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    Finally. Bucs’ fans deserve some success after a lot of suffering. Hope the Bucs can keep it up.

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    Has any team ever started 0-4 at Home and then made the playoffs?

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    People rag on Tandy but he’s a ball hawk and gets turnovers. I said that before he started last week.

    I knew Bucs wouldn’t score many points today but figured we would win close one.

    Any win is a good win.

    O line stunk. Donavan smith had 3 penalties. He was horrible.

    Just so glad we pulled it out.

    Go Bucs!

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      No, Donovan Smith didn’t stink. One of the three penalties was a totally bullshit call by the ref. Smith was getting his facemask vigorously yanked on by the Saints defender, he natural reacted by pushing back, and he got called unbelievably for “unnecessary roughness”. He was just defending himself.

      It’s wrong to single out Smith. The entire offense was off, likely because the Saints defense had one of their best games this season. The passing, the running were both off. Jameis was sacked only twice though – which is about the league average. The playcalling was pretty conservative, in my opinion, because I believe Coach Koetter has come to rely very heavily on our great defense to bail us out. I think that mentality should be reconsidered a bit .. sooner or later the defense is going to have an off game and the offense better be able to step up. We don’t want a weak offense to become a habit for the Bucs.

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    Amazing team win. Go Bucs!

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    David DeLeon

    I was nervous all game, the stream was trash most of the game but the defense stepped it up. We used to be the ones who list all these game we have been winning.

    The way we are playing we have a chance against any team on Sunday and even Saturday soon!

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    Now it’s on to America’s Team and our chance to shock the NFL! So happy about the 5 straight wins. Looks like oue Offense misses Humpries, Stocker, Dotson afterall. Huge risk today to only have 7 OL Active today; Benenoch and Evans were the non starters. Go Bucs and find a way to win the next one. Now I will have to keep wearing the same Buc shirt I have for the last five games; that’s 5 gamedays, all day! Whew! I’m going to have to hang it our in the garage now!

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      You must stink by now.
      “Smells like victory”

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    Brian Anger
    Josh Robinson
    Ryan Smith
    Alan Cross
    These four guys should have statues made of them for the greatest punt in the history of football.
    Ryan Smith looked like Mikal Barishnakov.
    Absolutely gorgeous play, BRAVO.
    ROBERTO Ole’.

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      Randy H.

      Still not sure exactly how they did that. They didn’t show the replay in the stadium.

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    Man, what an ugly win. But, it’s a WIN! The team expects to win every week. The defense won the game. They were sensational. Especially the secondary. They were ball hawks and flying around. How about Berto? Kid rebounded nicely this week. We lose without him. Jameis was just a bit off today and it exposed how fragile we are on offense if he’s not basically perfect. The OL has really regressed the last two weeks. Can’t run block. Can’t hold up on pass pro, so our WR can run their routes. Penalties. QB hits. They gotta get it together before we play Dallas. Still, team found a way to win. What a great run this is. Gonna enjoy our boys being relevant in December.

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      “Ugly” is in the eye of the beholder. I think not in this case. Nothing ugly about the defense playing absolutely fantastic football. Both defenses played very well so both offenses were not dominant.

      Our offense, despite not being productive after the first quarter, didn’t play ugly. No turnovers, first of all, defines “beauty” for an offense. We also didn’t commit many penalties – only 7 for the game for 65 yards, and one of those for 15 yards was the bullshit penalty against Donovan Smith reacting to the gross yanking on his face mask by the defensive player, but of course the refs only saw Smith’s natural reaction.

      The biggest “ugly” factor of the game was that one three play series starting with Huff’s muff of the kickoff, followed by the safety, followed by Anger’s one bad punt of the game. Cost us 5 points. Put in perspective, it could have been much worse.

      1. 8.1.1


        I mostly agree with your takes about the Bucs, but like you said, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I’d rather our offense have 350+ yards of offense, 3 TD’s even if that meant a turnover. (In a win obviously) The offense was stuck in the mud yesterday. It simply can’t continue over the last 3 games. I put the blame equally on Dirk, Jameis, WR, & OL for yesterday’s performance.

        You’re right, the defense play beautifully. They have been lights out over the last 5 games. and 3 of those games were against explosive offenses. I’m very excited about their play. We can beat Dallas, but the offense playing better would greatly help that cause.

      2. 8.1.2

        Randy H.

        I am wondering if Anger knew that a free kick is treated as a KO and not a punt? I know a punter, especially under no pressure, wouldn’t deliberately punt the ball out of bounds.



          I did not know it, I’ve been a fan for 50 years.
          Here is a good one
          The Jags got called with a delay of game on a kick off!!!! WTF
          Did not know you could even do that.

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    Like candy, Tandy is dandy! Me and Willie Wonka agree – The Tandy man can ! lol.

    Go Bucs!

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    Congratulation Bucs. It was a great win. I thought our offensive line got exposed. The Saints pressured Winston way too often and the running game was stuffed too many times. If we are going to move up to one of the elite teams we need 3 better offensive linemen than we have today. Move Smith to right tackle or guard, keep Ali Marpet, sign or draft a left tackle, center and whichever position Smith does not play.

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    Not true fredster, I along with many others called fir thr Bucs to resign Tandy this year. Also, Smith was called for motion twice, but he wasn’t the revolving door that Phampille was, THE O line really misses Logan Mankins.

    1. 11.1


      Good observation Dr. D. Problem was in the middle not the edge. Perceptions are not reality.

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    A win is a win as they say and that’s what’s important. Starting with the good, we moved the ball just enough o eat up a good chunk of clock in the first half. The defense was once again playing out of it’s mind. This is quite an incredible run and I don’t think I’ve quite seen any kind of turnaround like we are seeing right now. They are averaging 2.8 turnovers forced a game the last 8 weeks and giving up 12. 5 points a game. That’s absurd! Kieth Tandy has been making plays for years and I’ve never understood why he never got his chance. Now he deserves to continue to get playing time. Two game clinchers in a row and he read that last one like a book. The linebackers played great on coverage for most of the day as well.
    Our special teams was just that today and Anger has just been outstanding. Those two punts, and the coverages that ensued , were perfection. Ryan smith planking to toss that ball back was a game changer. Little things like that , that our players are now doing is what wins games. And Roberto did his part as well, so we don’t have to worry about people wanting to cut him for a week.
    Now for the bad, this teams lack of play makers and injured on offense is starting to rear it’s ugly head a bit.Even when Jameis had time, which wasn’t often. Guys weren’t getting open. I’m hoping with more time Mr Huff can get acquainted.
    Our offensive line was horrible outside of Marpet today. Cherilus got blown up every other play and is a complete liability. Mr. Smith is still Jeckel and hide and was costly with those penalties today. There wasn’t much running room and when there was, Doug just couldn’t get much going. His effort got that TD thought and that was big. Jameis was a little off on a few throws today but lack of weapons are catching up in the offense.
    A win is a win I say again and I’ll gladly take it. This defense is playing out of it’s mind right now and that is a championship caliber defense right there. It’s all about putting more points on the board now. Go Bucs!

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      And one more thing I forgot to mention. I would LOVE to see Coach call a few more play action passes on first down. My goodness we probably run it up the gut on first down 90% of the time. By the time it gets to third down, it’s third and long. And he tends to get a little conservative when he gets up. Sometimes you need to go for the throat. I think he realizes that himself as he stated something the likes on the post game interview.

    2. 12.2


      I completely disagree with you on the O-line and on Cherilus playing badly. I don’t know what game you watched – if you watched in the stadium maybe you didn’t see the quality of replays Fox had on TV, but the Bucs O-line played reasonably well. The entire offense was not very effective after the first quarter – from quarterback to running backs to receivers – but that was because the Saints defense was also playing lights out, nearly as well as the Bucs except for the take-aways, which was the principle difference for the Bucs D last night. The O-line gave up only 2 sacks – which is the league average per game – and the running game, while not great, still produced over 100 yards, near the league average, while the passing game only produced 185 yards, which is very low compared to both the league average and Winston’s average production.

      1. 12.2.1


        Watched the same game as you as cherilus was thrown in his back side about 4 times that I can yink if off the top of my head. The only reason they only had two sack is jameis’ ability to scramble. The offensive line played horrible today, not sure what game you were watching, but when your rb gets hit in the backfield every single run, that’s not good offensive line play. Not to mention jameis having to run around like a maniac making plays.

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    This was a good win. Not as dominant as the previous ones, but a good win nonetheless. Our defense has become outstanding, but I still would like to see the Bucs score more points. However, they are still improving in other areas, including reducing penalties and creating turnovers and the best possible time. Looking forward to playing those Cowboys!

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    Teams are still focusing on stopping the run and seemingly giving Jameis the opportunity to throw with only one safety deep. For some reason Dirk is playing it a bit close to the vest. I presume because the Defense and Special Teams are playing so well. Dungyball has returned. The Saints were only in the game because of Huff thinking he had to field the kick-off and let it hit him in the face. Very poor decision for a player I suspect was hoping to make an impression on his new team. The result was 5 points for the Saints (aided by the kick going out of bounds for a costly penalty) on a day when Brees had difficulty but for one big pass play.

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      Yup – Dirk was clearly calling a conservative game yesterday. I think perhaps his thinking might be along the lines of, “My defense is playing lights out .,.. the only way we’re going to get beat is for the offense to beat ourselves by giving it away.”

      If that was Dirk’s thinking, it certainly worked out that way last night.

      It’ll be interesting to see whether he lets Jameis and the offense air it out next week in Dallas. Maybe he’s saving his best, most aggressive offense for the best team in the NFL late in the season.

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    A couple of commenters have mentioned him in this thread, along with others … but we need to applaud Roberto Aguayo. After all, he scored 10 of our 16 points last night.

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    Great job by the special teams unit and the defense yesterday, even Roberto. That said the offense was awful and the play calling did not help them out. It’s time we added a few rub routes and different types of screens to get the ball moving when we are struggling. Sims brought a dimension this offense has been missing but they need to expand his route tree and not take that explosiveness off the field. Very happy we got the win but would like us to put the game away when we have a chance instead of letting teams hang around, they wont always drop TD passes. Good win now lets go beat a very beatable Cowboys team in the national spotlight.

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    And Elliott made some really good plays yesterday, especially on one screen play that I remember could have gone for more yards have he not knifed in there and made a big tackle.

    1. 17.1


      He has been a hard worker since his days as a noles walk on. Jude can stay on the bench after his suspension as far as I’m concerned.

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    Two false starts on the same drive at home and he played great? Whatever Naples. You can say the other call was Bs too but it was a penalty nonetheless and three right in a row.

    The whole O line needs to play better we can’t count on defense every week. 66 yards from Martin and Winston not having a chance a lot was not good showing by the O line.

    1. 18.1


      Agreed Fredster, out o line was terrible today, no way around it. Can’t believe I’m saying this but hurry up and get back Dotson.

  19. 19


    Dr d what not true? I didn’t say everyone or you specifically about Tandy. It is true majority of posters here didn’t say good things about him or Conte for that matter.

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    Like I said in this Article before, Humphries, Stocker, Dotson were missed. We get blown up in the middle of the OL and it starts with Hawley. Mankins helped Hawley and Smith last year. We need a bigger Center. Yep, I’m on my Gottschalk thread again for next season. Also need to draft another TE, WR, and a lot of BPA’s

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