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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    This Season has spiraled out of Control. It isn’t impossible to end on a decent note, but I think any talk of going to the playoffs is over. We cannot stop anyone, and we now cannot score. Once again there are so many holes on this Team, that a single draft or Free Agent haul will not be enough. We need A defensive line, and we need Corners and We need an Offensive line and a Running back.

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    I understand Pewter Report likes the school Winston is from but… With all the weapons the bucs have, Winston is no better then an average qb.

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    Vegas got it right because they look purely at data, the very best beat writers are only right ~55% average is less than 50% mainly because of their personal biases. It’s human nature, but gut instincts don’t fair well when compared with good objective data. Plus the odds makers get paid for their prediction, sports writers get paid to effectively make people feel good with their predictions and explain what happened after the fact.

    As for the death spiral, I don’t know about the team but as fan I’ve seen enough to write this season off. I think the players body language says the same thing. The first step to winning is believing you can win, this team doesn’t believe right now.

    I personally think Chucky would be a huge improvement for the team. No disputing he’s a better coach and play caller. Can he get instant results maybe maybe not. I think a lot of that would hinge of the DC, Smith has to go regardless if we get a new HC or not. We got lucky and the end of last year and outside of that padding Smith has been a complete failure. Their are 31 teams in the NFL with a better defense and I would say DC as well.

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      I don’t believe Gruden is the answer. Other than the Super Bowl; it was a yo-yo Affair after that. You just gave all the reasons before you made that statement which I thought was very valid; that’s why I was confused when you said Gruden would make a difference.

      1. 3.1.1


        It’s nor Grudens fault we went down after the Super Bowl, we had given up all those picks and $$$, and the boys were getting older.


          BucFan circa76

          Not sure how long you’ve been a Bucs fan, but Gruden and his puppet GM Bruce Allen had some HORRIBLE drafts after the Super Bowl and some dud free acquisitions. Gruden despised grooming young QB’s and preferred building and rebuilding roster via free agency over the college draft……I doubt the Glazers would go back to that again.

          Everyone’s favorite whipping boy these days is Jason Licht for drafting a head case Kicker in Round 2, but I bet they forgot it was Chucky and Bruce Allen that drafted Gaines Adams Round 1 (number 4 overall), Sabby Piscitelli in 2nd round, and WR Dexter Jackson (2nd round). Those wasted picks still haunt us….I say keep Gruden at ESPN/ABC and not give up just yet on our GM and head coach. The bandwagon is thinning out for sure, but I will be watching & cheering for all 16 games. Go Bucs!



            The horrible drafts were not Gruden’s fault. He didn’t set the terms that Glazer did to give up first and second round draft picks in two successive seasons in order to get Gruden. The pick of Cadillac Williams wasn’t a bad pick – nobody can predict injuries, it’s all the luck of the draw.

            And the bottom line is Gruden gave us the only Super Bowl ring in franchise history, and three division championships, and three playoff trips, and four winning seasons in 7 years. Since then, zero playoffs, and zero division championships, in ten seasons.

            Give us those playoff appearances.

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    We’ve had 11 out of the last 14 years of misery since the Super Bowl. When will the Buccaneer organization listen to their fans.
    Everything starts with the defensive and offensive line; draft high and often for those positions and everything else will be easier.
    Go Bucs!

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    The Bucs are an Enigma!

    a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.
    synonyms: mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox, problem, quandary

    Just when I think the GM has drafted poorly or the coaches can’t call plays or the defense can’t stop the run or the secondary can’t break up a pass or its run fits or poor tackling, some other anomaly pops out of the cake. I am at a loss to exactly put my finger on the problem. I approach each game now wondering where is the devil in the details?

    What is our identity? Offensive juggernaut? Defensive stalwart? I can’t tell from week to week. I am not going to bash my team every week for some different reason – that’s bordering on neurosis. Perhaps I got mislead or I allowed myself to set unrealistic expectations for this season. Either way, this not what I expected. But I’m not giving up – on this matter I’m indefatigable (looked that one up. lol). This is my team, hook or crook we’ll get this sorted out. There has got to be better days ahead! Go Bucs!

    1. 5.1


      Macabee, I too feel like we’re on a roller coaster. Since Jay Glazer confirmed Winston has a small tear in his shoulder, I say give it one more game ; if we don’t win put him on IR and bring Griffin off IR. This way Jameis will have a couple extra months to help in his recovery process, especially since it’s his throwing arm.

    2. 5.2


      Yes @macabee, I find that too. Each time I think the issue is the offense, they score 30+, then I think it’s the defense and they hold CAR under 20, then I think it’s the kicker, then the coaches, then the fans, then the media, then the stadium, then the weather….

      In reality, the NFL is called the league of parity for a reason…even the Jets are winning games, and the Raiders are losing them. The difference each week is all of the things I listed….and none of them. One key difference is making mistakes…one play at a time…and we make way too many mistakes.

      On Sunday (the big mistakes) I counted:
      1) whatever Justin Evans did on Benjamin’s TD (yuk!). That’s not what he was taught to do – he was there and just ran behind Benjamin to… catch his fall?. Killer TD.
      2) Winston’s fumble. Not what he was taught to do under pressure. Just take the sack.
      3) Sweezy trips over Dotson, whiffing on the blitzer who knocks the ball on Winston’s lame-duck INT. Maybe bad luck, but maybe Sweezy should have been out of there earlier and square to the pass rush.
      4) Winston’s pick right into the hands of Keuchley….Brate didn’t help either – does Gronk let LBs take the ball from him.
      5) dropped passes (Evans had 2). Third down efficiency was atrocious, and that’s drive killing.
      6) Winston’s sack on 3rd down pushing us out of field goal range. Never take a sack in that situation.

      These are the mistakes that the Pats never make. They get beat too, but rarely with a litany of mistakes like we make game in and game out. Each one of those mistakes (apart from 3rd down efficiency, which may well have indirectly resulted in the same) I listed led to a turnover (potential points we didn’t get) and/or points against.

      We simply make too mistakes (I could make a similar list of key mistakes in all of our losses). Why? Why indeed? Why did Evans not go knock the ball down; why did Winston not just eat the sack; why did Sweezy not get to the pass rush? That’s the $64,000 question I suppose. But in the league of parity, it doesn’t take many mistakes to lose the game.

      1. 5.2.1


        And the Patriots had a horrid first half in the Super Bowl and all analytics pointed to them losing. But they made adjustments and NEVER GAVE UP!

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    Fair article all around but, for the life of me, I have no idea how we’ve gone from “Gruden looks like he wants to coach again” to “Gruden could be a viable option to replace Dirk Koetter if the Glazers want to make a change”. It just seems too much on the speculation side right now.

  7. 7


    I’m glad you plan to be more cautious in your predictions for the Bucs SR. It’s long overdue.

    As for Gruden, I am adamantly against bringing him back for the reasons I gave in the first article released after the game. But hey, what do I know. When have things ever gone the way I say they will when it comes to the Bucs, particularly their players.

  8. 8


    Funny you should mention Frost from UCF Scott. Both are sons went there, and we are huge fans. We were so tired of watching the old coaches boring offenses, and now he’s made the games so exciting. We know we’re going to lose him to a better opportunity, I would love it if it were the Bucs. He’s also close to Tony Dungy, who he got to know from his son going to Oregon. That said, I think the Glazers will be looking for a proven NFL winner, and who better then our own Gruden. Others will bring up his past failures here, but I think he could be better then before if he learned from his past mistakes. Some say he’s been out of football to long, but in reality he’s seen more covering the whole NFL, and preparing for his draft coverage then he probably ever has before. Saw a lot of empty seats today, and good seats vacated much sooner then they ever should be. We all knew it was over at the half, and with 9 games to go the season is toast already. This is a bottom line business, keeping Koetter won’t help ticket sales. I believe the Glazers have been laying the ground work for Grudens return in case Koetter failed. The olive branch has already been excepted by Jon,he’s going in the ring of honor, and as soon as December will be given a standing ovation during half time on MNF right here in Ray Jay, in his home town. Who says you can never go home? In Jon’s case, he never really left.

  9. 9


    I just watched Lucy pull the ball away from Charlie… again.

  10. 10


    Agree. 9 years watching every team in the NFL. That has to be helpful. I will keep saying it. Derrick Brooks GM. Offensive and Defiensive minds in the top jobs. If it works out it could last 10 to 15 years. The Bears are looking at Gruden. We better get him before they do.

  11. 11


    Dirk Koetter is doing what would be expected from him
    Can someone explain why Bucs front office hired a coach who was the last place in the division both years as offence coordinator 2014,2015 for Bucs?
    Why would anyone expect the Bucs to not be in the last place in the division this year!
    Normally teams hire for the head coach a guy who showed how to win playoff games and super bowls as offence coordinator.
    Someone once said it was because he had good relations with 21-year-old rookie QB Jamies.
    Come to think of it Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator for a Bears team that was winning about half of there games. Maybe Bryan Glazer, has no idea what he is doing! or for some reason likes losing
    Has anyone else thought to ask this question?

  12. 12


    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Vegas may have gotten it quite wrong on that 8 win total.

  13. 13


    Drive a brinks truck up to michigan and give harbaugh anything he wants to take over…..including player personnel decisions.

  14. 14


    Just when we were convinced the offense was clicking, and it was the defense that was holding us back …

    Consistent inconsistency, with the result of winning just 2 games out of the first 7. More road games and 5 more division games, we could easily end with only 4 or 5 wins this season. Our Bucs just aren’t very good.

    The Glazers aren’t going to just shrug and hope for better next season. Changes will be made.

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    Trade deadline tomorrow. Ya all kill me for saying this but our best trading piece would be Cam Brate. Before you call me crazy, can we really pay him when his contract is up? We spent a 1st rounder on O.J., and it’s clear two T.E.’s can’t put up big numbers every week. It’s also clear that while the Pants were making sure D Jax, and Evans weren’t going to beat them Koetter never made them pay by feeding O.J. some. Every player on the roster besides J.W. should have a going out of business sale sign on them. Yeah, I’d include Mike Evans. He’s going to command a big chunk of cash soon, and right now he appears to be a possession receiver who drops to many 3rd down passes, Godwin can easily fill his roll. The Eagles might be willing to give us something for D. Smith, not because he’s good because they have a need, sent him back to Pennsylvania.

    1. 15.1


      Brate or Alexander; hate to lose them, but we need more draft picks and this season is toast. Best I can see at this point is 6 game and worst 4 game win season. I hope the hype is tuned down next season. I understand we went 9-7 with a very weak schedule last season with some luck, but other teams are on to us. We’ve got to build DL and OL up before we address other issues. That usually happens in the Rounds 1 & 2; that’s why we need more draft picks. Go Bucs!

  16. 16


    Do not let Licht make another move on behalf of this team. Its time to clean house. This is not just 2 years, this is Raheem Morris, Mark Dominik, Schiano, Lovie Smith, Licht, Koetter. 9 years of failure. This is worse than any stretch I can remember and Ive been going for 40 years. Even worse than the days of the Throwin Samoan and Leeman Bennett through Richard Williamson in 1991 with that “it’s a whole new ballgame” commercial. Then we had no talent now we have players that can’t perform. They just went 9-7. There is no excuse. Do not let Licht touch another thing here. Fire him!!!

  17. 17


    Koetter has accomplished less with his personnel than any NFL coach. Season recap: Beat Chicago (3-5, playing their back up QB), eeked out a win against the NYG (1-6), and lost 5 games (some humiliating). Ever wonder why they consistently start games so slow? They arrive underprepared and outmatched (by which I mean poorly coached). They will be lucky to win two more games (if they don’t tank for a premium draft pick). Which begs the question: IF they tanked, how would we even tell the difference from what we have already been suffering through???

  18. 18


    I’ve always been a firm beleiver that if you don’t make the playoffs, then you might as well lose to improve your draft position. What good did finishing 9-7 last year do us? We lucked out that OJ fell to us. How many players did we miss out on that would’ve been available in the 2nd round if that pick was higher. How did Raheem’s 10-6 no playoff season do us any good when they crapped out the following season? It’s a different NFL then when Dungy’s 6-10 team finished on a winning streak that carried over. There wasn’t a lot of turnover following the ’96 season going into the playoff ’97 season.

  19. 19


    Maybe Skip Bayless was right.when he said our coaching staff and GM were high schoolish.

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