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    I’m wondering if an additional Receiver sas an issue we don’t know about yet? Seems strang to activate Dye too? Any thought here?

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    Excited about Sims coming back. Bucs are so secretive about injury status, up until day of game that it is hard to get an idea of just how bad it is or if we are getting healthy again. Stocker is becoming a joke for this team. This guy has been able to stay on this team and has had so little time on the field in 5 yrs, it is a shame that we have to waste a space on our Roster for a guy that clearly will never be much of a contributor.

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    I am looking for both Sims and Martin to line up in the backfield on first down, which will look to defenders like one of our typical first down run plays … but Martin is a great pass blocker and both players can catch and run with the ball. This could really help open up our first down offense which has gotten all too predictable this season.

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    Naplesfan, agree with you. If I’m Koetter it’s about spendig as much time on offense to keep their offense off the field; a lot of run and short passes should be a big help. go Bucs!

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    Wow! Just saw the Inactive List and we only have two OL to cover the whole line and one of them is Evan Smith who was Questionable prior to the game. Huge risk!

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