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Here are some of the best Bucs quotes following their the team’s training camp practice on Friday, July 30 at the AdventHealth Training Center.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on his overall impression of Friday’s practice

“Really not pleased. I thought we were really, really sluggish. We talked about it before we left and took the day off. We came out and I don’t know if our receivers caught a pass. Same thing defensively. We didn’t stop anything over third-and-9. It was just a horseshit practice. Hopefully we’ll get better in pads tomorrow.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on Antonio Brown’s TD on a double move

“That’s like stealing. Double move. He’s come along ways. He’s getting in shape.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on how even the competition between offense and defense this year as compared to last summer

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“It’s night and day. Last year our defense knew what they were doing, offense had no clue. So, it’s a real good competition. Both sides are winning. Like I said, you don’t want one side winning all the time, but they’re competing against each other. We’ve just got to execute way better, both sides of the ball.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on when S Jordan Whitehead will return to practice

“As soon as he passes protocol. His EKG looked like it was good, so we’ll wait and see.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on the return of TE O.J. Howard to practice

“He looks good. He’s ready to roll.”

Bucs QB Tom Brady on showing more of his personality lately – if it’s a product of getting older, changing environments or wanting to connect more with fans

“I think all of the above. It’s nice. I’ve found my voice more. I really enjoy being around my teammates, my coaches – it’s been a different environment. Just really enjoying the experience of playing football, playing with this group of guys. You guys are catching me on a bad day. We had a really shitty practice. I’m not really feeling great about how we did today. It is what it is.”

Bucs QB Tom Brady on what he thought contributed most to a rough day of practice

“Communication, execution, missing throws, missing reads. Overall just a poor day.”

Bucs QB Tom Brady on how practice went today

“Yeah, well it wasn’t our best day – we’ve got to watch the film and correct it and I think that the important part is – we realized we’re starting at the bottom with everybody else, and we’ve got to climb our way up. We’re going to have our challenges, some mentally different challenges this season than last year and we’ve got to put the work in. It’s training camp, it’s a grind. We’ve got to grind through it. We’re going to have bad days, we’re going to have good days. We have to come out tomorrow with more urgency and get the job done.”

Bucs QB Tom Brady on what he has seen from the newcomers on offense, such as RB Giovani Bernard and WR Jaelon Darden

“They’re doing a good job. A lot of effort, energy. They’re really working hard to get things right. Just excited about being with them, they’re two dynamic guys. They’re not the tallest guys, but quick, agile, athletic, really fun to see. They’re making a lot of plays out there making guys miss. Coach [Arians] said a good thing today, soccer practice is over today – which really means we haven’t played any football. There’s no pads, no tackling, no run force, not run fits, no breaking tackles, no play action response. Things will change quite a bit tomorrow.”

Bucs QB Tom Brady on not having to worry about his knee as much going into this season

“It’s exciting for me. I mean it was just a lot of maintenance last year, Alex [Guerrero] and I would spend time day after day. I just [say], ‘Hey, let’s tape it’ and take the tape off, pregame, pre-practice taping it at 7 a.m., leaving the tape on at night and just trying to stabilize it as best I could. You know, I’ve had a lot of injuries and football is just what it is. I think you manage them over the course of a year and I kind of knew what I was dealing with – it was kind of what I was dealing with, and this year it’s nice not to have to deal with any of that – just show up and try to get my workouts in. I feel like we’re really in a ramping up stage of training camp too. We’re definitely not where we need to be, we’ve got a long ways to go before we’re at where ultimately we want to be. It’s an exciting process but we’re definitely grinding our way through it.”

Bucs RB Giovani Bernard on how familiar he is getting with the Buccaneers offense

Bucs RB Giovani Bernard

Bucs RB Giovani Bernard – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“I think coming in and learning a completely new offense is always tough for any NFL player. There is a little bit of an adjustment period. That’s why I was here during OTAs. Even though I’m an eight-year guy, I wanted to make sure I was here just so I can pick up on that kind of stuff. During mini-camp, I made sure I was here and even now I continue to learn every single day by asking questions, asking the players what they see, how they see it and how things develop. I learned the process through repetition, understanding it and being accountable. At the end of the day, I don’t want to mess up and cause something to happen in a play. I want to be on top of my Ps and Qs and help out this team.”

Bucs RB Giovani Bernard on his observation of working with QB Tom Brady and the offense

“I think the biggest thing is being detailed. He has a certain way that he wants it to be done and do it that way. It’s as simple as that. At the end of the day, there’s really nothing to it, it’s just, ‘Hey, get over it.’ At the end of the day, there’s no, ‘Hey, go do this, do this, do that.’ It’s just, ‘Hey, I want you to be that guy in front of you,’ and I think that’s what football’s all about. You want to beat the guy across the ball from you. He’s hardworking and been doing this for years and years and if there’s anybody to look up to or anybody to take after on how to prepare for the game – it’s him.”

Bucs WR Scotty Miller on how he feels five days into training camp

“I think it’s been a good start for us. So far, I think camp has been good. We’ve been competing. I think we all realized it’s a new year. We can’t rely on what we did last year because that means nothing at this point. We just come out and try to compete at a high level every single day.”

Bucs WR Scotty Miller on what moments like the NFC Championship meant to him after not getting much pre-draft attention

“Those moments were huge for me. They were moments that I dreamed about as a kid. So, to finally go out and make those plays on the national stage, the biggest stage in the world – it means a lot to me. A lot of guys get to play big games in college, I really didn’t. My championship game was probably my biggest game and hardly anybody was watching it. Making those plays gave me a lot of confidence out here and to just believe in myself and know I can play out on any field with anybody. I believe in myself, and I believe in my abilities every single day.”

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1 month ago

i bet they bounce back tomorrow.. Bring on the pads!!

1 month ago

“That’s like stealing!” I love it! AB will go off this year. With all the commentary on Evans and Godwin… and rightfully so, I think AB is gonna have an excellent stat sheet this season. And with OJ on the mend and beginning to ball again, who ya gonna cover? Wow! Just outstanding. I’ve waited many years to see such talent on our beloved Bucs again. David and White, sideline to sideline all game long baby!

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg