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Zach is entering his 3rd year covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a writer for PewterReport.com. Since 2014, he's handled a large part of the beat reporting responsibilities at PR, attending all media gatherings and publishing and promoting content daily. Zach is a native of Sarasota, FL, and a graduate of the University of Tampa. He has also covered high school football for the Tampa Tribune and the NFL for Pro Player Insiders. Contact him at: [email protected]

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    O ye of little faith! ‘Cept for Eric!

    If you can’t pick the Bucs to win this game, under these circumstances, with the way the Bucs have been playing of late, at home, against a team traveling near 3,000 miles to get here with two of their best defensive stars on the sideline … and given that you’re all Bucs fans .. then when CAN you pick the Bucs?

    I’ll take the Bucs by a score of 28-24. Good, hard fought game, going down to the last series before the gun. Excellent play by both teams, too bad anyone has to take a loss, but I like the Buc’s chances tomorrow.

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    Good day all.
    It’s tough to pick the BUCS to win tomorrow.
    But I’ll do it anyways. There is a formula to success here ripe for exploiting.
    I don’t think the Seahawks are quaking in their boots right now. Under estimating the BUCS now could be a mistake, but I doubt Pete Carrol will allow that to happen. I can just hear Winston Telling his team that this is the game that will make the season for the BUCS.
    If I were king of the BUCS I would not run one offensive play without the tight ends up on the line and blocking. It’s time for Dougernaught to earn his paycheck. If he can grind out 100 yards we have a chance. Great opportunities will arise if they respect our running game. Release the tight ends for tailored tightend screen passes to keep them honest.
    We might see why Luke Stocker is on the team Sunday.
    On defense Koetter needs to stick Hargraves on Baldwin all day. You can talk about Evans and Sherman if you want, that is the match up I want to see. Lets see if Vernon is any good. I think he is. He can earn his paycheck too.
    Big days are needed by the defensive line also. GMC and Ayres need to show up big time. Our defensive wild card could be Noah Spence.
    My pick-to-click is the Offensive Line. Having them all back and the Seahawks banged up is a receipt for success.
    BUCS win 23 to 20. That’s more points than I’d like to see scored.

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      I really like your thoughts on Hagreaves. Let’s see how good he is.

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    I believe our offense is better than their defense. With luck and a break again we win a close one. go Bucs! Make us proud!

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    I normally pick the better QB. In this game that is clearly Russell Wilson. Having said that Winston has been great in the last two games. The Bucs desperately need to beat either Seahawks or Cowboys. I am going with the Bucs in this one 31-28.

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      Glad you are on the bus Bucnut.

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    My predictions have been way off as of late, so I am going to say Seattle wins big, hoping that I am totally wrong. I think our Offense should be able to have some success against a banged up Seahawks Defense, but I am worried about our Defense against that on fire Seattle Offense. If we cannot get a pass rush going on them we are doomed. I am saying 35- 19 Seahawks.

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    BUC 727

    The Buc’s interior line harass Wilson all day. Dougie has his breakout game of the season and the Buc’s Win 17-10….drops mike(not Evans).

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    I just don’t see us winning this game, Seattle to me is a top 3 team in the NFL and if we pull off this upset that would be HUGE. I am just hoping to be competitive and not be blown out and show the NFL we can hang with anybody. Prediction Seahawks: 31 Bucs: 23

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    I think that Seahawks are not all that great. Busc win by 6 points.

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    We all acknowledge that the Seahawks are one of the league’s better teams. I just loved Russel Wilson coming out of college. They have developed a great roster comprised of their own Draft picks and key free agents. Their fans are arguably the most supportive. (easy to do when the team wins) You don’t see their stadium invaded by the enemy fans. The team has a lot going for it.

    The past decade or so the Bucs have been nearly the opposite. Lots of failed Draft picks and free agents. Fans have been the symbol of apathy. No such thing as a “home” crowd or advantage. In general, little respect around the league. But doesn’t this season seem a bit different? To use a modern term, how are the Bucs “trending”?

    In spite of the Bucs injuries and learning a new defensive scheme, the team could easily be 7 dash 3. Point being, are the Seahawks “On any given Sunday” an unbeatable foe? Of course a Bucs win would be an upset. Probably some would consider it a fluke.

    I always say games in the NFL are as much mental approach as physical talent. What I have seen this season is the team refusing to cower to the opponent when their “spit” goes bad. To me that was a big step. Perhaps the next step will be a bit of swagger when the thinking on Defense becomes reacting. After soundly defeating the Bears (at home no less) and dominating the Chiefs, I see our favorite team believing in itself.

    I see the Seahawks traveling 3000 + miles, dealing with nagging injuries, giving the Bucs little respect in spite of Pete Carrol’s pleas and hopefully, as the Chiefs did, expect an easy victory. I see the Bucs crossing a threshold as they did in San Diego 20 years ago when Sapp and Brooks echoed Popeye’s words when they “Took all they could stand and can’t stand no more”. I doubt many of the 12th Man have traveled here from the northwest on Thanksgiving weekend and only the front-runner fans from here will be donning the glowing green Seahawk logo making this a bit more of a “home” crowd.

    They key to victory will be to make them earn every point. They’re too good to give them freebies. Don’t let Jimmy Graham run free. Protect Jameis and allow him to use every weapon in his arsenal when they bracket #13. The Seahawks like to pass rush and defend the pass so use our power running O-line and committee of running backs to frustrate and wear them out like a few years ago with Mike James. Don’t take your foot off the gas. Score, score score.

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    SCREW your “predictions!” I care about this team and “predicting” failure as if ANYONE can see the future is flat out STUPID!
    I think the Bucs will win today. I believe that or I wouldn’t bother to go to the damn game.
    This team is ready to make a statement and believes in itself a lot more than the media….. obviously.

    This is a HUGE game for the young Buccaneers, a chance to gain national attention and ut themselves in the running for the South title or the Wild Card race in December. THEY believe and so do I.

    And if you’re going today? Be in your seats early, be loud and act like you give a damn. This is really as close to a playoff game this team has had in a long time. Act like it!

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    My prediction: Bucs win 24-21 on an Aguayo last second field goal ~ , ‘ H ` . “Yeah!”

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