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    Great Win Sunday, as someone said, not very pretty but the defense made big plays when they had to (hats off to Tandy who could have picked potentially 2 more from breese yesterday) and this is one of those games in the past that we would have let slip away which we did not. I think we have a good shot at beating Dallas next Sunday night as well. Even if we did lose another game (not saying we will or that I want us to for that matter) but take a look at the Lions and Giants final 3 games…..not very easy. In fact, Detroit IMO could lose their last 3 games. I think the Skins and Lions lose this upcoming weekend. Only team that I feel based on schedule and the way they are playing that worries me about moving up into the playoff seeding is Green Bay. But here is my bold prediction for everyone…..Detroit loses all 3 of their final games and not only drops out of their division lead but the wild card as well, Pack wins their last 3 and wins the north. We get in at the least with a 10-6 record. Personally, I think we’ll play New Orleans better in New Orleans and find a way to beat Carolina at home. But, one at a time Bucs, let’s focus on beating a team that I love to hate, the Cowboys and let’s do it in their building in primetime!

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    If the Bucs stop Elliot, or even slow him down, they will probably win. Which I think they will do just that. They have to make Dak beat them, and I don’t see that happening. I have never been a big fan of Dez Bryant, and I think he is a bit overrated. He’s good, but he definitely not the next coming of Michael Irvin like many think he is. Their defense is nothing to brag about either. So we just have to make sure we don’t beat ourselves. Go Bucs!

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