis” from games 1 and 3 starts showing up with regularity, especially the upcoming MNF game in CAR, then he can show distinct improvement over his Pro Bowl rookie season. If the “bad Jameis” of weeks 2 and 4 keeps showing up, either routinely, or alternating half the time with “good Jameis”, then that would be a performance worthy of being judged as a “sophomore slump”.

  6. 6


    Let’s see Payton Barber at RB, Rodgers at change of pace guy. Barber is not afraid of contact [Sims] and catches the ball. He’s a grinder, we need that now.

  7. 7


    No one is more tired of losing than I am, but I think you have to take a few things into consideration. We are a young team with marginal at best depth. When a Martin and or McCoy and Ayers, now Sims, go down they are hard to replace, Add to those loses a common sophomore QB Slump and a early schedule of 4 playoff teams including the two Super Bowl contenders and a first year coach and new DC and OC and i submit that no team should be expected to run the table. Who starts their season two games on the road. Like anyone else I hate to make excuses for a team that has had 10 playoff-less seasons five head coaching changes in 7 years and blows a (in hindsite) second round pick on a place kicker who thus far can’t hit the side of a barn. But, Hey we haven’t played Carolina yet and though anyone who can spell football is picking us to lose, let’s take a deep breath and pray for a miracle. Maybe after the bye we can regroup and salvage this season.

  8. 8


    Good critique of what is going on a about what the problems of this team are and how they effect Winston’s.
    Also, I am no apologist for Winston and will lay blame at his feet when I see it.
    Yes, he threw a couple of bad INT’s against Denver, but even they could have been overcome if we had a decent running game and a back who was more decisive when he was given the ball.
    If anyone is in a slump, it’s Charles Sims.
    Sim’s has been the direct cause of four turnovers in four games and three that were attributed to Winston.
    Sorry, but when the ball clangs against your hands and into a defenders grasp. I can hardly call that an interception.
    Only a fool or someone with a jaundiced outlook would think Winston wasn’t pressing matters and trying to carry the whole team on his back since the loss of Martin and the defenses inability to keep opponents from scoring.
    Now he knows how Dress Brees feels.
    Unfortunately Winston isn’t as good as Brees…yet.
    Give him time Mike.Seven. Also, if you look at Winston’s compared to Brees over the first 20 games of their careers, they are very similar.
    Of course San Diego let Brees get away scott free in order to keep Phillip Rivers. Bad decision, bad move.
    I also think your a troll Mike.Seven.

  9. 9


    I guess 6 plays of 40+ yards in 4 games speaks volumes…that some sort of record?

  10. 10


    Another interesting Fab 5.
    If Kwon is the defensive general maybe we can hang the handle on him of Alexander The Great. Now that was a good general.
    I have been keeping an eye on the defense of late and can only say this.
    We will have to draft DLine and safeties in the draft.
    There I go again harping about upgrading the lines. O and D.
    That’s just how it is, if you can’t control the line of scrimmage you’re toast in this league, or any league for that matter.
    Jamie’s will get it sooner or later. He’s still just a kid after all.
    Sophomore slump. What horse hockey. Teams just figure out how to defend him. All in all I believe he is the man to carry this team. Might not be pretty for awhile but it will materialize.
    Just like Winston will get it so will Koetter. Growing pains abound on this team.
    Interesting that offenses are picking on Grimmes and not Hargrave. Either way these guys need to step it up. I truly thought that Conte would be playing better than he is. He also needs to get his s**t together.
    The silver lining here is that Carolina is as banged up as we are. Hope that fact levels out the playing field.

  11. 11


    One more thought.
    Who the hell do these trolls think they are?
    Go back to your team sites, because this is definitely not your team.
    Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  12. 12


    Kwon has definitely been great this year. In fact, I have really liked the play of the Buccaneer front 7 on Defense. Thanks for the great read Scott.

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