Andy Slater reported on Wednesday that he had obtained exclusive audio that includes Jason Pierre-Paul’s call to police dispatchers following his accident last Thursday morning, as well as a witness.

In what was first reported as a minor car accident involving Pierre-Paul and one other passenger, details later revealed that the 2 a.m. accident in south Florida had left the Bucs’ defensive end with a fractured neck that may require season-ending surgery.

Jason Pierre-Paul – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Jason Pierre-Paul – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“I’m in the middle of the highway and I’m by Fort Lauderdale Airport and International Boulevard,” Pierre-Paul says in the recording. “And my car just hit a 360 in the middle of the road, I’m headed north.”

“I hit the median, but I’m OK,” Pierre-Paul responded when asked if he hit anything.

Pierre-Paul claimed he was safe in the audio, but said that his car was in the road, in danger of oncoming traffic.

“It’s like right in the middle [of the road.] It has to be moved or a cop has to come or somebody’s going to hit it.”

In addition to Pierre-Paul’s audio, Slater also revealed audio from an apparent witness to the accident that also called 911 shortly after the incident.

“Southbound, just before you get to Broward, in the middle part, he hit a wall,” the witness said. “It’s a sports car.”

The witness confirmed that the car was a red sports car, also stating that it was raining which could have been a factor.

“They’re in the middle of the road,” the witness said. “A car’s going to hit it.”

Listen to the full audio from both calls at

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What the Buc
What the Buc
2 years ago

If he had cup tires I can see it just happening. Those tires have sketchy grip in wet conditions, hydroplane very easily.

2 years ago

I can picture the whole thing right now jpp walking out of the club telling everybody what’s up right on right on right on got me a fine lady Ferrari and he drives right into a concrete wall oops what a clown

2 years ago

Phew – glad he walked away from it. Also, way to go expressing concern for other people when his car was a hazard in the roadway. Good guy – wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

2 years ago

The reverse name is awesome! The smile emoji sets it off as well. I look forward to more of your posts lol

2 years ago

I love it someone who is the opposite, someone who like the moves this team is making, BOb-ssa-cub is making his plans for the playoffs now sees a empty glass full fresh beautiful milk.
Even the chef likes it
Bob-ssa-cub does not mind sitting in seats at Raymond James with more fans from other team he thinks it is cultural enlightening.