The Bucs announced on Wednesday that they’ve hired former NFL official Larry Rose as the team’s officiating consultant.

In his role, Rose will assist Buccaneers coaches and players with knowledge and interpretations of the rules and in-game strategy, including assistance with replay challenge decisions on game day.

An official for more than 40 years, Rose worked more than 350 games at both the professional and collegiate level, including 17 seasons (1997-2013) as an NFL side judge for. His assignments have consisted of 14 NFL playoff games, with two conference championship games and serving as side judge for Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona.

For the past five seasons (2014-18), Rose has served as an officials trainer for the Southeastern Conference. Rose began his officiating career working as a high school referee in Florida, spending 14 seasons in that role (1975-88), including officiating two state championship finals. He then spent eight seasons as a side judge with the SEC (1989-96) before becoming an NFL official.

–Part of this report is courtesy of the Buccaneers communications department

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2 years ago

The Bucs have a cap on how much they can pay those on the roster, but there is no cap on the number of staff you can hire and how much you can pay them.
BA seems to be taking advantage of this loophole and why not, as I often have to tell employee who gets in money disagreements with me, “unless you are under a profit share program (big laugh there nowadays with company greed as it is) what do you care, it’s not your money.”

2 years ago

Bruce tyring to cover all his bases. I like this kind of stuff, it literally can’t hurt. AS for those who continue to knock the Glazers as well, they aren’t afraid to spend money to win. They might not always make the right choices, but they are not afraid to spend that money.

Bradenton BucFan
2 years ago

They let other people spend their money foolishly, The Glazer family has brought Lombardi to Tampa then they forgot how they did it. They do not enforce the fundamentals to be winning franchise.