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    Alldaway 2.0

    Backup DL and OL was iffy.

    Reedy has the edge from the rest of the WRS at the bottom of the depth chart.

    Winston looks good in an up temp short passing game.

    All RBs impressive upfield running.

    Rickey Bullough stood out along with VH3, McDonald, Spence and K. Alexander.

    Fitz struggled a lot while Griffin with protection was on point.

    Anger MVP for sure.

    Aguayo…just sad.

    Evans had a mixed bag with some good open field tackles but missed a tackle and some assignments.

    Beckwith with two decent tackles going downhill but disappeared for rest of game and his lack of foot speed showed on that screen.

    Austin Johnson vs Alan Cross is a battle that is heating up.

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    Will the Bucs wait for the next Hardknocks to do Aguayo or will they do him on the plane tonight? Lol. Ok. Just kidding, but not the opening premiere that I expected. This is the first preseason game but there is still an awful lot of work to be done. I’m relieved in a way because I’m now going to ignore the hype and set reasonable expectations for my team. Go Bucs!

    1. 2.1


      I know you went with some sarcasm about doing him in on the plane ride home but I’m not sure it is necessary…the sarcasm. After tonight, what could Roberto do in the next three games that would make anyone comfortable with him as the kicker this season? If the team were to release him today, I don’t think anyone could say all he needed was a chance.

      Nick Folk may or may not be the answer himself but he is the leader in the clubhouse and nobody else on the roster is going to make the cut.

      Options are limited right now with many teams holding two kickers at this point. One option that could have at least been in a real competition with Folk, Travis Coons, just signed with the Rams.

      Who knows where to go from there.

      We saw Bullock and Elliot for the Bengals. Bullock is probably the odd man out since Elliot was just drafted in 2017 as a 5th RD pick. In four NFL seasons, Bullock has made 29-39 FG’s from 40-49 yards. Not amazing but Aguayo.

      Former Texas kicker Nick Rose made three FG’s for the 49ers this week. Robbie Gould is surely their kicker so Rose will be available eventually.

      The Browns drafted a Gonzalez and have Cody Parkey so one of them will be available eventually. Parkey is meh but Aguayo.

      The Chargers will probably stick with Lambo meaning their other camp kicker will be available at some point. I’m not sure what the immature among us would do with his name but I can imagine…he is Younghoe Koo. 3rd team All American kicker.

      Patrick Murray is in Saints camp to compete with Lutz. Lutz was pretty good last year so if he lost the competition he’d be a great addition. But that isn’t going to happen because Patrick Murray. So Patrick Murray will be available which is laughable but Aguayo.

      The Panthers drafted Harrison Butker in the 7th round this year to compete with Gano. Gano has been a average kicker for years. Either guy would be a leg up on Aguayo to compete with Folk.

      It looks like Nick Novak may lose the Texans job to former UCLA kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn. Either Novak or the UCLA kicker would be well worth the look. This may be where the Bucs kicker for 2017 currently is plying the trade at this moment.

      Maybe people misunderstood Riley Bullough. When he makes a tackle he may be saying Folk you.

    2. 2.2


      Mac as long as we’ve been doing this as fans shouldn’t we all be ignoring the hype in the offseason?

  3. 3


    A lot of rust all the way around except Anger. That guy is amazing.

    Jameis looked good, more patient, a little more accurate [not the high throws]

    D line was out of position all night – hoping its more scheme than being dominated.

    WR’s and RB’s all looked good. Even Charles Simms.

    Not sure what we can say about Arguyo… you want to pull for the guy but he’s got to come through and he’s just not.

    Impressed with Beckwith and Bullough. That Beckwith is even on the field after ACL surgery in late Nov 2016 is incredible. He looked a half step slow at times but I’ll give him a few months to get his wheels back. And Bullough seemed to get guys in the right place.

    Fitzpatrick looked awful. Wanted him to be the vet on the bench to help Jameis, but god forbid we actually need him to play.

    And Ryan Smith looked flat out fast.

  4. 4

    McKay's Ghost

    Tonight’s game…Bucs are who we thought they were. Potentially decent! But for those people thinking moving Marpet to center and getting Sweezy back would mean 7 yard runs every time, not so fast. That said, I think the O-Line is good enough and the schemes were very vanilla. Standard Jameis comfort level – Evans and Brate. Will take some time to work the other guys in.
    Defensive line, based on just playing and not game planning, did not physically dominate anyone. They may be good or even decent, but no one was blown away by a pass rush or run stoppage, so…. we can hope the scheme and smarts take over and they know what they are doing, but the DL was not impressive.

    Fun to watch all the second and third teamers making plays or trying to.

    Overall would have liked to see a better running game, and a better defensive effort in the first half. Otherwise, good we got through without a ton of injuries, that is key!!!

    I am sorry, but Roberto Aguayo is not the kicker. JASON, please please realize we all make mistakes and need to acknowledge and move on. Trying to draw this out ends up being about your ego. You are a very good GM, you reached hoping to get cute and get the next Vinateri or Sea-Bass or Morton A. that played for 20 years. It just is not happening. It is too much for him, he can’t handle pressure. His golf analogies are ridiculous, mentally unfit. Cut bait and move on and save face. It’s OK. He chokes under pressure, please cut him and wish him luck. Maybe he will figure it out later. Not the Bucs problem. It is bullshit. Missing preseason extra points. NO, sorry, just NO.

    Jameis and Dirk were both low energy afterwards, I liked that – they were depressed the season is 4 weeks away You can tell they just want to move to the games and not get injured,and that their mind was spinning with areas of improvement and being pre-occupied with getting back to work. love it.
    Go Bucs.

    surprising disappointments:
    Where was Godwin?
    Justin Evans got burned and missed tackles.
    Chris Baker
    Jeremy McWho
    Wanted to see Auclair
    Poor Ryan Griffin

    Jameis moved the ball
    Running back depth
    Plenty of Receivers
    No major injuries
    Return game.

    Plenty to work on.

    1. 4.1


      You might want to let Marpet play a game at center before you declare the change ineffective. You seem to be unaware that he didn’t play against the Bengals.

  5. 5


    Overall I thought the staters looked pretty good on offense. On defense, they looked as I expected also since they are not practicing live tackling in camp in order to prevent injuries. The result is what I expected, a healthy team that gets pushed around in the run game. We’ll see if the starters get enough practice tackling solely in the preseason games to be ready for Ajayi.

  6. 6


    Freddy Martino needs a seat next to Berto for the next round of cuts. Lost count on the number of drops he had with at least one killing a drive. It was head scratching watching him drop passes while Godwin only got one target. If who stays as receiver is based on kick off return ability the team is making a big mistake. If I were H.C. I’d order all my Returners to never take it out of the end zone, more bad can happen then good. Example, the opening kick off! Return to the 12, penalty, start your first drive at the 6. I’ll take the ball at the 25 all day thank you. Any return past the 25 is like hitting the lottery, a T.D. has the same odds as hitting the powerball for 300 million. Joe Dirt should be the back up MIKE, Beckwith might have more thump, but it is obvious he doesn’t have the speed. Both back up lines were shaky, I hope we can find some better options for back up O.T.’s before the season starts.

  7. 7

    Randy H.

    Aguayo just cut, ’nuff said.

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