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    Screen passes, that’s the key Sunday. Short outs on the outside for Simms and Doug.
    Safeties will have to come up short, then Evans can get free.
    Last week he drew a crowd. That is to be expected when you’re a good player.
    Saw that for years when Montana played. You double team Rice he picked you apart with short passes to whoever he had. Then Rice got free and it was game on.

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    I don’t view “lack of receivers” to be a problem at all. We’ve had plenty of guys step up, both WRs, TEs and RBs who can all catch just fine.

    Our problems have been more along the lines of overly conservative playcalling and relatively few passing attempts made – only 26 attempts last week against the Saints. Jameis was able to complete over 61% of those passes, so accuracy wasn’t an issue either. But if you don’t put it up, it doesn’t matter what kind or receivers or passer you have. And even when we attempt a decent number passes in recent games, they’ve tended to be short range, dink’n dunk passing. Against NO we had just 7.07 YPA; against the Chargers it was better at 9.33 YPA, but against the Seahawks 6.28 YPA.

    We need more passes and more longer passes. But more important than any other single thing, we need to be much more efficient in the red zone. We are in the bottom 8 teams in the league over the last month in red zone scoring. Which is weird, because we’ve got one of the best big receivers in the league with possibly the widest “wingspan” of any WR in the league, and another very effective big receiving TE, both of whom are 6 ft 5 in and beefy .. yet we can’t seem to get either of them in the end zone very often.

    I don’t know precisely what the problem is with our red zone offense, and surely Dirk Koetter is working hard to fix what he knows and says is a big failure in our offense that must be corrected if we are to keep winning right into and throughout the playoffs.

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    Agreed Naplesfan- those guys have stepped-up- that first catch by Shepard last game was great… Seems like ball control/ not wanting turnovers has really reigned in the offense.
    Sad to see the red zone regress back to last year’s form-

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    I’ve been saying this for weeks. TV reporters and fans alike love to talk about matchups in terms of stars. For example, in the old days every Bucs vs Packers game was Sapp versus Favre. It was only them playing. That of course is not how the players view it nor the opposing coordinators. They don’t view Shepard, Humphries, or Brate as faceless nobodies. They have to cover them. Of course they know who the bigger threats are relatively speaking. But they have to cover them all or Jameis will find them. And make no mistake. I guarantee that every defensive coordinator is planning how to stop Cam Brate now. If he’s not accounted for he’s going to hurt you.

    And I’m so happy for this team to be at this point. This whole season I’ve never held any delusion that this team is Super Bowl ready. I’m not so sure now. I truly believe they can play with anyone. It would always be a scratch and claw victory. But they CAN win. I’m hoping for a win in Dallas like everyone. But look at it this way. This team needs games like this to really move to the next level. Every game matters but there is a difference in December. To keep growing this team needs to have games that matter in December. I can stand over a 4 foot putt on the practice green and have no pressure and drill it. Take that to the 18th green when it’s the chance to beat my lifetime best round. That’s a totally different putt. But if I’m given that pressure more often I know I’d get accustomed to it and I would be able to perform to my best ability. Go Bucs. Play fast, play loose, play aggressively, play confidently. You can beat these fools. Shock the world.

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    Wonder if the Buc’s looked at picking up Floyd who was released by the Cardinals. Looks like the Patriots grabbed him.

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