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    If we could just get some consistent pressure on the QB a lot of these issues with defense would be resolved. You just can’t give a good QB all day to scan the field. Way to much pressure on the backside of defense.

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    And the new Smith’s defense is actually worse than the old Smith’s defense. Hard to do!

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      Lovie Smith had two full seasons to show progress on the D, and he showed none. Mike Smith has had half a season, and for most of that half season his defensive line has been absolutely decimated by injury, even before the season started when we lost our best pass rushing DE to IR (Jacquis Smith).

      Even Monty Kiffin’s HOF and Ring of Honor defenses went 1-8 in his first season, largely due to giving up 25 points a game … but in the last 7 games Monty’s D gave up only 13 ppg and the team went 5-2. It takes time for a new defense to produce results.

      If Mike Smith is still producing bad defenses by the end of his second season, then yes, he should be shown the door. We’re a season and a half from that point though.

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    Learning a new defense always takes time, always. But I believe our biggest contributing problem has been injuries on key players on the line – namely, Gerald McCoy, Robert Ayers, and Clinton McDonald, plus the entire season lost for our best sacking DE from last season, Jacquis Smith, and now also the recent loss of Howard Jones. And our other new DE talent, Noah Spence, is a rookie just starting to learn the NFL game and nowhere near his peak, as is typical for rookie DEs.

    So with defensive line that has not been consistently productive in putting pressure on the quarterback (it’s been good against the weaker teams like the 49ers, but not effective, at least for four quarters, against strong offenses like the Cardinals, Falcons, and Raiders), it’s extremely difficult for the linebackers and back four to make up for a weak pass rush. The pass rush is the foundation for the entire pass defense.

    McDonald is supposed to be able to play against the Bears next weekend, which will help immensely on the interior. If Ayers can get back to full strength as he was at the beginning of the season before he got injured, that should help a lot also, Spence continues to learn his trade. We are still short, however, of depth on the D-line, having to rely on backups and practice squad caliber guys to make up for not having Smith and Jones, so don’t expect miracles. But I do believe it is possible for the D-line to become reasonably effective, which will have a hugepositive effect on the LBs and the DBs.

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      if the defense gets torched by Jay Cutler and we lose to the Bears (again) then we can officially declare this season dead

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        I don’t know why fans are anxious to make declarations on seasons before the data are in. Why the rush?

        As I’ve pointed out numerous times before here, Dungy and Kiffin went 1-8 in their first 8 games averaging about 25 ppg given up, then in the last 7 games went 5-2 averaging only 13 ppg allowed.

        By your standard, we should have given up on both Dungy and Kiffin after the first half season. Instead of, you know, watching them improve greatly in the last 7 games and go to the playoffs the very next season for the first time since the early 80s. And then win an NFC championship a couple of seasons later … and then a coupla seasons after that, Kiffin with Gruden would win a Super Bowl.

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    I really don’t think its rocket science when it comes to Lovonte Davids production. He lead the team in tackles, but what really happened. A MLB by the name of Kwon Alexander came along and was put in a better position (not all cover 2) by a new DC and that cut into Davids 144/yr average. A new system with a hybrid (light and fast) Alexander and Davids role is greatly changed. Again with three coaches and 3 systems in 4 years, its going to take more than 8 games to adjust. We Know he can tackle so it must be mental. The league was quick to shun him, I hate to see his fans turn on him.

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