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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Scott, get well soon! Go Bucs!

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    Scott – couple of comments:

    1) Mike Smith – I figured he would be a very good DC for us this season, but that it would take at least half a season for the results on the field to reflect his coaching input … it’s worked out exactly that way, and now he is obviously going to be in demand as a head coach given the great results in the second half of the season, as well as his prior success as a head coach at Atlanta. Given that this is what I expected, I will also say that I also expected Smith to only stay one season here at Tampa if everything else worked out. So the “big question” once our season is over, be it in early January or early February, is who will Dirk tap next for DC? We certainly don’t want install yet another 180-degree out of phase new defensive system. Who on the current defensive staff is ready to step up to DC and keep Smith’s system going?

    2) I’m with you on criticizing Coach Koetter’s play calling in recent weeks, as I’ve commented several times in threads here, and to which one or two have objected (Scubog – I’m talking about you!). It’s not a matter of trying to assign any asterisks to games already in the books, but about how do we keep winning when the competition is obviously going to get stiffer (Dallas this Sunday, and we hope other playoff teams come next month). Dirk absolutely has to step it up and stop being so damned conservative. Let our playmakers on offense do what they can do. If they give up the ball but start turning field goal attempts into red zone touchdowns, that is exactly what needs to happen. We cannot win a Super Bowl on Roberty Aguayo’s foot, starting with Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

    Unlike you, Scott, however, I am betting that Dirk does exactly that and lets Jameis and our skill players air it out to beat the ‘Boys, while the defense continues to shine. I may well be wrong on this, but I don’t believe that Dirk is either stupid or stubborn. He knows he’s got to up his game, and I believe he has the ability to do it.

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      Naples: You must have a podium in front of your computer to preach your version of the football gospel, but I do enjoy your posts.

      Let me make myself clear. What I objected to in your comments after the Saints game was your insistence that the Bucs were “lucky” without regard to the Saints’ good fortune. We longtime fans know all too well the Bucs have had a lot of bad luck too. Your one-sided view of shoulda, coulda, woulda is meaningless. Bucs won. Leave it up to the Saints fans to speculate what might have been.

      That said, I totally agree with Scott and you about Koetter seemingly dialing things back either by choice or circumstance in recent weeks. I also concur that a too conservative approach and the red-zone inefficiency against the Cowboys in Jerry World might not get it done.

      1. 2.1.1


        We’re friends here, Scubog. Everybody has a little different perspective, and sharing the differences of opinion is what makes it interesting. If we all had and wrote from the exact same perspective it would get very boring!

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    I will NOT be careful for what I wish for Scott! LOL Look, we’re all hoping for continued success on both sides of the ball and a possible playoff appearance off this exciting run. If that means Coach Smith is offered a HCing job next year, so be it. It’s part of the deal and the Buccaneers will survive.

    They survived after losing so many great coaches from the Dungy tree years ago. And hell, unfortunately St. Lovie came back although his “coaching” the team to 0-8 in the Ray Jay helped land Jameis! LOL

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    For those that are interested, here is the story that’s being floated out there about DC Mike Smith. Could be true, could not be true. I’ll put more faith in it when Smith responds in a press conference. I’m not putting much faith in the statement that he is already putting together lists of asst coaches should he be offered a HC job. IMO, probably just focused on winning at Dallas! But you decide!


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    Randy H.

    Wouldn’t necessarily lose any assistant coaches under contract even for a coordinator role. From the NFL rules: Assistant coaches in the NFL cannot leave their team unless granted permission or following the expiration of their contracts unless they are hiring for HEAD COACHING POSITIONS as a coordinator is considered an assistant coach and a lateral move. The only exception would be if they are made coordinator/assistant head coach.

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    I would imagine that Smitty is gone after this season. He’s going to be too hot of a prospect. But, what about Gus Bradley filling his role? Smitty to Jax and Gus on a bus to the Bay? Gus is one of those really good coordinators that don’t make a very good HC. Is his scheme similar to Smitty’s? Even if Gus shined as the Bucs DC, he wouldn’t get that instant shot as a HC anytime soon… Ah, all stuff for the offseason. It’s great to see the Bucs now in so many national conversions!

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    Scott, I hope you get better soon. I’m not sure why it was necessary to bring Coach Smith into the picture just before a big game like Dallas? The Defense needs to stay focus on the game. Now that you brought it up about Smith, lets discuss possible players he might be interested in for the Jaguars? Just about any defensive player or offensive player with the Bucs whose contract is up! Any ideas as who could be traded to theJaguars if this actually happens?

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    Get well soon Scott, love everything you guys write.
    As for Coach Smitty, I had a feeling this was going to happen and the timing sucks on this. We need our guys focused, not collapsing like the year Monet stupidly told the team he was leaving after the season. I do think Smitty is gone after this season and I think Jay Hayes should get a shot. IT all depends on who wants it, but If I’m Koetter I”m making sure Smitty is showing everything he can about this defense to the right people. We don’t need another half a season getting used to a new scheme again.
    Third down is the money down in the NFl and the Bucs have been outstanding in that department this year. They lead the league in adjusted percentage I believe. This week it will be about managing first and second down. You get Dak and 3rd and long this game a lot and we will win this thing.
    I’d be inclined to think the opposite in a game like this when it comes to making the game changing plays. I think this is one of those games, where your stars have to go win it for you. This is prime time and the biggest game our Bucs have played in a long time.d
    I’m with you on Koetters play calling recently and I do think he needs to open things up a but this week and go for the kill if it’s there.
    After what this defense has done to the murderers row of Qb’s we’ve faced in recent weeks, we should be able to control Dak well. It’s going to be all about stopping Zeke and that big offensive line.

  9. 10


    This is not Monte Kiffen quitting to coach with his son in Tennessee. This is all speculation and good coaching will get you that.
    And Scott, as others have chimed in, get well soon my man!

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    The pressure will be even greater now that he is being speculated as bolting to another team if the Defense continues to dominate. Playing an away game against the top team in the NFC ? I guess he deserves the speculation and a position as Head Coach on what ever team that will have him if he wins this game. For us to have any chance at all, the Defense will have to have its best game. When you turn around a pathetic defense after suffering countless injuries and lackluster play, and win 6 straight ? Fine. But do us a favor Coach Smith, Make it 8 straight. Take us right up to the top. This organization and the fans have suffered for the last 15 yrs through 4 coaching changes and barely a winning season through it all and watched as draft pick after draft pick has floundered. It feels so good right now to be a Buc’s fan We knew this defense could be something special if we were healthy and you made it happen.Take us to the playoffs get us one playoff victory at least, and I will tip my hat to you if you take a head coaching position somewhere else. Let us have that feeling of greatness one more time.

  11. 12


    I’ve commented before on Koetter’s play calling, especially in the run game, been to predictable. Would like to see us come out firing for a change. Let Jameis sling it around a bit.

  12. 13


    Jay Hayes should take over if Mike leaves. He’s been a successful position coach under successful defensive coordinators for years.

  13. 14


    Smitty is not a spring chicken. I say pay the man big bucks and keep him around like they did Monte.

    Go Bucs!

    1. 14.1


      Monte never was an NFL head coach, while Smith was not only a head coach but the most successful coach in franchise history for the Falcs. No doubt he believes he had the rug pulled out from under him and would like a shot at head coaching again. I personally like the guy, even liked him when he was on the opposite sideline from the Bucs.

      What is more important is keeping the bulk of Smith’s current assistants on staff, and promoting one of them to keep the same system in place. It will kill us if we have to go out and bring in yet another new DC who will seek to install yet another new defensive system. We need some continuity in system, even if not all the coaches remain year after year.

  14. 15


    Scott get well buddy!

    Look into probiotics I started few years again and at age 49 I haven’t even had so much as a cold in years.

    Most of your immune system is in your gut.

  15. 16


    Whatever Jacksonville offers, we should match it. We need continuity and his scheme has been a hit thus far.

    Lets ignore the hype and focus on Dallas. 1 week at a time is the only way we make it into the playoffs

  16. 17


    I was gobsmacked when the Chickens fired Smith. Seems to have worked out for them though. I say pay the man and call him head defensive coach.
    Does Marinelli have a long contact will Dullas?
    To much speculation for me about after the season. What happens , happens.
    Too bad about LVD, I bet he plays though. It’s going to be hard enough to crack their offensive line, even with him.
    Hopefully that big left tackle does start for Dallas.
    I don’t know much, but I haven’t wanted a win against a team this bad since the Super Bowl.
    It’s time for the whole team to step it up. These are games that define a season.
    Scott wrote that some players need to step it up, not true. Every body needs to step it up.
    That includes Koetter and Smith.
    If we can get the same shining special teams play that we have been getting of late we have a shot.
    As a matter of fact the special teams aren’t getting enough credit. And that means Roberto also. I think this game gets won by a field goal.

  17. 18


    Way to suck it up Scott.

  18. 19


    Get well Scott. For a sick guy it was a good Fab 5 as the remarks show. Go Buc’s….Kick Cowboy butt.

  19. 20


    Good luck, bad luck?
    For the most part, every NFL team makes its own luck, good or bad.
    Those teams that play and practice hard and know and do thier assignments, usually have the most good luck. Strange how that happens.
    As far as Mike Smith leaving, I am betting it doesn’t happen.
    Not only is he 57 years old, but owners have a tendency to remember a coaches last couple of years in the league, not his beginning years.
    What would really help Koetter’s play calling is a more effective running game.
    For that to happen the offensive line is going to have to start opening up some running lanes. Even a small crack would help.
    But it’s hard for any RB to get started when you are having to dodge the first tackler two yards behind the line.
    I think it is apparent the Bucs really miss Logan Mankins. Kevin Pamphjille is a good backup, but I’m not sure he is good enough yet to qualify as a full time starter.

    1. 20.1


      We should hope very much that Sweezy can play next season … and we need to add some more talent to the O-line every season.

    2. 20.2


      Hey drd. He is just 57, I don’t think he’ll need a walker or anything for awhile.
      And I agree. We need to build our line up.
      I hope Sweezy isn’t like Carl Nicks. Back when they signed him I read he is one nasty dude.
      GO BUCS

  20. 21

    Mr. Incredible

    Won’t we be saved by the Rooney rule? Here’s hoping Mike Smith will be relegated to the bottom of every list by mandate.

    1. 21.1


      Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

  21. 22


    First time login in .It seems like everybody is an expert on how the “Bucs ” should be run ,or on how the PR writers should write their stories . Sorry all I know is the “Bucs” are winning (first time I see the “Bucs ” win five in a row ) sit back and enjoy the ride , like we did back in 2001. Or, for those who are just getting on the Bus, most of you guys don’t know who the Quarterback was in 1976, or who the first round pick was, Steve Spurrier and Leroy Selmon. PR you guys do a “great ” job.

    1. 22.1

      Randy H.

      I know that I enjoyed the ride a lot better in 2002 than in 2001!

    2. 22.2


      Sorry ma5711 but these guys have been posting on here for years. First time we’ve seen you. And yes we all know who Spurrier and Selmon were. Anyway welcome aboard.
      GO BUCS

    3. 22.3


      I know the great # 63’s name is Lee Roy, not “Leroy”. This winning streak is not the first.
      The team won the first five games in the1979 “Worst to First” season before losing to a Ray Perkins led Giants team. There are a lot of us old school Buc fans who remember the past very well ma5711. Not sure I can recall what happened last week, but the old Bucs’ memories are all intact.

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