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    As bad as the Saints defense is, I think the Bucs will be OK. Jameis immediately started to get the ball to other players like Martino. I didn’t even know who Martino was until yesterday. Getting non high profile players to perform is what separates the greats like Brady from the rest. Yesterday was a perfect example of Jameis doing just that. I think he continues that against the Saints.

    As for Shorts, ouch! That must of hurt like hell and probably ended his career.

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    I feel so bad for Shorts, he tore every single ligament in his knee wow! I honestly believe low hits to the knees are just as bad as head shots. Get well soon Cecil. I want to see Josh Huff get a chance to play we need more speed on offense and he has that. And I hope Dye doesn’t get called up, I think we all remember the last time the Bucs played the Saints at home what Dye did!

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    I can’t remember a Bucs team so decimated with injuries. Thankfully they got through the RB injuries. Shorts was starting to make some great catches for us.

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    Roddy White. Veteran. Knows the system. Available. ALSO>>> knows how to get open against the Saints and Panthers secondaries.

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    Jameis’ words of encouragement have to give the youngsters confidence. I thought I heard something about Gholston being hurt. I suspect Shorts will be put on IR to make room for Charles Sims who can double as a receiver.

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    Amazing how the offense didn’t lose a beat without Stocker in there way to pick up the slack Bucs ha

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