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    It was great to have the Dougernaught back on the field! Although it was “just the Bears” there was an aura around the team that had been seriously lacking. The confidence exuded through the teams aggressive play on both sides of the ball. I can’t remember the last time I saw our defense jumping routes and getting after the opposing QB like we did on Sunday. It was a sight to behold and I hope to see more in KC.

    As for Martin himself, I wasn’t expecting a 100-yard game. Building his confidence and comfort level was the key as it should have been. I hope to see a larger workload from him this coming Sunday, but Peyton Barber is a very viable option when easing Martin back into a full workload. The main concern is getting him working with as little risk of re-injury as possible. Simply having Martin on the field seemed to have played a huge factor in the game. I can only imagine what our offense will do when he’s back to Pro Bowl form. Go Bucs, Fire the Cannons, Siege the Day, and all that other good stuff Dougernaught!

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    I’ve been happy with the play of Barber, silver lining, he ‘s gotten valuable game reps. Would love to see Cross get some reps as lead blocker. Why carry a true fullback on the roster, only to have Stocker lead block, and McCoy lead blocking on goal line? McCoy gets enough snaps on defense, let’s keep him fresh. Having a fullback in instead of a T.E., and D.T., also opens the playbook up. On goal line, Cross would give you the option of the fullback dive, you wouldn’t try that with McCoy in. Fullbacks like Cross have a lower center of gravity. They are more likely to get under the pads of tackles, and linebackers. When a tall lead blocker gets stood up, the run is over. The one time Cross was in he cut a safety in two as Jameis threw a T.D., I want to see if he can do that lead blocking.

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