The Score is a weekly PRTV segment featuring’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writer Trevor Sikkema. This show will air following the team’s game that week and feature Sikkema’s quick-hitting game recap and analysis of Sunday’s action as well as a look ahead to his Tuesday Cover 3 feature column.

In week 13’s episode of The Score, watch Sikkema give his thoughts and reaction to Tampa Bay’s 24-17 victory against the Carolina Panthers.

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  1. We were playing 5 defensive backs who are basically untainted by Mike Smith’s weekly coaching and play-calling of poor schemes, poor philosophy and stubborn mentality. Glad you keep pointing out Mike Smith’s deep-rooted branding, Trevor.

    I’m losing patience with Koetter’s lack of public praise to Duffner. It’s disingenuous of Koetter to talk of Andrew Adams like some kind of Godsend when he knows damn well that his buddy (and he himself) obstinately hold on to stinking thinking in their coaching.

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  2. Koetter is an idiot imo. He should have fired Smith after the bye and I bet this team would had 2-3 more wins now! Duffner is doing a great job with a secondary full of nobodies basically. Maybe we find a diamond in the rough by playing some guys that really weren’t deemed starters but that would be the only good thing to come out of this situation.

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  3. I hope Koetter stays personally. I feel like the losing mentality has slowly been changing over this year and maybe kist maybe we are turning the corner! Offense is best I have ever seen here in Tampa. Defense is starting to show signs. Let’s just focus on fixing the defense instead of changing new GM and coaching staff and having to start from square one all over again!!
    Go Bucs!!

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  4. Amen! Patience vs Win Now!

    Has Licht done enough for the rebuild? Is Koetter the right head coach? Is Winston really our franchise quarterback? These are questions I am sure everyone expected to be answered definitively by now.

    Should we bring in a “President of Football Operations”, now? Where do things stand in our plan? Just what changes should we make this year.

    These are some of the questions that the Glazers are probably wrestling with already. Another year another set of decisions to be made.
    Go Bucs!!!!

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