Super Bowl-winning Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was the guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, 24 hours after Tampa Bay beat Kansas City, 31-9, in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium. During the 8-minute interview, Arians discussed the team’s post-Super Bowl party at the Tampa Aquarium, a celebration that ran into early Monday morning.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and GM Jason Licht

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and GM Jason Licht – Photo by: USA Today

“I left at 4:30 a.m. and it looked like it was still going strong,” Arians said. “Our guys know how to win and they know how to party.”

With a Crown Royal on the rocks in his hand during the interview, Arians hit on several topics with Kimmel, including his first conversation with free agent quarterback Tom Brady back in March of 2020.

“We’re a player away,” Arians told Brady, as he revealed on Kimmel’s show. “We have a really, really [good roster] … and he, he sold me as much as I sold him. He knew every player on our team.”

The fact that Arians said that the Bucs were one player away was a damning – yet truthful – indictment of sorts about former Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston. The team’s first-round pick in 2015, the Bucs gave Winston five years to prove he could cut down the turnovers that plagued his NFL career, yet still be a play-maker.

When Arians arrived in Tampa Bay in 2019, which was Winston’s fifth-year option, the talented quarterback threw for a league-high and team-record 5,109 yards with 33 touchdowns, but also led the NFL in interceptions with 30, including an NFL-record pick-six.

Letting Winston go in favor of signing Brady was the best move of the 2020 offseason, and one of the best moves in franchise history, as Brady passed for 4,633 yards with a new franchise-record 40 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions.

Brady added three more rushing touchdowns in his first season in Tampa Bay, totaling an incredible 43 scores at age 43, and then throwing for 1,061 yards with 10 more touchdowns and three interceptions in the postseason to lead the 11-5 Bucs to a Super Bowl LV championship. Brady passed for 201 yards and three touchdowns in Super Bowl LV, winning his seventh Super Bowl and his fifth Super Bowl MVP honor in the process.

Kimmel asked Arians what it was like working with Brady heading into the Bucs’ Super Bowl season.

Bucs QB Tom Brady

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo by: USA Today

“We started talking offense, and I had been in his system, and I asked him, “Don’t you think it’s going to be smarter for 21 guys to know what they’re doing and one smart guy learn what to do rather than to ask 21 other guys to learn your system?” Arians revealed. “And he said, ‘Oh, I’m all in with yours, man. You’ve got guys running wide open all the time. Just coach me up.'”

Kimmel finished the interview asking Arians how long the Bucs were planning on celebrating.

“About 24 hours,” Arians said. “We’ve got free agency coming up and we’ve got to find a way to sign our guys back. Next year started already. … We’ll start having those conversations Wednesday. So hey, try to sober up before the Wednesday meetings. That gives me 48 hours to try to sober up, too. We’ll try to talk about all that stuff on Wednesday.”

Watch the entire Arians interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! right here.

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5 months ago

I’d hang out with Bruce and have a whiskey anytime

5 months ago

He said he gets started on next year tomorrow. We play NFC and AFC East next year. We should be 13-3 or 14-2. #1 seed win the division. Win an NFC Championship on that field. Its the only thing left to do there then go to LA for Superbowl 56 and repeat and go down as one of the great all time teams. Brady would have 2 back to backs like Bradshaw but with 2 different teams. Then we talk about 3Peat. Never been done in the NFL in the Superbowl era. Packers did it but 1 of them was… Read more »

Reply to  Buc76
5 months ago

Sounds like a plan!

5 months ago

Of course the Bucs were a player away. Winston is a garbage qb. As BA said, if you can go 7-9 with a chump who throws 30 picks imagine what the Bucs could do with someone who throws a fraction of that?

Captain Sly
5 months ago

Haha! Arians promoting his system that didn’t feature 1 screen play before Brady arrived lol Funny! Anyway he said one thing that was true “we are a player away” and its Not even debatable anymore. Two people sitting at home with egg on there faces are Gerald McCoy & one Jamies Winston. We started winning once they were out of the building. Way to go Jason Licht!

5 months ago

It’s technically true that the Bucs were one player away, but also a somewhat misleading statement. In my opinion you could have replaced Jameis Winston with any one of half a dozen QB’s, who could have thrown 40 TD’s with only a dozen picks and still not even made it to the Super Bowl, let alone won it. When you acquired TB 12, you didn’t just bring in a ‘player’, you brought in the ultimate, game-changing, cultural icon. Yes still a great player, for sure, but far more than that; a franchise molding GM, a brilliant impactful coach and a… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by compewterpirate