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Bucs quarterback Tom Brady spoke in person in front of the media at the Advent Health Training Center for the first time since joining the team a year ago. The timing wasn’t great, however, as Brady and the Bucs had a poor practice on Friday in which they were lambasted by Bruce Arians following the training camp session.

With frustration of a bad practice still on mind, Brady, who threw an ill-advised interception to safety Mike Edwards, explained that although it’s a similar roster, the challenges Tampa Bay will face this year are completely new. The Bucs are starting on the same level as everyone else and have to work their way up.

Here is a full transcript from Brady’s press conference following Friday’s training camp practice.

On Bruce Arians not being pleased with practice, and how he felt about it
“It wasn’t our best day. We’ve got to watch the film and correct it. The important part is that we realize we’re starting at the bottom just like everybody else. We got to climb our way up, we’re going to have our challenges. It’s entirely different challenges this season than it was last year and we got to put the work in. It’s training camp, it’s a grind. We’ve got to grind through it. We’re going to have bad days, we’re gong to have good days. We’ve got to come out tomorrow with more urgency and get the job done.”

On how his knee is feeling
“Good, really good. Thank you.”

On not wearing a knee brace anymore
“I don’t need it. It’s been 14 years since I’ve worn it, so, it feels good.”

On the attitude so far of the team

Bucs QB Tom Brady

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“The attitude, it is what it is. Football season is a grind. It’s training camp. I don’t think there’s anything easy about it. I’ve got to come and show up to work every day, try to go out there and get our job done. Today wasn’t our best day, so I guess I’m a little frustrated from that.”

On what he’s telling teammates about moving on from last year
“There’s nothing about last year, that’s in the past. We have a new experience this year, so we’ve got to be able to create our own future. That’s really about attitude, effort, preparation. Nothing about last year is going to carry over into this year. Maybe some communication stuff might help, but it’s an entirely new challenge.”

On how different training camp is this season for most of his teammates who played in the postseason for the first time
“Last training camp was just different for a lot of reasons. Again, I think it’s just more about this year and taking it day to day. Today was not our best day of practice. We’ve all got to get on the same page and do a better job.”

On if Brady expects to play in any of the preseason games
“I’m sure BA will have a plan for us. We haven’t talked about playing time or anything. I think it’s just day-to-day and think about what we got to do tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of time between now and the first game. I always like playing as much as I can so I’ll try to practice better tomorrow and see if we put together a good day.”

On how different it was to have an offseason with having a knee operation and recovery
“I mean it feels good now. It wasn’t my favorite offseason of all time. I haven’t had surgery in a long time so you kind of forget the rehab process and so forth. It’s kind of a long, arduous offseason when you go through rehab like that. I got a lot of time with my family and stuff. That was really enjoyable, but I have to be back at work. Just got to get out and try to be better tomorrow.”

On showing more of his personality come out lately – if it’s a product of getting older, changing environments or wanting to connect more with fans
“I think all of the above. It’s nice. I’ve found my voice more. I really enjoy being around my teammates, my coaches – it’s been a different environment. Just really enjoying the experience of playing football, playing with this group of guys. You guys are catching me on a bad day. We had a really shitty practice. I’m not really feeling great about how we did today. It is what it is.”

On having all the time to rehab and not having to worry about that in the season – how that’ll help him this year
“It’s exciting for me. Just a lot of maintenance last year. Alex (Guerrero) and I would spend a lot of time day after day after day to stay and tape it and take the tape off and pregame and pre-practice at 7:00 a.m. and leaving the tape on at night, just trying to stabilize it the best I could. I’ve had a lot of injuries in football. It’s just what it is. You manage them over the course of a year and I kind of knew what I was dealing with. It’s just nice to not have to deal with any of that. I go up, try to get my workouts in, I feel like we’re really in a ramp it up stage in training camp, too. We’re definitely not where we need to be. We’ve got a long ways to go before where we’re at or ultimately want to be. It’s an exciting process, but we’re grinding our way through it.”

On having O.J. Howard back

Bucs QB Tom Brady and TEs O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate

Bucs QB Tom Brady and TEs O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“I loved having him back. Saw AB back a few days ago. We’d love to have Cam back at some point, kind of see when everyone comes together kind of what we can make of it. Just want to see kind of the guys out there – communicate with the guys that you’re familiar with, and it also gives other guys an opportunity like Codey [McElroy] and Tanner [Hudson], those guys are getting looks where they normally probably would be down on the depth chart. But they’re in there with the first group. They got to take advantage of that opportunity and we got to get some valuable work with them.”

On what Brady thought contributed most to a rough day of practice
“Communication, execution, missing throws, missing reads. Overall just a poor day.”

On what Brady has seen from the newcomers on offense such as Giovani Bernard and Jaelon Darden
“They’re doing a good job. A lot of effort, energy. They’re really working hard to get things right. Just excited about being with them, they’re two dynamic guys. They’re not the tallest guys, but quick, agile, athletic, really fun to see. They’re making a lot of plays out there making guys miss. Coach [Arians] said a good thing today, soccer practice is over today – which really means we haven’t played any football. There’s no pads, no tackling, no run force, not run fits, no breaking tackles, no play action response. Things will change quite a bit tomorrow.”

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