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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I love the SR’s Fab 5 weekly post for its information and insights. I love to read various fans’ responses. So now I also must praise SR’s Fab 5 Reaction and the additional comments. Good work, Scott!

    The insight on what Tom Coughlin and the Giants did is great. It is something I would never have thought about. I will chew on it for some time and then digest it.

    Go Bucs!!!

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    Good day and happy Thanksgiving to all my PR friends. Hope all of you have a good day enjoying the company of family and friends. I have a big bird in the oven but will also have a side dish of crow. lol.

    About 3 weeks ago when the Bucs experienced a rash of injuries at RB, based on media reports, I suggested the Bucs take a look at RB Karlos Williams from the Steelers’ practice squad. As Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said “Bad Idea”. Yesterday I learned that Williams has been suspended 10 games for another substance abuse violation. Good advice – leave the personnel decisions to the people in the organization that know more from the inside than we do (advice I probably won’t follow, but still good advice).

    The good news is nobody in the FO calls me for advice. lol. But alas my friends, I’m going to have a wonderful day and will continue want the Bucs to always get better and win. This time nice try, but no cigar.

    Again Happy Thanksgiving to all and Go Bucs!

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    You could make that argument for defensive tackle Scott, and I know you have advocating the drafting of Rankins. Whenever you mention drafting one people point to the fact we already have McCoy. So what. I say you can’t have enough on either side of the line. When you say BPA, that can only go so far also depending on need, and how much talent difference between players being considered. No rookies ever come in to put a team over the top. Licht’s going to have to hit on some F.A.’s too. The coaching staff has some future decisions to make also in regards to the draft. Do they shuffle the talent they already have on the O line? Marpet to center, Caleb, Sweezy, where do the pieces fit best? The key to our success, or failure, lies with sticking with licht, and company for more then the next two seasons. They deserve a full three seasons together.

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    The draft is the most important tool for developing a quality team, and Jason Licht is doing much better than average in his drafting. But even the very best draft gurus get it wrong significantly more often than they get it right. Fans tend to decide the like or dislike a particular GM, and then thereafter the dislikers point only to the draft failures, while the likers point only to the draft successes, and basically just choose to live in their respective echo chambers … much like politics, religion, social issues, etc.

    The bottom line in sports, however, is the bottom line … wins vs losses. Jason Licht came to a team that was a sorry-assed loser, and has been engaged in developing it into a winner. Only time will tell. I like how this year’s team seems to be finding its way after yet another all-out fire sale and rebuild of the coaching staff, the fourth since Gruden was canned after the ’08 season. We Bucs fans are certainly long overdue for a winning franchise, but there was just so much that had to be fixed that could not be fixed in a single season, or even a couple of seasons.

    The number one thing that Jason Licht has improved upon is our coaching staff – great players plus lousy coaches still equals lousy teams. They’re all his guys now, not Lovie Smith’s losing crowd. If the new coaching regime continues to work us in the right direction as we appear to be doing now, then Licht will get much of the credit … and if not, then in a year or two Licht will probably be history with the Bucs.

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    Randy H.

    “Both he and Dirk Koetter are committed to keeping the best 53 men on the roster and playing the best 22.” That is usually the best option, however, seeing the end of the Raiders game with the defense completely gassed, I can’t believe those were the best 11 at that time out there at the end of the game.

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    I don’t believe we have to shuffle the line that much. I would keep everybody the same and continue to let Benenoch, Gottschalk grow. I think LOT Smith needs to get stronger and quicker and work even harder this off season. I know we need a DE as our top pick, then a WR, then a Safety, maybe a LB or OL after that. This is based on a limited thinking after watching our two back up OL perform. I am real excited about next season and I know we will be in the Playoffs. Go Bucs!

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Scudog, for the record, I picked the Bucs to win last week BECAUSE we had the better QB. I also posted on this site that I had Winston was AWESOME on Sunday!! I had been critical of JW’s skills, never his heart. I still think his slow release and accuracy issues are problematic. However, he has been MUCH better lately and I am hoping that trend continues. I have been a BUC fan for 25+ years and hope he is the answer. Just curious, why is my calling him a bust, any worse than others calling him a “franchise” qb? I am likely premature in calling him a bust, as are those who call him a franchise QB. The fact is it’s too early to tell on both fronts. If I am not mistaken Josh Freeman threw 25TD’s and 6 picks his second year and now he is out of the NFL. I will repeat what I have said before, JW has a HUGE heart is a GREAT leader, I am just not sold YET that he has the ALL of the tools to be an elite QB.

    1. 7.1


      Why the immature name calling? Here’s the difference BN. When a QB is drafted # 1 overall it’s because the expectation is that he is projected to be the “franchise QB”. But you decided before he was even chosen that he was, in your mind, going to be a “bust”. For much of the 1-1/2 years you have focused on any perceived flaw. Now, as the youngster develops, you are leaning toward the middle. None of us know if Jameis will go the way of the once promising Josh Freeman or rise to the top of the league. But for now, Winston continues to be what this “franchise” needed desperately…………a true leader.

      Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

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    Scudog- not sure I did any name calling. If you thought I did, I apologize. As to Winston, I see my comments differently. In my mind, I have given him credit when he plays well and have been critical when he does not. I thought at the time and still believe now that MM will be a better pro. Having said that, I can’t undo history and so I support JW, but not blindly. I want you and everyone else on this site to know that I believe he was OUTSTANDING the past two weeks. He has looked like an elite QB. So I AM rooting for him as he is our QB!! Best,Brian

    1. 8.1


      The name calling was in reference to ScuDOG instead of ScuBOG which is Go Bucs backwards. Apology accepted. There’s no reason why both MM and JW can’t be successful. My belief was that Jameis had the personality our team needed. Nothing to do with his FSU background.

      1. 8.1.1


        Pewter report could stand to have an edit function for the comments here … more’n likely, Bucnut2 just committed a typo, which I do all the time.

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    I am a season tkt holder since 1976 and do believe Jamis will do well in the league but M.M. will be the better qb . His accuracy and foot speed will take him to the next level. The bucs drafted for the local crowd ,not the best qb in the draft that year.

    1. 9.1


      Sunshine – only time will tell … but so far, both players have been solid additions to their teams, both are playing very well right now … statistically Winston and Mariota are nearly identical within just a few points in QBR, and both teams are enjoying a good run at the moment.

      Long term, I don’t see any reason why both players won’t continue to be successes. They are different in style, just like Favre, Manning, Rodgers, Brady, Brees have very different styles. More’n one way to git’er done.

      1. 9.1.1

        Ron Gibson

        MM has trouble with throws over about 20 yards. He is better suited to a short passing offense – WC style or hybrid. Our personnel is not suited for that type of attack and who would want it anyway when Evans is having a statement year and thriving in the deep passing game.

        If we keep Evans and Winston together and healthy they will terrorize the NFL for years in ways MM and his team can not based on what they have in TENN at this time.

        Both Evans and Winston will be due huge contracts when the time comes. Our coaches, staff and owners have to make sure they and those players both understand they need each other and its only a matter of time before they dominate the league as the best WR-QB combination. The point is to make sure they understand that the teams who pay these huge salaries to one player rarely again rise to prominence as they skimp on the other positions. Example – Denver, tied up all that money in Miller and now their offense is a joke. NO – Brees; CAR – Newton, etc.

        Football is a team game and you can not excel tying up all your money in 1-2 players.



          Ron- Your mistaken about MM only being a short passer and not the deep ball go look at yds per attempt and you will see its actually higher than Winston who has struggled this yr on deep passes over 20 yds and has no elite wr like we have in Evans in fact most fans can’t name one wr on Tenn. I’m a huge fan of Mariotta in college as I have see what he can do many times over I am now a fan of Winston and know both are the future of the NFL to compare the two is like comparing Steve Young vs Favre I mean do you lose either way?

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    Ron Gibson

    OT is a difficult position to project from college to the pros. It is a tough position to fill and there have been many bad picks at the position over the last several years around the league.

    OTOH, the interior OL is not so hard to find the level of talent but often they are raw – That is OG and center. We have had huge injury problems on the interior OL this year. IMO we should take an interior OL every year, late pick to develop if nothing else. This way you are always improving your depth at those positions and that gives the raw players time to develop.

    OT – That position seems to show up where you find them. Look at Donald Penn, for example. While he probably deserved getting cut here it woke him up and made him a better player on Oakland. He has made All Pro and was undrafted as a rookie. ROT can be even more of a surprise. I have confidence in our GM to pick OL. That was the position he played and he knows.

    An edge rusher is what we need for sure but with the hybrid LB/DE edge rusher being common now it gives teams more options when drafting. In the past the 4-3 scheme we played was not well suited for an edge rushing LB, like Spence is playing now. Mike Smith has installed a much more complicated 4-3 scheme that they are just learning now. Some of the shifts they make with our LB and DL are a marvel to watch – it totally confused SEA and also places on the edge Noah Spence. Smiths scheme is not perfect – whose is ? But its the best thing I’ve seen since Marinelli and Kifffin moved on.

    I like the potential of his defense – See how it worked last week. But I have a feeling Smith is not going to be around long as a DC. Too many teams need head coaches. I sure hope he has an understudy that can step in and take over should he get an offer to be a HC elsewhere. We can block another team hiring him as a DC but not as a HC.

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