Eye In The Sky comes to you from PewterReport.com contributor Steven Cheah, who has been breaking down the Buccaneers All-22 on Twitter since 2015. Cheah will be joining PewterReport.com with video analysis throughout the offseason, as well as weekly video feature analysis features during the regular season to closely examine an element of the previous week’s game. Here are a few things that stood out when watching the tape.

News broke on Thursday that the single-car crash that Buccaneers defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was involved in last week might be much more serious than originally reported. Details are slowly emerging, but the reports that came out Thursday seem to indicate the Bucs medical staff flagged Pierre-Paul’s neck injury for being more serious than initially thought. Pierre-Paul is seeking a second opinion on the matter, but if he does get surgery, he could be out until November.

2018 was Pierre-Paul’s first season in Tampa Bay and he had an outstanding year with 12.5 sacks and 16 tackles for loss. He did so while playing all 16 games despite dealing with nagging injuries. While the Bucs are moving to a new 3-4 base defense, Pierre-Paul still figures to play a major role. Any time he misses would be a big blow for the defense and taking a look at the film, the Bucs would miss him in more ways than one.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pierre-Paul’s game is relentless effort. His motor never stops. Here he’s brought to his knees by a block but still makes the stop.

Pierre-Paul is a very sound player who knows his assignments. Here he doesn’t crash down and chase the ball, instead he stays in his gap while closing the hole. He patiently waits for the runningback to bounce outside where he’s in position to make a play.

Here Pierre-Paul shows off his run defense by controlling his blocker and plays peekaboo with the runner. Take a look at his feet here, they never stop pushing.

Pierre-Paul is a complete defensive end and his run defense will be missed maybe more than his pass rushing skills. That’s saying a lot considering he was the first double-digit sacker to don the pewter and red since Simeon Rice in 2005. In that clip above, JPP just eats Saints’ left tackle Jermon Bushrod’s lunch and makes the tackle for no gain.

But we can’t have a JPP article without talk his sacks. He definitely rejuvenated the pass rush last season and this clip shows off his ability to adjust when his first move fails. It also highlights his closing speed.

How big of a loss do you think Pierre-Paul will be? Do you think he’ll be missed more in run defense or pass defense? What was your favorite Pierre-Paul play from this past season?

Let me know in the comments section below or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @CHEAH_SAY

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About the Author: Steven Cheah

I hail from, and currently live in New Jersey, but have been a Buccaneers fan since 1997. I have been a PewterReport subscriber/consumer almost as long. In 2015 I wanted to get closer to the game, so I started breaking down the All-22 tape and haven't missed a week since. I put all clips out via twitter @StevenCheah and will also be putting together some features on PewterReport with the Eye in the Sky column.
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Buc stops here
2 years ago

JPP is no spring chicken and does not have a lot of years left of high production. This injury just takes away more of the limited time he has to play at a high level. JPP has played in the NFL for 9 years. In comparison, another Buc all-pro, Warren Sapp, played a total of 12 years with a big fall off in production in his 12th year (2 sacks down from 10 the previous year). So in a best case JPP has maybe two years left of high performance potential (and his contract runs out in two years). If… Read more »

2 years ago

I really hope the guy is ok and can suit up. The fact that he is looking for multiple opinions on his neck tells me he’s not satisfied with the original prognosis. If he’s a no-go, it’s a big loss as you point out SC.

2 years ago

Our season’s success might depend on prayers for JPP’s quick recovery from his neck injury without surgery!

2 years ago

Just when I thought we may make some noise this yr this happens and brings me back down to earth sigh

2 years ago

He is a great football player. The best ability is availability sometimes, and he can’t stay on the field usually due to self-inflicted injuries sustained off the field. Hopefully the injury isn’t as bad as feared.

2 years ago

It’s a loss for sure. Young guys get an opportunity to show what they got. Go Bucs!

2 years ago

I hope JPP gets better news from his second opinion. That being said, if the news is bad, then next man up. They’ll have no choice but to keep McCoy or pull off a trade for a DE / OL from somebody who needs a good TE or some other position from which we’re already loaded.

2 years ago

Hmm his run stopping will be missed even more than his 12.5 sacks? Doesn’t fit into Suck-ass-Bobs constant stupid narrative on how JPP sucked against the run and McCoy is awesome! Lol. Not that anything he says makes sense.

2 years ago

Even though he hasn’t played in a 3-4 it’s a huge loss IMO if he can’t play. He would be missed much more than McCoy would be.

2 years ago

It’s definitely a loss, but it does not mean our season is over. I know a lot of people are already down about this..but remember how we picked up Nassib over waiver wire last year? Who knows, maybe we will get someone else and even if we don’t, we should give our faith into what Bruce Arians is trying to do..I have no doubt that he will have this team ready to play week one this year. It’s a tough loss, but adversity makes a team stronger.

2 years ago

These highlights are bitter sweet,well more like rubbing salt into an open wound.

2 years ago

No worries pewter boys when all the other teams get down to 53 on the roster you’ll be able to pick up a couple defensive lineman it doesn’t matter they were cut by another team you got the great Bruce Arians he’ll fix them. Just when I thought this clown show couldn’t get any worse it got worse

Alldaway 2.0
2 years ago

I am surprised that there exists Bucs fans that still downplay the sacks JPP generated last year while being a force against the run.

My eyes don’t deceive me when I watch a guy be a difference maker on defense and also a leader. I hope JPP can heal and stay with the team. But you never know.

Captain Sly
2 years ago

I tell you what I see Steven, and I know this is not what you are highlighting but watching your clips on the passing downs JPP beats a single blocker while Mcoy is being double teamed. Football breakers down into numbers if one of my players forces two of yours I have the advantage. JPP has all of the sexy numbers because someone else is doing the dirty work. In JPP’s hay day there was always a TE or extra man in there to chip block but now with Mcoy and Vea chewing up those blockers his workload got a… Read more »

2 years ago

He will be a huge loss for this defense. I would feel better about it, if our moron GM didn’t pass on the second best pass rusher in last month’s draft, for a LB who can’t get to the QB.

2 years ago

Bucsfan1983, perhaps you should have given your crystal ball to Licht. Drafting White was a collaborative effort or did you not read BA’s comments about him. Try not to be so ignorant.