While no Buccaneers were named to the Associated Press’ All-Pro First Team for their performances during the 2019 season, wide receiver Chris Godwin and outside linebacker Shaq Barrett both earned second-team honors as the rosters were unveiled on Friday.

While Barrett led the NFL with 19.5 sacks, the record-setting pass-rusher finished third in the league with six forced fumbles, two behind Arizona’s Chandler Jones and Pittsburgh’s T.J Watt who were both named to the league’s first team. And despite missing the Bucs’ final two games due to a hamstring suffered in Week 15 against the Detroit Lions, Godwin found himself with the third-most receiving yards (1,333) and the fourth-most receiving touchdowns (9) in the league.

Barrett’s designation comes with clear controversy, however.

While Jones and Watt edged out Barrett for first-team accolades, Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins and New Orleans’ Michael Thomas took first-team spots over Godwin and Julio Jones.

Other Bucs receiving votes include second-year defensive tackle Vita Vea, who received one all-pro vote, and middle linebacker Lavonte David whose 10 votes fell just one vote short of a second-team nod.

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Boca James (Boca Raton Florida)
1 year ago

What a JOKE!!!! Shaq deserves numero 1 team.

Reply to  Boca James (Boca Raton Florida)
1 year ago


Bill Purchase
1 year ago

Hopkins making it over Godwin and Evans is absurd. Pass rusher whatever if you want to make the argument for Jones and Watt over Shaq go ahead they all had basically the same a stats for non playoff teams only one got the sack title for the year though. Lavonte what can you say…..add another reason he’s the most disrespected player this last decade. Thanks for making the All Pro team as big a joke as the pro bowl Associated press

Reply to  Bill Purchase
1 year ago

I agree. Godwin was far better than Hopkins

Reply to  Bill Purchase
1 year ago

It’s just another popularity award, same as most others.

1 year ago

Good for Godwin, he deserves it. But, geesh, wouldn’t 31 teams trade their top receiver not named Michael Thomas for Mike Evans? Seriously. At least LVD got some votes. Evans is the most underrated wide receiver in the league.

1 year ago

I think Lavonte was most deserving Buc.

1 year ago

Evans helped Godwin get there as JPP did with Barrett. When you have bookends at positions this is what happens. Congrats to all 4 guys, and especially the ones who were named 2nd team. Snubbed or not, huge accomplishment.

Shaq being 2nd team over 1st may help us narrowly in our negotiations with him. “My client is a first team all pro” would be the first thing out of my mouth if I were his agent. No one brags about being 2nd

1 year ago

Idc that he wasn’t number 1. Every Buc fan knows how valuable he was to the team this season. Well deserved Shaq!

1 year ago

I’m just confused as to why T.J. Watt and Marcus Peters made both 1st and second team. Feel like they snubbed some guys who deserved at least second team like Lavonte by putting the same player on both teams….The AP gets worse every year.

Reply to  pomer1eau
1 year ago

Watt got because of his name.

1 year ago

Shaq Barrett’s speed and technique were matched only by his tenaciousness and physicality. Well deserved and easily arguable that he was the best at his position this season!

I do think makes an interesting point though. David had a phenomenal season at linebacker on the same team. Maybe voters were swayed slightly? Regardless, this defense is on the rise if they can bring back Shaq Attack plus the other key free agents like Suh, JPP, Nassib, and Nacho.

1 year ago

Popularity contest especially coming from the big cities who will vote for anyone on their teams.

Crazy that Mike Evans wasn’t on the list and Barrett wasn’t on the first team list.

Congratulations to Barrett and Goodwin making the second team considering how the northern teams have more players than deserved,

1 year ago

Not bad for a no-name free agent and a 3rd round Draft pick. Good job Jason Licht. Now about those Shabby Baker and Roberto choices.

1 year ago

Jason Licht, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. Now find a way to keep him!

1 year ago

“It’s not just about sacks”…yea, tell LVD that, who’s been snubbed countless times just because he wasnt in a 3-4 sack happy scheme. Smdh.

1 year ago

No love for Licht on a third round pick and a backup free agent find? That man wears all the blame and gets zero kudos.

Kudos from me, Mr Licht. Well done!

1 year ago

Evans is/was a beast this year! He doesn’t get 1st or 2nd team??? WTF??? Yes… it’s a popularity contest! If the Bucs can continue to get better and win then I think u see LDavid and Evans get even more national attention!

1 year ago

LVD not getting in, AGAIN, is just ridiculous. The guy has been the most consistently bad ass MLB in the league since he entered the league and the best player on this team year after year when we sucked! Honestly, now that I think about it, he probably “cost us” a few #1 overall picks with his play alone along with his refusal to play down to the level of his cohorts. Only one year, (maybe under Schiano? He had a great year with him too though.. Was be here more than a year?? Idk!) did he not play great… Read more »