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    Excellent article! I knew Monken would emphasize route running (and catching the ball as well for Evans) and improve our WR production this year. I have liked Brate’s intelligence, hands, and work ethic for ever since he began being targeted by Winston. Last week was a great Home Win with great defense and excellent passing. It will be a real challenge away in Arrowhead with an excellent team and jet lag for us, but with supreme effort we can still win. Go Bucs!

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    Not much speed but has knack for getting open and runs good routes. Glad he stepped up when ASJ flamed out.

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    He’s a big reason we could cut Brate with ASJ. Little pun there, bait, Brate. Seriously, Jameis loved his T.E. in college, and it’s great to watch the chemistry between these two grow. One thing is for sure, don’t need to find a pass catching T.E. high in the draft. It would be a luxury if a guy like Martino could come on strong the rest of this year. With Jameis leading the way, and these young Bucs putting in the work, future is looking bright.

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    It’s nice to see a young player, who probably never had much quality coaching, develop into a starter.

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    The fierce critics of Jason Licht want to dis him for lack of success – which Scott and others like me have debunked thoroughly enough in other posts and threads here – but don’t want to talk about Licht’s success with undrafted free agents. Every single UDFA who succeeds like Brate, Adjei-Barimah, Martino, Barber, Jacquies Smith, and Shephard is a humongous bargain, and must not be discounted. I read somewhere (can’t remember where now) that the Bucs have more UDFAs on their roster than any other team in the league. Some would say that’s a bug, but I would say it’s a feature.

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