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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Boy I know he’ll go way higher than we draft but Chubb from NC state is a nasty defensive end. He reminds me of Aaron Donald in size and power. He’s a monster. I can also see the next draft being very defensively focused. We need some DB’s too as it’s clear Hargreaves isn’t getting it yet.

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    Good synopsis of what went wrong on Thursday, Scott. Some fans were going way over the top in blaming Koetter for the loss, and others focused on the kicking game, and others on the receivers dropping balls, and some on Jameis Winston’s lackluster pasing performance. The truth is,it was all of the above.

    As for the playcalling, I completely agree with you that the biggest fail by Koetter was not giving the ball to the guy with the fresh, and very hot, legs, Doug Martin. He should have gotten the rock at the end of the first half, preventing another Pats score, and he should have gotten a minimum of 20 carries given how well he was playing … maybe even 25. I did not understand why Jacquizz Rodgers was being used so much when he was clearly not as effective as Martin.

    Also, I’d like to have seen more targets for OJ Howard … he was so cold after being ignored all game, to rely on him to salvage the game with a poorly thrown pass to him in the end zone from Winston, it was just not a useful play. I do believe in “rhythm” and going back to guys who are hot at the moment. Just look at what Brady did,targeting just four receivers the entire game, but very effectively. There may be the occasional game where everybody gets a touch, but most of the time you need to focus on a small handful.

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    Good evaluation Scott. I would like to add another observation of Winston. He still is not effective on the long ball and his mechanics still need work on medium range throws. He releases the ball too high and his receivers have to reach up and out for the ball. He almost got Humphries killed on a crossing pattern and he keeps missing high way too often. Being in his third year, you would think he would have improved on his mechanics…he hasen’t though.

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    Good report Scott. Blame is shared by Coaches and players. What bothers me is Folk words yesterday about not looking at the tape yet. Doesn’t he have a kicking coach or a kicking guru? Show me he’s obviously doing something wrong that he normally doesn’t do and I thought tape would show it. I think it’s time to find another kicker. There’s no excuses to miss five out of your last seven kicks and only one was over 50 yards.
    I would not be in such a hurry to bring back Alexander and David unless they are healed. The present linebackers have been doing good so what’s the hurry?

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      Randy H.

      They are trying out four kickers tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll find someone better.

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    Glen Davies

    I was pleased to see a less predictable 1st down ( offence) after yrs of mebbe 80% run.BUT, why no play action??

    And, when JW does play action, there’s 8-12″ space !!

    Aloha from Big Island

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    OJ Howard easily could of turned himself around to track the ball and get in better position, how is he supposed to catch if he is not even looking at Winston.

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      Kin – it’s a matter of timing between receiver and passer. Either OJ was expecting to get deeper into the end zone before turning to look for the pass, or Jameis was expecting OJ to turn sooner. That’s why repetition and rhythm are so important between receiver and passer. Last year Mike Evans was the most targeted receiver in the NFL … and it shows this season, that he and Jameis are clearly on the same page. OJ hadn’t been targeted a single time all game until the last play of the game … that is not the time to expect timing to be on.

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        Watching from the end zone, OJ was the guy. That was the soft spot. He mixed his routes up. Koetter explained it on Late Hits. Jameis did what he was supposed to do based on play design. I think he (Jameis) is doing a lot more of this than he is getting credit for. I have been bashing Koetter for the play calling for a while, but this time it isn’t warranted. The play, given the situation will always be low percentage, but it still almost and probably should’ve worked. Your point about not targeting OJ specifically is spot on. He’s too dynamic of a weapon and too easy of a target not to call on 4-5 times a game. I thought initially this was an option route and OJ simply ran the wrong route, but I was wrong about that. He turns his head and he has a fight with a db for the ball. OJ wins that.

        And I believe he got screwed on the holding call. Hand were inside his and the DL’s frame, had the DL on skates there. Referee blew that call.


          Buc 1976

          This game could and should have been won.



            Me too. I’ve lived in New England for 8+ years now after moving from Tampa and let me tell you how often I get puzzled looks when people find out I still root for the Bucs. It would have helped me at the water cooler at work to get that W.

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    The 49er’s used their first over all pick, a high one at that, on a D end, and they are next to last with us in the sack department. That pick has one sack on the season, so if you think just drafting one will solve our problems, think again. Remember Gaines Adams? With the short passing games teams use today, getting to the Q.B. is just getting harder in todays NFL. Something happens to O.C.’s as play callers when they become H.C.’s. Unless they have a Q.B. like Rodgers, or Brees they seem to lose their mojo. Instead of having an intense focus on scoring, they let other factors creep into their heads that as H.C.’s they now have to consider. I don’t know how they can properly game plan all week, with all the duties that go into being a H.C.. Scott I’d like to know how Monken, and Koetter go about their weeks prep, maybe have Trev do a piece on that. While Dirk wears two hats, H.C., play caller, so does Monk, O.C. and receivers coach, am I right? Does Monken do the actual game plan for the week, or is it Koetter? If he is, how does Koetter call that game the way Monken planned it? Like you said, Martin is running great, then Dirk decides to throw 3 in a row, would Monken have done that, was that the plan? Be an interesting article, and might clear up some of the disconnect that seems to be going on.

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    The Bucs lost as a team against the Pats Thursday night and there is plenty of blame to spread around the whole team.
    I believe one of the worst things Koetter did however was try to force Jackson into the game plan.
    You could tell early on the Bucs were trying to get the whiney Jackson involved in the game much to the detriment of the team.
    Even at the start of the second half we tried to go long to Jackson before Winston had gotten any tempo or rhythm in the game.
    It was driving me absolutely nuts.
    Still, why we decided to get into a gun fight with Brady played right into the Patriots hands.
    Come on coach, you can do better. You have to.

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    Would have liked to have seen how Winston and the offense would have fared if Brate hadn’t dropped all of those third down passes that would have resulted in first downs and also the TD drop which resulted in a botched Fold FG attempt.
    Or how about the illegal motion penalty in the final minute of the game which caused us to lose 10 valuable seconds.
    Team game. team loss.
    I just hope they don’t try to force feed the whiney Jackson next week against the Cardinals. I don’t care if he only catches two passes if the Bucs win. Let him pout.

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    Buc 1976

    Our first 4 rounds in the draft should be DL.
    McCoy is not getting any younger,Spence looks like a 3-4 LB and Ayers well we got one modest year out of him. The Bucs have not IMO drafted well as far as D Linemen go and it is showing up now. Also IMO if we had a better pass rush the DB’s would look a lot better.

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    I still say we need a high pick spent on a RB. I think SR agrees if his recent Fab 5 is any indication. Just imagine if Kareem Hunt shared carries with Martin last Thursday at the expense of not having Godwin. Idk if you go DE or RB in 1 or 2. Hopefully best player available and we can hit on both.

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