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Future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson has become the first veteran this offseason to announce their desire to play with Tom Brady and the Bucs in 2021. Speaking to TMZ.com, Peterson said the idea of playing with Tom Brady is “enticing”, as he looks to play in the first Super Bowl of his storied 14-year career.

“That would definitely be something I’m interested in,” Peterson said. “If they want me to be a part of it, I’ll be a part of it for sure. Because I’m definitely trying to add a trophy to my resume.”

The NFL’s fifth all-time leading rusher, Peterson spent the first ten years of his career in Minnesota, but has bounced around to four other teams over the past four seasons, spending the 2020 campaign in Detroit. Peterson did play for Bruce Arians for a stint in 2017 after the Cardinals traded a sixth round pick to acquire the running back from the Saints. He only played six games before landing on injured reserve, but rushed for 448 yards and two touchdowns on 129 carries during that time, while catching nine passes for 66 yards.

It remains unlikely the Bucs would have interest this time around however, as Peterson has been available several times over the past four seasons and GM Jason Licht has never shown any interest. Although he remains in impeccable shape, Peterson will be 36 at the end of March, and doesn’t really fulfill the pass-catching, pass-blocking role the Bucs will be looking for in a running back this offseason

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9 months ago

I hope the team tells this washed up child abuser to take a hike! We don’t need another worthless body in our RB room!

9 months ago

I get why this is a story, but unless he’d be willing to play for the veteran minimum (and maybe not even then), then this is a hard pass for me. He’d be pretty strictly a backup, not seeing any snaps unless somebody else got hurt. Really, we should probably save that role for someone making even less than AP’s vet minimum, which based on 2020 would be $1.05M.

Last edited 9 months ago by toofamiliar17
9 months ago

No thanks, about 8 years too late

9 months ago

No thank u!

9 months ago

I would pass.

9 months ago

I’m more positive on it than most. We could use him as a bruiser in the Peyton Barber mold. That being said, we don’t seem that interested so this seems more like an interesting “what if” rather than a real chance for now.

Reply to  TBAtlas
9 months ago

I’m a little more interested than most as well. He’s still a productive RB avg over 4yds/carry and 8-10yds/rcpt, even as an older back and had over 1Kyds rushing just 2 yrs ago. It’d need to be a vet minimum deal, but could see him being in a similar role to Lenny. Not my first choice, but possibly still a viable one. Can/will he block though is prob the biggest question?

Reply to  FLBoy84
9 months ago

Well, he never really has. Going into his 15h season, I’d say it’s a safe bet that that isn’t going to change now.

9 months ago

Yeah he was always an interesting RB option but could never seem to stay healthy and more of an old school style straight up RB. Just read the Felony Child Abuse charges from 2014 and they are tough to read man. God help those kids breaking the cycle that Peterson himself probably dealt with as a child himself (that’s usually how the punishment cycle runs). I’d rather go with Jones, Vaughn, and White or Drafting a pass catcher. I still think Vaughn could be a good option with an off-season. He had drops and turnovers but I saw him make… Read more »

9 months ago

Pass he’s too old now. Lot guys will be wanting to come here as we have great chance to repeat. We can find another RB option that’s younger and cheaper I’m sure.

Lord Nemesis
Lord Nemesis(@lord-nemesis)
9 months ago

lol man hell no. If we add a vet back it should be a pass catching one like Brady likes.

9 months ago

hard pass at this time…maybe 5 years ago

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg