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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Shep has become my favorite Buc. He plays the game the right way with heart, passion and being alert. My Dad told me “all work is honorable, whether you’re a bus boy or a COO.” I see that with Shep, whether you’re a special team player or a star wide receiver. The fumble recovery on MNF is a good example. He kept his head in the game and in that play. When the ball came loose, he was there to recover it. He could just as easily checked out, then he wouldn’t of made that play.
    I remember watching that Saints game last season and wondering why they were so flat with so much on the line and in front of them. Thanks for explaining the incident with Lovie before the game. He thought he was in church instead of an NFL locker room. Glad he’s moved on.
    Go Bucs!!!

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    Great Fab5. Enjoyed reading about the young guys stepping up and their progress.

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    Very good Fab 5 Scott. Maybe I’m really off with this player, but I believe Gottachalk will be involved in the Center challenge next season. He’s big, quick, and appears to be a fast learner. I know Hawley is out there playing aggressive and Evan Smith is his back up, but both these guys are small and we do have problems with the pocket collapsing from the middle out. Scott, keep an eye on Gottachalk.

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    Russell Shepherd’s enthusiasm, hard work, and willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team has to be a hugely positive influence on his teammates. Though he’s had few chances to shine on offense, while working mostly on special teams, he’s always been clutch, just doing his job.

    I would expect Russell to be exactly the kind of player that Bill Belichick loves to have around … “just do your job!”. That Dirk Koetter obviously appreciates Shep speaks well of Dirk and tells us also why Lovie Smith flamed out.

    When I read last year about Lovie buzz-killing his lockerroom by shutting down Shep, that was when I concluded Lovie Smith was “two and done” in Tampa Bay. I think that was also what finally put the Glazers on notice that their experiment in a throwback head coach was going down in flames. The smartest thing the younger generation of Glazers ever did (after an avalanche of sequential bad decisions) was to admit their error and move on, “stability be damned”. Who the hell would prefer stable BAD performance, other than the residual Lovie apologists (many of whom populated the national media which gave a collective thumbs down to the Smith firing last January).

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    Scott, your story about Shepherd reminds me of how I used to feel about Karl Williams. For several years toward the end of his career I used to have Karl not making the final roster and then the final roster would come out and Karl was there and always seemed to have a good season. I really underestimated what he brought to the team other than what you saw on the field on Sundays, but also what he DID do on Sundays was to be utterly reliable. Shepherd is this team’s Karl Williams. Truth! (you see what I did there 🙂 ?

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    Scott…for 2+ decades I had to crank out a critical weekly corporate report for the local office of a NYSE company, good week or bad week, busy or not, so please accept this heartfelt THANK YOU for your Fab 5 effort every Friday morning…and even with your passion for your work, it is never easy. I get so “emotionally caught up” in the Bucs that when they play bad I cannot read anything that week except your Fab 5…and now your new Monday effort (great idea!). No, I am not your agent but just “One Buc Nut” who relies on your weekly writings. Thanks again.

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    Another great Fab 5 Scott.
    Russell Shepard is getting a lot of hype for sure. I think he has deserves it. I always love a good under dog story, so here is one close to home.
    Undrafted and too small, not fast enough. Try out player on 2 teams and finally cracked onto a pro team. Free agency comes around and not much interest is shown in him. Gets a 1 year try out chance on a team. 4 years latter he is collecting all kind of awards from the sport he is participating in.
    That man was Martin St Loius. The best player the Lightning ever had, for now anyway.
    Now I’m not saying he’ll be that good, but he is pretty good.
    Trading for Alshon Jefferies would be huge mistake, you are correct on that. I’d say go with the team you have at this point. Let’s see what the guys are made of. They might surprise us.
    Spence is just a beginner and shows some promise. Hope he surprises us too.
    Glad to hear Caleb is progressing, we’ll need a bunch of linemen to step up. Blocking the Raiders front 4 will be a test and I think they are up to it. Sundays game should be a real good game to watch.


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    Scott. Thanks for the insight on some critical players adding depth to the team. I like to hear these positive efforts to overcome difficult challenges and achieve success. It is hard for fan looking from the outside to know what’s going on within the organization. I personally thought Luke Stocker would be cut every year for the past three years. I’d like to know how a slow oft injured TE who doesn’t catch well keeps making the team. In fact, the team plays better when he’s healthy and in the trenches. We don’t and probably shouldn’t know the whole story behind the release of ASJ. The coaches obviously felt it was better to release ASJ, who has a huge upside potential, than deal with his negative baggage, Great for the team to admit a mistake and move on. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell a similar success story about Aguayo at some future point. He seems to be working hard to improve his accuracy and is a good bet to do so.

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    One of the best Fab 5’s I have team in a long time.
    However I was surprised to discover NFL players use profane language.
    Even worse, I was shocked and appalled that they actually use it.
    For years Buc fans have been screaming for a player or players to be more passionate about the game.
    Then, when we have one,he is silenced publicly in front of his comrades in arms by a dunderheaded Pollyanish cioach.
    What a baboon.
    That would hair been enough reason right there for me to fire the oafish Lovie Smith.
    Always praise in public and critique in private if you desire loyalty and performance.

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      Right on DRD. Played for many years and F Bombs flew around like mosquitos.
      That’s the best adjective for Lovie yet. Pollyanish
      GO BUCS

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    Wow, how valuable is G McCoy? Can’t talk about a Buc player, without some mention of how much #93 has helped them on, and off the field. From the low man, to the top team guys, Gerald’s influence is there. Guy doesn’t get enough credit. Speaking of the O line, with Pamps success, players developing at guard behind the scenes, and If Sweezy ever shows we seem stacked. What about center? Any chance Marpet moves to center?

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      Totally agree with that possibility Surfer. In spite of DrD scoffing at me for even suggesting that Marpet could be cross trained at Center; I think that is exactly what may happen in the off-season. Not because Smith and Hawley are “too small” as Horse suggests (they are all around the same size) but because Marpet is so athletic. This would allow Sweezy and Benenoch to compete for the RG spot.

      I’m really hoping Russell Shepard continues to step up and fill the sizable void at WR for the remainder of this season. In spite of his decent game against the 49er’s, at this point he can’t be considered the long-term answer to replace Vincent Jackson. The position is so weak right now I wouldn’t be surprised to see Licht spend a high Draft pick or two.

      I hadn’t realized that Noah Spence was so limited by his injury. With the pass-happy Raiders coming in this week I suspect Spence will get more opportunities to run past Donald Penn which is not an easy task.

      It’s just amazing to me that Vernor and Banks have fallen to the bottom of the depth chart. Apparently both will be gone by season’s end. Pink was right about them. This will make adding defensive backs another priority in the off-season.

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