The Bucs won a roller coaster of a game, defeating the Colts 38-35 for their sixth win of the season and their third straight. This game saw injuries, splash plays, and other players stepping up in big moments to help the Bucs get the win.

After the game Bruce Arians spoke with the media to talk about the victory at home. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

(Opening Statement)
“It’s a damn good thing I’m a young, healthy man, because coaching the nicest team in the league is tough. We just love spotting 15, 17 points to the other team and then come back and beat them. It was a crazy game, I thought at halftime once we got it back to a score we were in good shape. You probably thought I was hollering and cussing, well, I didn’t have to because some veterans did that for me. It didn’t all go great in the second half but we were able to stick together, make a turnover, get good pressure on the field goal miss, go down and score and win the game. The resiliency of this team is growing on me. Three in a row, that’s a good football team missing some guys and we made a couple of those receivers look like Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison. It wasn’t our best, but we won – that’s nice.

(On if there’s a status on Mike Evans’ injury)
“There’s nothing yet. It’s not good.”

(On how many quarterbacks can overcome throwing interceptions early and come back from an injury to make plays and win)
“I haven’t been around too many, that usually crushes a guy. The second one after we get the turnovers was morbid. The first one we got, there’s 51 minutes left, let’s go, that’s easy. The second one after we created a turnover and give it back and then go down and win the game, it speaks a lot about the guy’s character.”

(On what the issue was with Jameis Winston’s hand)
“He was fine at halftime and then went out to grip the ball and he couldn’t grip it. They X-rayed his thumb and he’s got a little bitty fracture, nothing serious. He was able to get his strength back and come in the game.”

(On the confidence this team gets from a three-game winning streak)
“It’s huge because we didn’t play our best by any stretch of the imagination. To still get a win, it builds confidence. I talked to our team last night and I don’t think that we had a great week of practice and I felt we were resting on our laurels that we don’t have, we don’t have any laurels to rest on. It kind of came out that way in the first half, but that’s why you play 60 minutes, we were able to regroup and get some things said and done and go back in the ball game and win the second half.”

(On who were the veterans that stepped up and spoke to the team)
“Lavonte (David), Lavonte always does. Ali (Marpet), there were two or three guys that spoke.”

(On the rookies coming up with big defensive plays)
“They’re getting better and better and the future is so bright for all of us because of them. They’re not rookies anymore in my opinion, they’ve played 20 games now, so it’s time for them to show what they’re really made of and they’re really showing it.”

(On plays that lead to Winston interceptions)
“That’s just zone defense. He went back into zone defense, and [Indianapolis linebacker Darius Leonard] is a tall guy. Jameis thought he could get it over on the first one. He’s thrown over a bunch of linebackers. But, Darius is a long guy with really good hands and a lot of linebackers can’t make that play. But, he did. The other one was a cover-zero blitz. [Wide receiver] Breshad [Perriman] broke hot, Jameis thought he was hot but he didn’t pick it up properly. So, he threw the hot [route] just a little bit late and he picks it for six. Again, they go up 14 with the extra point. A lot of teams collapse. Our guys don’t collapse. Offense goes right back down and gets points and gets us back in the game.”

(On wide receiver Breshad Perriman in second half of season)
“I don’t think he dropped any, he wasn’t getting many targets. But, the confidence I have in him has never waned. It’s just Jameis finding him. When Mike [Evans] goes down, he got a big role. I’ve got to say that he stepped up and [wide receiver] Justin Watson stepped up today as a punt returner. Fielding that one on the hop, making a big first down catch. Both of those guys really stepped up.”

(On team not playing best but still winning game)
“You’d like not to have it like this. But, talking about practice last week not being good enough. It has a whole different meaning when you win and you tell them and they recognize it. Hopefully next week, it will be a little bit better.”

(On running game on both sides of the ball)
“That’s what were built on. We didn’t run it bad today, we ran it really well at times. We got back two scores and they started playing a little bit more soft zone. So, it was just easier to throw and catch. But, I thought [running back] Ro[nald] Jo[nes] played a heck of a ball game today and [running back] Dare [Ogunbowale] obviously made another big catch. [Running back] Peyton [Barber] made a couple big runs to seal it. We were built on stopping the run, running the ball, chunk plays and taking the ball away. We didn’t take it away enough today.”

(On if thumb injury to Winston will affect his week of practice)
“It does not look like it right now, we’ll know more tomorrow.”

(On the resiliency of Jameis Winston)
“It’s [been] all year, same thing in Atlanta. Then comes on and has a great game. Like I said, we’re the nicest team in the league. We like to spot people ten or fifteen [points]. This was seventeen points and we come back and beat them. Makes it more fun.”

(On his blood pressure)
“I don’t think I have blood pressure anymore.”

(On grip of Winston after thumb injury)
“I kept trying to knock [the ball] out of his hand. So, the first time, I could knock it out of his hand and he was trying to hold it with his other hand and he could hold on to it. I said alright, then you can play.”

(On the confidence that the team has in Winston while he plays through injury)
“Guys respect that. He doesn’t have to earn anyone’s respect in that locker room. They know he’s tough.”

(On hamstring injury to Mike Evans)
“I’ll be shocked if Mike makes it back before the last week.”

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  1. Don’t forget about Watson’s first TD catch, coach. Pretty nice,he had to go to the other side of his body and go down to secure the ball. Very nice.
    The Bucs will be lucky if Evans is back for the final game of the season.
    Perriman is a good story though.
    Every fan, including me, wanted him cut midway through the season but BA must have been seeing something different in practices and held on to him. Good move. Why fans aren’t head coaches.
    Just think, Giants and Titans game is what is keeping this team from being in a playoff situation. It boggles the mind.
    Colts have a great offensive line.
    I imagine they would love to see what a QB with the resilliency, confidence and competitive nature of Winston would do behiind it.

    Rating: +20. From 20 votes.
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  2. Another win and another week withoutan an appearance of the drooling troll DumbAssBob.
    Talk about sweet.

    Rating: +18. From 22 votes.
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  3. Someone is going to have to tell me how a 5-7 team ccan get overconfident and rest on it’s laurels.
    Like BA said,, what laurels?
    It looked like the DB’s were still reading thier press notices from llast weeks game into the third period.
    Hopefullu BA drills that into their thick heads this week during practice because he is runnning out of players to cut to make a point.

    Rating: +9. From 9 votes.
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  4. Winston’s a Gamer! I love our QB and I want him to get that extension but he will need to be coached differently. He came with a huge “Warning” label on him and up to this point this staff has ignored it. He is like that pit bull on a heavy chain behind the fence in the backyard. A responsible dog owner will not allow him the liberty to play at the dog park, But in times of Danger that’s when you’re glad you got a Winston…. Here’s the point, look at the teams that are in the playoff race this year and you will see them winning the turnover battle. Even Buffalo with Josh Allan who is nowhere near as talented as Winston but protects the football and has his team in the playoffs again. That coach understands how to Win football games and relies on defense to play for field position and the offense to protect the ball.
    I am sure Arians knows this and will address this in the offseason because Stats have never Won anything except maybe a Fantasy League. Here’s to a successful next season Go Bucs!

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    • I think what will help is a better oline and running game for more Balkan day. I mean Winston already has nine games this year with over 35 attempts and four games with over 40. Mistakes are bound to happen when you throw that much in this offensive scheme. Interesting stat for all those haters out there. The last five years when Aaron Rodgers throws over 35 times a game, he’s 11-15-1. Just goes to show you that throwing the balk a ton doesn’t generate wins. More balance will limit the mistakes and play action is extremely effective with Winston

      Rating: +7. From 11 votes.
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      • Correct, The problem however with the scheme is that it relies too heavily on the offense to Win games and not enough on the defense. Boom or Bust! That scheme works well when you have an extremely accurate thrower of the football ie Joe Montana, Troy Aikman. Russell Wilson who is probably the most accurate passer in today’s game would struggle in this offense.
        Sorry to rain on the parade because these games are exciting, but truthfully we’re not winning many games next year going down the same road. Keeping Winston means changing the offensive philosophy!

        Rating: +1. From 7 votes.
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      • Good point about the OL affecting Jameis’s INT count. They need a good RT and add some quality depth players to that OL, and Jameis will throw fewer INTs (maybe not half as many, but significantly fewer). Better yet, draft a good LT in the first round, move D Smith to RT.

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  5. If they can get a RT in draft and get O line playing really well and running ball better with play action, I can imagine Winston and this offense being really good.

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  6. The Buc’s can win if the defense plays respectfully.

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    • What would help the defense is for Winston to turn it over fewer times.

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