With all 32 picks in the 2018 NFL Draft now solidified after the offensive shootout that was Super Bowl 52, we now how a more clear picture of what teams might be doing when it comes to the draft. The Bucs are one of the teams that is picking relatively early, and for that, their options have sort of remained the same since the league crowned its football champion. But, with the news of defensive line coach Jay Hayes being fired, perhaps that hints to national media members that the Bucs are serious about doing everything they can to help their pass rush for 2018, perhaps even investing their first round pick along the line.

All that being said, here is our 3.0 version of a Bucs mock draft round up from around the web and other publications. A few of the expert picks are repeats due to them not putting out a new mock since version 2.0, but most of the mainstream mock drafts have been updated with new picks and new analysis for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Scott Reynolds, PewterReport.com

Pick: Washington DT Vita Vea

“Vea’s presence would not only increase the production of Tampa Bay’s defensive ends, he would also occupy a double team on most plays, which would allow Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to get freed up for even more one-on-one pass rush situations. Because of his movement ability, Vea could also be moved around the line to play three-technique defensive tackle or even defensive end in some situations if the Bucs wanted to go with a big defensive line that consisted of Vea, McCoy, 340-pound defensive tackle Stevie Tu’ikolovatu and 295-pound defensive end Will Gholston.”

Mel Kiper, ESPN

Pick: Notre Dame OG Quenton Nelson

“Nelson is a plug-and-play starter who would be an upgrade for almost every team.”

Todd McShay, ESPN

Pick: Alabama S Minkah Fitzpatrick

“The Bucs were dead last in the NFL with 17 sacks last season, and the defense was been porous (31st in total points). They still need another edge rusher opposite Noah Spence, but drafting the best possible player is better than reaching for a pass-rusher here. Fitzpatrick is a shutdown cornerback with the versatility to play safety and can be plugged in immediately.”

Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

Pick: UTSA DE Marcus Davenport

“Davenport reminds me of Ziggy Ansah coming out of BYU, and the Bucs need to add some life to their pass rush.”

Bucky Brooks, NFL Network

Pick: UTSA DE Marcus Davenport

“Disruptive edge rushers with length, athleticism and sack production are always coveted at a premium.”

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  1. I think I’d be okay with any of these players being taken by Tampa except for Connor Williams. I’m not ready to give up on Donovan Smith.

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    • Still not sold on taking Davenport that high, nor Williams for that matter. Both definitely seem more like projects that may take time to develop, time this FO and coaching staff doesn’t have.

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  2. What I gather from all those mocks is that nobody has a clue what is going to happen.

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  3. It’s gotta be a line pick: Chubb, Vea, Nelson, Davenport or Key. Anything else other than a trade down will be counterproductive.

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    • Or Harold Landry

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    • Davenport or Key would be counterproductive because they would be a gigantic reach. Fitzpatrick is a better pick than anyone but Chubb or Nelson.

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  4. All of this could be academic
    IMO see what the Bucs do in F agency.

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  5. Either guy is fine except Vea who is a huge clone of Danny Shelton who also is from Washington and has done nothing in the NFL and DT is not our problem. I would take Chubb if available or Fitzpatrick at #7

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  6. Chub or Vea are fine with me but if both are gone the best is drafting down to get more picks.

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    • I’m up for trading down as well, but Nelson would be hard to pass up. If we’re able to grab a decent FA C, that interior OL would be set for years to come. Allowing Jamies to work in a clean pocket could do wonders for his continued development.

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  7. Derwin James is a better fit than fitz. I just don’t see how everyone sleeping on him

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    • They won’t be after the combine when he blows it up. He played well last year despite being in a horrible defensive scheme and coaching. Heck should fit right in here then. Haha

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  8. If the Glazier Brothers want to really improve this team now they need to fire the real CULPRIT, Licht, now; then hire Scott with 30 years experience in analyzing the Bucs’ real needs as your new GM. He also has the good sense to listen to ideas the fans like us come up with. Licht thinks he is a genius who knows far better than our fans to get our team to the playoffs. His record over all his years here proves he is a loser and the Glazers would never keep a HC with such a losing record!

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    • Dude…you can’t be serious??? You want a GM hired because he listens to the Fans?? IMO, you have lost ALL credibility.

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      • Who knew Scott’s kid posted on here. 🙂

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      • After his years of pimping and misspelling Tim Tebow, Owlykat never had much credibility.

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  9. I trust our local people, Pewter Report, over all the others. Our need is Defensive Line especially DE’s. Since Licht seems to be better at picking lower round draft picks, I am for trading down say 10 spots in rounds 1 & 2. With this concept we could get an additional 2nd and 3rd round picks which would help us fill RB, CB, OL, DT needs too. We’re not ready to win with this existing group; we also need some changes as to the mental aspects of the game such as effective hard workouts, hard practices, time management, and improve evaluation of when to take more risks from both players and coaching aspects.

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  10. These mocks will probably change a lot after the combine.

    To me if the Bucs stay at Pick 7 I want them to draft a guy that has outstanding production at the highest level of college football and is a freak athlete.
    My best guess is the Bucs are going to draft one of the following if they stay at pick 7:

    Quenton Nelson OG
    Vita Vea DT
    Bradley Chubb DE
    Derwin James DB
    Sequan Barkley RB
    Trumaine Edwards OLB/DE

    All are freak athletes for their position and all had outstanding production.

    My guess is at least two if not more of these guys will be available at pick seven and any of them will immediately make the Bucs a better team.

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    • Interesting you added Edmunds out of VT but not Fitzpatrick. Edmunds cant play DE so he would be a backup linebacker. Hes a beast but Minkah would be 10000% a better pick

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  11. Chubb, Fitz, Barkley, James. That’s all I’m looking for at #7. That’s it. If all 4 gone, trade down.

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  12. Having Davenport at 7 is just crazy. He was terrible at senior bowl practices against top talent. I think he might fall out of the first round entirely. Bucky and Jeremiah are parroting the same narrative the NFLN was selling during their coverage and it had those in person scratching their heads. Trevor among them.

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  13. David Jeremiah gives those prospects who he thinks will have the biggest impact in 2018 in a video which can be found at the Buccaneer site.


    He presents them in tthe ascending order of his rankings. He thinks these guys will start and have immediate impact.
    5. WR Christian Kirk
    4. DT Vita Vea
    3 DE Bradley Chubb
    2. G Quentin Nelson
    1. Saquon Barkley

    Between now and draft day is the combine and free agency. I cannot know right now what will happen that would change his thoughts.

    Given his kind of thinking, if the Bucs stand pat (by choice or not) look at where they sit. Think about what the odds might be that they will either get Barkley, Nelson, Chubb or Vea.

    The best player available, then,depends on how many quarterbacks go before the Bucs pick because of the needs of those teams that end up selecting before them. I don’t see the Bucs doing anything but coming out as winners regarding our first round pick in the draft.

    Now I am going to go play with my mock draft scenarios should either Barkley, Nelson, Chubb or Vea become the Buccaneer’s pick in this years Nfl draft.

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  14. I like Hurst as the best DT in this draft. So, if no Chubb, trade down (to 15?) and pick up an extra body in the 3rd. Something like this would be fine:

    1 – DT Maurice Hurst
    2 – S Ronnie Harrison
    3 – DE Chad Thomas
    3 – OT Tyrell Crosby
    4 – CB Holton Hill
    5 – DT Nathan Shepherd
    6 – DE/OLB Ja’Von Rolland-Smith
    6 – G Scott Quessenberry

    FA Targets: Isaiah Crowell (RB), Jerick McKinnon (RB), Kyle Fuller (CB), Trumaine Johnson (CB), Ryan Jensen (C), Justin Pugh (RT), Andrew Norwell (G), Michael Bennett (DE), Aquib Talib (CB)

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  15. I haven’t studied the Draft as much as I used to back in the day so I may not be qualified to offer an opinion just yet. Back then I sought out any tidbit of information. Nowadays, I’m more inclined to well…………recline and just wait for April 26th.

    We all seem to be focused just on the # 7 pick without considering options in at least the 2nd and 3rd round that I always found just as critical.

    We all know the team’s needs. Hopefully the BPA will match up with those needs in all rounds. Unfortunately our greatest need being a pass rushing DE or DT just doesn’t appear equate to the BPA at # 7. The top DE is sure to be long gone. I sure don’t see either of those top Safeties or the top DT’s worthy of the 7th pick. Nor do think it makes sense to take a RB whose NFL lifespan will be comparatively limited. For me, the best player to take if we stick at # 7 is Nelson even if he is a guard.

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  16. Nelson is the safe pick in an area of need. So is the middle of the Bucs D line. If we’re going to get anything better from McCoy’s final years we better put someone better then McDonald next to him. If Yita Vea shows up at the combine as the best D tackle you hope he falls to seven.

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  17. Bradley Chubb is what we need in the 1st rd. Thats should be the end of the discussion. He has the attitude, motor, size and speed we need! All of our high draft picks that we already have in the secondary will shine after that.

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    • Agreed DaddyJax. Don’t get cute with BPA. Use razor-like focus in FA and the draft on OL and DL. So, if there is a way to trade down if Chubb is gone, do it, and build up quality. In a previous post I mocked us trading down with Arizona and picking up a third rounder. Here’s a scenario trading down for Buffalo’s two 1s:

      1 – DT – Maurice Hurst
      1 – DE – Harold Landry
      2 – S – DeShon Elliott
      3 – CB – Quenton Meeks
      4 – OT – Austin Corbett
      5 – RB – Nyheim Hines
      6 – OT – Joseph Noteboom
      6 – G – Scott Quessenberry

      FA Targets:
      Isaiah Crowell (RB)
      Ryan Jensen (C), James Hurst (G), Andrew Norwell (G), Justin Pugh (RT)
      Kyle Fuller (CB), Trumaine Johnson (CB), EJ Gaines (CB), Aquib Talib (CB),
      Lamarcus Joyner (S), Eric Reid (S)
      Sheldon Richardson (DT)
      Michael Bennett (DE)

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  18. If Chubb and Barkley are off the board at 7.

    Rd 1) Fitz/James/J Jackson
    Rd 2) RB Sony Michel
    Rd 3) LG Braden Smith ( O Line D Smith/B Smith/Jensen/Marpet/Dotson)
    Rd 4) DE Chad Thomas
    Rd 5) CB/S Jamar Summers (can play CB if draft Fitz/James at S, can play S if drafting Fitz for CB/CB Josh Jackson)
    Rd 6) K Eddy Pineiro
    Rd 6) OT Jamarco Jones

    Sign FA DEs Ansah & Bennett, C Ryan Jensen, RB Crowell/Blount/McKinnon. Re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mike Evans

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