The Buccaneers created nearly $20 million in salary cap space on Friday by extending the contract for quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was set to make $25 million in base salary for the 2021 season, which was going to be his final season under contract prior to Friday’s extension, which added an additional year to the deal and committed him to playing the 2022 season in Tampa Bay.

Brady’s contract extension has three additional voidable years – or “dummy years” – built in to spread out his $40 million in signing and roster bonus money over five years, which drops his cap value from $28.375 million, which included $3.375 million in incentive money that he earned last season, to just $9.075 million in 2021, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

MMQB NFL reporter Albert Breer has the contract breakdown regarding Brady’s new extension with the Buccaneers.

Breer also reported on Brady’s incentives for the next two years of the contract.

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3 months ago

I want Brady in Tampa for the rest of his days. After he’s finished playing, hire him as part of the coaching staff immediately. Brady has a high IQ for football period. He understands what it takes to win AND put a team together. He’s a player coach at this point. If he wants to be more of a front office guy, that’s fine too. Please, do whatever it takes to make sure that he is part of this organization for years to come.

Reply to  PissedOffBuc1988
3 months ago

Brady’s been pretty clear in the past about his lack of interest in coaching or front office work. I suppose it’s possible a lot of that was driven by Patriot Way fatigue and he’d have more interest in a non-playing role in a looser organization like ours, but it’s probably more likely he moves into the lifestyle of a professional celebrity when he does retire.

Reply to  tpeluso
3 months ago

Yep Brady will probably go the Kim K route at that point.

3 months ago

I mean i know it’s part of the business. Most teams add incentives. And a majority of the incentives are goals that are unattainable. But by and large, it almost seems like they cherry picked the stats Brady is least likely to hit. Like instead of total TD passes, which he’d probably hit, they put TD passes of 25+ yards lol. And instead of top 5 in lowest INT’s, or top 5 in TD/INT ratio, they put in top 5 in yds/attempt lol. Dudes 44, he’s probably not going to finish in the top 5 in yds/attempt, or TD passes… Read more »

Reply to  Dave
3 months ago

With the way the guy is wired, I wouldn’t be surprised if those were picked for a reason.

Mike Pengelly
Reply to  Dave
3 months ago

Can anyone tell me which of these incentives he would have hit in 2020? Also I don’t read the TD passes over 25+ yds in the discussion above. I just read Top 5 in TD passes or 25+ TDs ??

Reply to  Mike Pengelly
3 months ago

I think they may have just misunderstood the message. You are correct, it’s 25 or more touchdowns

Reply to  Dave
3 months ago

I believe part of the reason for the incentives being laid out this way is to ensure the NFL characterizes them as unlikely to be earned and therefore do not count on 2021 cap. If an incentive was top 5 in passing TD that would be characterized as likely to be earned and count against the cap since he was in the top 5 this year. If I am off base someone please correct me but this is how I understand it.

3 months ago

A great deal for Tampa to get some cap room. They might be able to get Barrett, Suh, Succop, and maybe Fournette too???

3 months ago

This is actually a pretty good deal for Brady as well. I believe he is actually banking about 40mil in 2021. Granted if he wanted to be a greedy SOB he could hold out as his real value to the franchise is probably like $50mil+. He basically single-handedly brought relevance to a downtrodden franchise. Its no wonder Bob Kraft loves him like a son, he probably added a billion dollars to the franchises’ worth in his time with NE. Give him 3 years in Tampa and see how the value of the franchise skyrockets.