The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 5-8 on the year after a 28-14 loss to New Orleans that saw the Bucs blow a 14-3 halftime lead. The loss puts Tampa Bay back into the top 10 in the 2019 NFL Draft after moving down to No. 12 after last week’s win against Carolina.

Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter and general manager Jason Licht want to rack up the wins and pick as far away from the top 10 as possible in order to save their jobs, while some Tampa Bay fans don’t see the difference between a 5-11 record and 7-9 record except for the draft order next April.

Tampa Bay is one of four teams that have 5-8 record – the New York Giants and Detroit and Cincinnati are the others – and are back in the the top 10 with Sunday’s loss to New Orleans. Here is a look at the current 2019 NFL Draft order:

1. San Francisco (3-10)
2. Arizona (3-10)
3. Oakland (3-10)
4. Atlanta (4-9)
5. NY Jets (4-9)
6. Buffalo (4-9)
7. Jacksonville (4-9)
8. Tampa Bay (5-8)
9. NY Giants (5-8)
10. Detroit (5-8)
11. Cincinnati (5-8)
12. Green Bay (5-7-1)
13. Cleveland (5-7-1)

Here is a look at the remaining schedules for the teams that currently have Top 12 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Games that pit teams with 4-9 records or worse against each other are in bold.

1. San Francisco’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Seattle (7-5)
Vs. Chicago (8-4)
At LA Rams (11-1)
Notes: Even though the 49ers upset the Broncos, they are back at the top spot of the draft. And expect them to stay there with their tough remaining schedule.

2. Arizona’s Remaining Schedule
At Atlanta (4-9)
Vs. LA Rams (11-1)
At Seattle (7-5)
Notes: The Cardinals lost and moved from fourth up to No. 2, and have tough games ahead against the Rams and Seahawks.

3. Oakland’s Remaining Schedule
At Cincinnati (5-8)
Vs. Denver (6-7)
At Kansas City (11-2)
Notes: The Raiders’ upset win against Pittsburgh caused them to fall from No. 1 to No. 3, and Oakland could win another game at Cincy next week.

4. Atlanta’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Arizona (3-10)
At Carolina (6-7)
At Tampa Bay (5-8)
Notes: The Falcons moved up from No. 6 to No. 4 after getting blown at Green Bay. Atlanta has a favorable schedule and could go on a late-season run.

5. New York Jets’ Remaining Schedule
Vs. Houston (9-3)
Vs. Green Bay (5-7-1)
At New England (9-4)
Notes: The Jets’ victory over Buffalo caused New York to slide from No. 3 to No. 5 this week. But the Jets will be hard-pressed to win again this year.

6. Buffalo’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Detroit (5-8)
At New England (9-4)
Vs. Miami (7-6)
Notes: The Bills lost to the Jets and slipped from No. 8 to No. 6 in the draft order. Their lone winnable game appears to be next week versus Detroit.

7. Jacksonville’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Washington (6-7)
At Miami (7-6)
At Houston (9-4)
Notes: The Jaguars got massacred at Tennessee on Thursday Night Football. How much do they have left in the tank? Their last winnable game may be against Washington.

8. Tampa Bay’s Remaining Schedule
At Baltimore (7-6)
At Dallas (8-5)
Vs. Atlanta (4-9)
Notes: If there is a consolation prize for losing to New Orleans on Sunday it’s the fact that the Bucs moved from No. 12 to No. 8 in the 2019 draft order. A top 10 pick is almost assured at this point.

9. New York Giants’ Remaining Schedule
Vs. Tennessee (7-6)
At Indianapolis (7-6)
Vs. Dallas (8-5)
Notes: The Redskins were blown out by the Giants on Sunday, which caused New York to slide from No. 7 to No. 9 in the 2019 draft order.

10. Detroit’s Remaining Schedule
At Buffalo (4-9)
Vs. Minnesota (6-5-1)
At Green Bay (5-7-1)
Notes: The Lions’ win over the Cardinals caused Detroit to slide from having the No. 5 overall pick down to No. 10. The Lions may be able to win another game or two to stay outside the Top 10.

11. Cincinnati’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Oakland (3-10)
At Cleveland (5-7-1)
At Pittsburgh (7-6)
Notes: The Bengals are freefalling without quarterback Andy Dalton, and it could cost Marvin Lewis his job if Cincinnati winds up with a top-10 pick.

12. Green Bay’s Remaining Schedule
At Chicago (8-4)
At NY Jets (4-9)
Vs Detroit (5-8)
Notes: The Packers fired Mike McCarthy and Joe Philbin got his first win as head coach, which caused Green Bay to slide out of the top 10.

13. Cleveland’s Remaining Schedule
At Denver (6-7)
Vs. Cincinnati (5-8)
At Baltimore (7-6)
Notes: Cleveland beat the Panthers and could collect two more wins this year to finish with an 8-7-1 record.

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Scott Reynolds is in his 24th year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds spent six years giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his son's Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]


  1. It seems to me we need upgrades at left tackle, right tackle (partially because Dotson is near the end of his career) and right guard.

    If we are able to replace smith at left tackle he should be given the chance to compete for a spot on the right side.
    Go Bucs!!!

    Rating: +8. From 10 votes.
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  2. Fire Koetter and Licht now; send the message now all players are fighting for jobs with the Buccaneers in 2019!
    Monkin can run the offense and Duffner the defense; Shelton Quarles can fill in as GM for three games. Change is good when you are going no where. This is a business and treat it like a business! Go Bucs!

    Rating: -8. From 18 votes.
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    • If the players don’t know that they are fighting for a job by now, they are in the wrong sport

      Rating: +6. From 8 votes.
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    • Horse – while I want the current regime replaced, I don’t think it much matters in the last three games this season to have them fired yesterday. I’m just hoping that the Baby Glazers are already consulting with some knowledgeable league people about quality candidates for President of Football Operations and General Manager. Hire those two dudes first, and then let them hire the right head coach.

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      • Why continue to contaminate the team especially the younger players. A few players will be gone anyway because the guaranteed money is over; might help when negotiating contracts with Winston, Smith, Alexander, Humphrey, etc;
        helps to show fans you do care about
        the product you are marketing; finally, it’s about the win loss record.

        No votes yet.
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  3. I really don’t think there is much practical difference in drafting after nos. 1 and 2 to anywhere else in the top 10. There will be scads of talent available throughout the top 10 at the various positions of need that we clearly have, including quarterback, defensive backs, and offensive line.

    I’m vastly more concerned about who is doing the draft picking than I am the available talent.

    Rating: +2. From 6 votes.
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  4. Please God, just don’t let the moron pictured above make the selection.

    Rating: +2. From 2 votes.
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  5. WOW, the way this board shifts from week to week. Stunning. Really like Whiteheads’ play yesterday. He looks like a keeper. Offensive line is the top priority. Defensive line is so much improved from a year ago. So let’s see: Buccaneers should have made the playoffs, while losing two of their starting linebackers, one of their starting cornerbacks, a starting safety for most of the season and the other starting safety, the other starting cornerback, and all but one of their defensive lineman for significant portions of the season. Should have beaten the Saints yesterday with half of their defensive starters largely “replacement players” or rookies, while the Saints started 19 of their original 22 on opening day. I think Koetter has to go but I want to know who all these GM haters have in mind as a replacement for the current GM. If you think drafting college players is some kind of science, then you don’t understand science and you certainly don’t understand NFL football and the awesome difficulty of translating College ball to NFL performance. I share the frustration of no playoffs for seemingly forever. I want that to change too. But starting over yet again with no strong organizational structure in place is a recipe for disaster. The GM’s record is the GM’s record but there is a context to consider. In my opinion, this roster is much better than the one he took over. With a little luck (injuries) and three or four solid additions this is a playoff team.

    Rating: +3. From 9 votes.
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    • We are not “GM haters”. We are quality GM lovers, and the one we have today is not quality.

      As for candidates, good GM candidates are not people any of us are likely to ever read or hear about, they are buried in the bowels of NFL franchise front offices all over the nation. They rarely ever get written about. But knowledgeable league people know exactly who they are, whether we fans know of them or not.

      By the way, those kinds of NFL insiders are people that the Glazers routinely interact with – the other NFL team owners. If a franchise already has a good GM, they are not thinking of letting them go, and the quality subordinates of those guys are precisely the candidates we need to find.

      Better yet, the Baby Glazers should hire a very well connected President of Football Operations, and then let him recruit the GM.

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  6. If they do fire Licht, I hope they give a good hard look at Reggie McKenzie. When he started it Oakland they had nothing, and he built them into a high-scoring playoff-caliber team. Then Gruden came along and he started trading all their best players away.

    Rating: -9. From 9 votes.
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  7. I will need to study McKenzie’s track record. If the right guy comes along then I will support canning Licht. We have to do better, not trade for similar quality.

    In other words I don’t want us firing people without a good chance at an upgrade. We need upgrades at management, coaching and the player levels. Firing for the sake of firing accomplishes nothing.

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  8. I think the best draft pick the Bucs could have is a new GM. We have a Lichtweight currently. What scares me more than anything is Licht may take a kicker in round 1 this year. I say hire a new GM and let him choose the coach because the Glazers are clueless. They are too big of soccer fans to even understand the premise of real football and their soccer team is tanking too.

    Walter report’s Charley Campbell (former Pewter Report writer) had a sensible 3 round draft this week. 1. Greg Little OT-Ole Miss 2. Johnathan Abram S-Miss State 3. Andre Dillard OT-Wash State. After the performance that Smith and Dotson turned in against the Saints, it is obvious that Smith is more suited for OG and Dotson is more suited for OR (Official retirement). Dotson makes way too many mistakes for a guy that has been in the league as long as he has. Dotson probably should have stuck with basketball.

    The Bucs can’t run the ball because their O-line is horrible as a unit. They could also use an RB or two. CBs are nice things to have, but they are a luxury that this team can’t afford until they get a balanced offense that is capable of running the ball. It is painful as hell to watch this team play.

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  9. What the heck is wrong with the Falcons this year?

    Rating: +1. From 1 vote.
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