The Score is a weekly PRTV segment featuring’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writer Trevor Sikkema. This show will air following the team’s game that week and feature Sikkema’s quick-hitting game recap and analysis of Sunday’s action as well as a look ahead to his Tuesday Cover 3 feature column.

In week 15’s episode of The Score, watch Sikkema give his thoughts and reaction to Tampa Bay’s 20-12 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.

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About the Author: Andrew Scavelli

Andrew Scavelli is the Digital Content Director and Fantasy Football Analyst for Scavelli, a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, first started as an intern with Pewter Report in 2009 and has been following the game of football for most of his life. When he’s not adjusting his fantasy lineups, Scavelli can be found enjoying nature and pursuing his passion for health and wellness. Scavelli can be reached at:
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2 years ago

Trevor, you said it best, “You knew what you had to do going in”, and they simply did not do it. I realize that the Ravens have a pretty good offensive line and that we are depleted in our LB and secondary core but continuously getting beat on read option by a QB who if you watched any of his college football days know damn well that the Ravens were going to implement that and more so with the weather conditions and yet still could not adjust and stop it?

2 years ago

When facing a run first team it helps to have corners who are willing to help set the edge and are willing tacklers. That’s not Brent Grimes, it was embarrassing watching him out there. He runs with the play, not at it. Enough of him already. When your younger players see one of the highest paid players give such little effort, it has to trickle down. Big part of the problem with Koetter is he doesn’t hold his staff, or players accountable for their poor performance.

2 years ago

Agree with you Trev Winston played fine considering. Putting him on the most dissapointing was wel disappointing. Lol.

I also agree some games like this hard to put finger on it just lot little things added up to a loss. Last week was clearly the O lines fault. This week was more of a team loss.