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    Some contributing fans have posted comments elsewhere on PR praising Licht for admitting his mistakes publicly and then making changes to fix the problems he would be responsible for.

    Likewise, I wish to commend Koetter for addressing his mistakes publicly. He has said by his actions as well by his words that he still learning how to be an NFL head coach. His mind is not closed. He shows his convictions but, retains some flexibility. Good stuff for a man in his position.

    My respect and confidence in him is growing.

    Go Bucs!!!

    P.S. I realize that I my remarks are bit off the main topic. :>)
    Go Bucs!!!!

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      I have always respected a man that admits his mistakes and tries to correct them. That is Licht and Koetter in a nutshell.
      GO BUCS

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    I for one will be glad to see Simms suit up.
    We need him to play Wide out. Not joking here.
    Would not surprised if Hargraves played wide out. Not joking there either. He plays every where else.

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    As long as Koetter just uses Sims o catch passes out of the backfield that’s fine but he has shown this season he lacks the mental toughness and the physicality to hit the hole with a hostile intent.
    Instead have seen way to many shake and bake and juke moves when he is behind the line of scrimmage.
    A little of that is fine when you break into the open, but behind the LOS it’s a waste of time.
    It’s one cut and go in the NFL.

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    With wide receivers and tight ends being in short supply, a quality receiving back is a welcome addition. Having Sims in the backfield on first down it gives our offense a little less predictability, especially if he is paired with Doug Martin who is a very good pass blocker.

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    Perfect time for Simms to return and we can use all the pass catchers we can get. Hopefully we can find some creative ways to use him at WR to add some explosion to the receiving core and help take some attention off Evans.

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    I agree dr. D Sims has been juking and dancing too much. Although I don’t agree and I would not say he lacks mental toughness though. Your assuming to know what he thinks? His running style just isn’t straight ahead that’s it.

    We really need him back in here he receiving game.

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    I think Rodgers has earned the right to back up Martin. He should be the first back of bench to give Martin a blow! Am I the only one that thinks that Martin should embrace the “Muscle Hamster” monicker! That’s marketing gold. I can just see all the young fans wanted a “Muscle Hamster” stuffy. Sort like “Mighty Mouse” from back in the day. Wow I’m showing my age now aren’t I? we r getting healthy at the right time! If we can pressure Brees for a Buccaneer victory, I believe it sets up an epic game with the Cowboys on national T.V. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to u all! Peace. Out!

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