Much has been made about the divorce between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, despite both sides refusing to say anything except how thankful they are for each other. Most of the smoke has come from national media pundits simply looking to stir the pot, but recently Bucs head coach Bruce Arians decided to dump gasoline on the fire just when it seemed it was going out.

“Tom is playing for his teammates right now,” Arians told Sports Illustrated. “He wants those guys to experience what he’s experienced six times. I think personally, too, he’s making a statement. You know? It wasn’t all coach [Bill] Belichick.”

That’s not the first time Arians has referenced the Patriots and Belichick in a somewhat disparaging way. After the Bucs beat the Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs, Arians highlighted one of the key differences between he and Belichick’s style of coaching.

“New England didn’t allow him to coach,” Arians said. “I allow him to coach. I just sit back sometimes and watch.”

Arians is known for speaking his mind to the media, and I enjoy that side of him. But I highly doubt that Belichick didn’t let Brady do any “coaching” while the quarterback was in New England for 20 years, although it may pale in comparison to the amount of communication Arians encourages Brady to have with his teammates.
To his credit, Brady has continually shot down any suggestion of a rift between he and his former head coach, saying he has “never once in my life” thought about proving he could win without Belichick. That hasn’t stopped the speculation however, and Arians comments will likely only fuel the debate further.

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About the Author: Jon Ledyard

Jon Ledyard is's newest Bucs beat writer and has experience covering the Pittsburgh Steelers as a beat writer and analyzing the NFL Draft for several draft websites, including The Draft Network. Follow Ledyard on Twitter at @LedyardNFLDraft
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5 months ago

Frankly unnecessary comments by BA, which managed at the same time to be both disparaging towards Belichick and in doing so put words into TB12’s mouth, that the far more diplomatic Brady himself has been very careful to distance himself from.

Last edited 5 months ago by compewterpirate
5 months ago

Before y’all get all critical, look what he actually said “That is wasn’t all Belichick”

He didn’t say “To prove he is the reason they won all the championships” it’s just that it wasn’t ALL Belichick. I think even Belichick would admit it wasn’t ALL him and that it was a team effort. So in reality he didn’t actually say anything new, it wasn’t ALL Belichick, it was at least both of them.

The Wall
Reply to  Spitfire
5 months ago

So why repeat the obvious? Everybody on earth knows “it wasn’t all Belechick”

5 months ago

His statement IS true. But, I do find it unnecessary and useless to bring up after having just won the SuperBowl. We all know that having Brady out there under Center is like having a Coach on the field. One would be silly not to tap into that wealth of knowledge that Brady has!

The Wall
5 months ago

Nobody ever said it was all Coach Belechick. Let’s face it, Belechick is a great coach and Brady is the greatest of all time. “They” don’t need to say anything about it. If it wasn’t a collaborative effort, it wouldn’t have worked all those years. Putting it another way, the Brady/Belechick player/coach tandem is the best of all time. Let it go BA.

5 months ago

Oh no, is someone going to be offended? From a coach’s perspective, B.A. is simply giving some props to the player he knows deserves much of credit for the Patriots’ and now Bucs’ success. If it throws a little shade on BB in the process it was probably just a bit intentional. Always liked Buddy Ryan’s fat son Rex’s remark about “not joining the Jets to kiss BB’s ring”. Then again, that’s the closest Rex got to one. These guys are all human and have personalities and emotions. I don’t want anyone giving me some BS that they don’t actually… Read more »