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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Oakland beat the Jags at J Ville Sunday, now have to fly back to NoCal, and back to Fl again next Sunday, that’s got to take a toll. Think the traveling catches up with them this week. Being home for Thursday nights game is a big advantage, although Atl doesn’t have far to travel, but home teams seem to win more Thursday night games. Should beat Shy town, so we have a real chance of a 5 game win streak coming up. The kind of streak Scott, who;ve said puts teams in the playoffs.

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      Surf….Raiders are going to Sarasota for the week before bucs game. Not flying back to west coast.

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      Unfortunately, Oakland isn’t traveling back west. They are staying in Florida and practicing at IMG in Bradenton this week. I was hoping they would be flying back and forth too, but no dice.

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    Two bold predictions? I wouldn’t go so far as to call those “bold”. Yet, let’s hope you’re correct.

    Here are my bold predictions. A few weeks ago there was a lot of doom and gloom around here after the loss to the Rams and a 1-2 start . I posted that in my opinion the season was not over YET. I was looking at the upcoming stretch of games (Broncos, Panthers, Bye, and 49ers) and predicted that beating the Broncos was probably not going to happen, beating the Panthers was going to be tough but in my opinion it was a winnable game. I also saw the bye coming at a great time this year allowing us to go to SF and compete in another winnable game ending up 3-3. I turned out to be right. Now, I’m never been much of a prognosticator. But in the interest of positive thinking and keeping good things going (of course I’m superstitious, I’m a Bucs fan), let me try that again for the next four weeks.

    We’ve got three home games in a row and one road game (Raiders 5-2, Falcons 4-3, Bears 1-6, Chiefs 4-2). Lot’s of things can change in 4 weeks but I believe the Bucs should at least go 2-2 over this stretch. The bold prediction is that we will end up 3-1. Here’s why. The Bears game is winnable and neither the Raiders nor Falcons are playing unbeatable right now. They will be tough games yet I believe they will be close but winnable games too. The home field should help. The Chiefs game should be close but winnable too, but on the road. All three of those games could go either way. So all things considered we should win half of the three tough but winnable games (that’s 1.5 if you’re good at math) and likely win the Bears game. Since winning 1.5 games is impossible it will tip either way based upon some good things going our way. With good luck, healthy players, complimentary football from start to finish instead of starting in the second quarter, we could come out of this 4 game stretch 3-1 and 6-4 on the season. It’s doable Bucs fans. Oh, and get your feces coagulated Roberto. You’re killing me.

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    Glad we got through this game with no injuries and took care of business. Aguayo still is average but the rest of the team appears to be improving. Im looking forward to seeing if the defense has improved like I think they have and to see if the offense can take another step.

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    Aguayo is gonna get it figured out

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    Statement 1: Love how the Bucs have been playing on the road – now let’s translate that to playing well at home, please! I agree with you, we need support in the lower bowl. I wish I could be at the game to support them. Fire the Cannons!

    Statement 2: Nice to see Koetter putting his stamp on this team on both sides of the ball. His relationship with former players and DC Smith are key to getting the most out of his players.

    Question 1: Most obvious when they couldn’t wrap up a guy running on 3rd and long. Seriously? This needs to improve significantly when we play better teams.

    Question 2: Agreed – really pulling for Shepard to make an impact and he made some nice catches yesterday. On his TD catch, a nice out/in route and good catch, set up by some great protection of Winston by Rodgers

    Prediction 1: Absolutely and deservedly so
    Prediction 2: Agreed. The Raiders are 4-0 on the road this year and due for a loss and the Bucs due for a home win. It won’t be easy and will take a complete game from everyone, a good ground game to eat some clock AND some takeaways.

    My Question and comment
    Ok, since Adam Vinatieri offered to help out Roberto Aguayo earlier this pre-season, why didn’t he take him up on the offer? Although he’s improving overall and especially his confidence, we need him to ensure we close out games, and potentially this week’s game vs. the Raiders. Ok, so we’re at 3-3 where most of us expected the Bucs to be and we have 3 home games. I’d love to see 6-3 as much as anybody but see 5-4 more likely. Let’s go Bucs, I want to hear lots of cannon fire. 1 for Red Zone, 6 more for the TD and an additional one for the extra point. Let’s do this.

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    I loved Kotter’s comment about Shepherd’s passionate pregame speech and attitude.
    This is the direct opposite of Lovie silencing Shepherd last year for using salty language in the locker room during a pregame speech against the Saints that PR reported on and resulted in putting the Bucs in a tailspin for the remainder of the year.
    The main thing this team has to be cautious of is becoming over confident like they were after the Falcons game.
    I didn’t think Koetter did a good job of that last time. Being confident with a bit of swagger is great if you can back it up.
    If not, you just end up looking like the Bills. A bully against weaker teams but a team that folds when someone punches them back in the mouth.
    Hubris has infected this team before.

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      I’d forgotten about Lovie squelching Shep’s enthusiasm. Lovie squelched mine and a lot of other fans too.

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    Scott…THANKS for the Two Point Conversion, and…

    Bucs…THANKS for Two Consecutive Wins, and…


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    I like the bold prediction of us beating OAK…my concern is the bold prediction that our safeties are not good enough to offset the Carr to Cooper show…but I temper that with my own prediction that we continue the Oline mastery and run for another 200+…it will be our running game making their DLine look pop-warner-esque while their passing game makes our safeties look like, well our safeties…let’s hope one of them can step-up and make a play to swing the tide in our direction!

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    We certainly can beat the Raiders at home. It’s essential that we do so, because any team that can’t win at home doesn’t deserve respect.

    Hope that we can get Ayers and McDonald back in the lineup for Oakland … we’re going to need them both. It certainly helped a lot yesterday to get McCoy back drawing double teams and disrupting the inside, along with Gholston. Noah Spence seems to be developing and contributing too as a rookie starter.

    I think we have the offense that is capable of beating the Raiders, given our newfound running game and receivers who are getting comfortable with Jameis Winston’s passing … and our defense is starting to gel too, and can be better still if fully healthy.

    My predictions aren’t worth spit, but I expect a Bucs win at RayJay coming up against the Raiders.

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    Talking on Russel Shepard’s passion, did anyone see him spike the ball so hard that he almost fell down? Go Shep! and Go Bucs!

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    I’m going to be wearing my “Beat Oakland” jersey that I wore in San Diego at the Superbowl (if I can fit into it). Probably wear my Superbowl victory commemorative hat too.

    Dr.D: When you buying me that Coke?

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