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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Good evaluation. It puts the needs of the team into focus for the Draft. It would appear Safety is a definite need. But even though we have a lot of bodies at Corner, I think Bucs will go after a Corner too. Defensive tackle and possibly End as well. This draft is loaded at those positions.

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    I know Conte has gotten some grief and bad notices, especially during the first half of the season, much of which was undeserved due to the scheme Mike Smith employs which sometimes leave safeties in lone coverage on the on the oppositions WR’s. I’m not judging on the rightness of the scheme, but what I do know is QB’s seek out matchups like this like a Great White shark feasting on a baby seal.
    This happened to Conte twice during the first half of the season when both the Cards and the Raiders went to their fastest WR’s who were able to beat him in one on one coverage. Big surprise.
    But I also noticed Conte make two TD saving tackles against the Falcons when he came from across the field.
    He isn’t a big hitter but he gives up his body to make tackles when he needs to and he doesn’t get many penalties unlike the last “Pro Bowl” big hitter we had here who couldn’t seem to play football without trying to turn someone into a quadriplegic.
    If the Bucs are going to lose anyone to FA it should be McDougald who continues to make mistakes in coverage and also misses tackles.

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      I agree. I think Conte outplayed McDougald last season, other than the first few games. Conte is a scrapper out there, and if you’ve noticed, he’s always around the ball. If I only kept one, it would be Conte. McDougald has never impressed me.

      Tandy on the other hand, that guy’s play caught my eye back in 2012 (I think) when he got his first start when the Bucs went in to Seattle and almost won. He played a heck of a game and had an Int. I was always surprised that he was never starting over McDougald.

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    Conte sucks let him go please, Tandy already proved he is better

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    I can see us doubling up in the draft om the safety position. Even taking one in the first round. Tandy is a player and a playmaker.

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    McDougald should be a priority with Golston. Spence is the player we need to let walk. The Bucs HAVE to upgrade the interior of their line if we want to have a chance to beat the Cowboys and Falcons who have very solid OLs. Spence is a decent player but quite frankly he’s not a needle mover on defense. Let him walk and upgrade the DT spot with a legit starter to pair with GMC. McDonald hasn’t stayed healthy for 2 seasons since he’s been here and is much better used as part of rotation like he was in Seattle. Don’t waste cap space on Spence when we could get that middling production from a draft pick for a lot cheaper of a price. Pay for impact this summer!

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    Also not down on Conte like some other fans. He had a rough start but once he was put in better matchups he started to make plays before he was injured. He will be cheap and we could do a lot worse than having 3 safeties capable of starting on the roster. No draft pick will give you that guarantee and the health of Tandy and McDougald are not guaranteed. Be smart and bring both safeties back next year.

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    The NT position desperately needs an upgrade. There is no true starter at the that position. Spence is a rotational guy and McDonald grades outs as the lowest position player the front seven. Bring in legitimate competition for that position and stop anointing McDonald as being the starter before the season starts.

    I know people are fascinated with LVD, but the guy takes too many plays off and tends to loaf. The tandem of Alexander and David missed the third most tackles in the league for the positions. Why have linebackers who can’t tackle? At least bring in some competition for LVD for Christ sakes….

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    Can’ say I disagree with yur opinion stlbucsfan in regards to our DT’s. The position needs an upgrade..
    As far as our safeties our cconcernd I have been saying for some time that the Bucs need to resign both.
    I actually think Conte plays better in Smiths defense than Lovie’s stale Cover II.
    Jongruden, as usual, it is yur opinion that sucks. As always , yur opinion is never based on or supported by facts.

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    I’m more in favor of signing our own depth players and still bring in enough competition to let them compete. Clinton McDonald is but another free agent who has had a rather lackluster contribution here on the field. Perhaps injuries have played more of a part than is publicized. It is my understanding he has some worth in the locker room.

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      When McDonald is not in the lineup, as happened for several games in the first half of last season, the entire D-line underperforms. When he is in the lineup, as he was in the second half of the season, the entire D-line performs better, as does the entire defense.

      McD is not someone who generates headline stats… but he makes the line much better when he is playing.

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    Yikes. This roster needs help and quality depth. Given age, durability questions and overall talent level DL seems greatest area of need but lots of questions about Corner position over a full season and while I’m more hopeful than many about Safety we won’t know until about mid-season whether we’re okay there or not.
    Same is true for offense, we need OL, WR and RB help first, plus depth at TE.
    Given injury frequency in today’s NFL I say again, Yikes. Good thing JW is young, this is going to take a while. Hope we can keep him upright.

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    Naplesfan, I agree with your in regards to McDonalld’s presence and the fact the defensive line is better with him than without him.
    With that said, I still feel the position needs an upgrade. Both McCoy and McDonald are both nearing 30, the time when most players performance is or has peaked.
    I don’t want to get rid of him this year, but I do think the Bucs need to find a replacement for him in the very near future.

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