We’ve known that new uniforms were coming in April, and now we have a set date that’s coming in a week. The Bucs announced on their social media that their new uniforms will be revealed on April 7th.

While the exact look of the jersey is still unknown, it is believed that it will still maintain its standard red and pewter color. Chris Godwin, Lavonte David and Devin White all got to see the uniforms in a promo the Bucs put out on March 25th and enjoyed the new look.

The Bucs originally announced in late February that new uniforms were coming soon, and Bruce Arians later hinted at what they will look like on February 27th. The signing of Tom Brady and the photoshops of him wearing new Bucs uniforms has only grown the excitement around Tampa Bay.

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About the Author: Matt Matera

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Alldaway 2.0
1 year ago

Great news!

Looking forward to seeing a slick, simple and better number design to go with the super bowl era feel of the unis.

1 year ago

Slow news day?

I wish they’d just let us see them now. Why wait another week? They’re just uniforms.

1 year ago

Guess I will have to repaint my Buccaneeer room now. I hope they go back to their Super Bowl uniforms.
I was never a big fan of their new ones and thought the way people carried on about them, mainly some media types, was just inane.
Same thing went on with the original whiite and orange uniforms but now everybody wants them to wear them again.

1 year ago

They probably aren’t releasing now because they’ve got a larger rebranding campaign, including the website that will all be turned on the same day. More work to do.

1 year ago

Can’t wait to see how they r going to be structured as to allow the popular throwback uniform games!

Can u guys tell where I can find the most current Buc’s roster? Thanks and stay well! Together we will get through this Buc fans! Peace to all!

1 year ago

Bucballer just go to the official buccaneers.com website and click on team

1 year ago

So the headline is announcing when there will be a headline…..

Is this an April fools thing or is this really all we’ve got that’s news worthy! LOL

1 year ago

Things like this are kind of a big deal and always have a planned date of release. Would y’all rather them just throw it out there and lots of us miss it on initial release? They are just giving us a heads up so that we know. Y’all will complain about anything! 😂

1 year ago

Concerning new uniforms, IMO, I wish they would include orange back into the scheme.
After all these years, I feel the orange is ready for a comeback.
Go Bucs!