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    Alterraun, sorry to hear about your loss.

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    It’s tough to play in a game like this after losing such a close family member, but often Athletes have their best games right after a tragedy where they are mentally challenged. It takes a lot of courage to concentrate on football after losing a close family relative. Verner knows how big a game this is for Tampa.

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    Prayers to Alterraun and his family.

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    Simon Says

    A good man would want his son to focus more on his passion and what makes him happy rather than spend the time mourning.

    Alteraun’s decision to play is a reflection of that. I don’t know the family, nor do I personally know Alteraun, but based on how much of a professional Alteraun has been, and the fact that he wants to play despite such a great lost speaks not only about Alteraun’s character, but Mr. Robert Lee Verner’s character as well.

    Alteraun won’t just be playing to honor his father, but rather playing to honor his family and it’s legacy. It doesn’t matter if he has a monster game, what matters is that he’s showing the kind of heart and mental toughness that we should all have.

    Good luck to you Alteraun, and dear thoughts to you and yours.

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    Alteraun, if you ever venture out here to read this madenss, let me give you my deepest sympathies.
    Simon, I agree with you 100 percent.
    What you wrote was eloquently stated.

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    Alteraun, Did you father love to watch you throw some smack down on the teams you played against? I’m thinking yes.
    Way to man up and play in such circumstances. Have a great game and make your Old man proud.
    Deepest sympathy to you and yours.

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