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    He’s not so overpaid he can get dinged for four paychecks and still walk away smiling.
    Not to mention how negatively this affects the team

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    Well I hope he learned his lesson. Somebody else might just get their chance to pass right by him. Go Bucs!

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      Just as you speak Horse, I got this update from Greg Auman/Twitter. Bucs announce they’ve promoted CB Javien Elliott (FSU) to replace Barimah and OG Josh Allen from the practice squad to replace C/OG Ben Gottschalk who is headed to injured reserve.

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    Jude Adjei-Barimah must have tried one of Kwon’s old energy drinks. That stuff will put you on your back with both legs in the air! lol.

    Just kidding! I have no idea what happened. But there is a silver lining. It happened to a young non-impact player that hopefully will learn from this mistake. Never like to see this happen, but it could have been much worse! Just imagine the blowback if this had been Noah Spence. On second thought, don’t even think about it!

    Tighten up young man and stay true to your craft. We need every man!

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    He probably had an energy drink or bar that contained a banned substance. Probably the same situation that Kwon found himself in last year. If I was them, I wouldn’t drink anything but water lol

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    What a dumbass. You would think with their career and paycheck on the line might be more carefull? He’s not great anyways. Not starter material IMO. His stupid penalty cost us the Raiders game. He’s a backup at best cb. This won’t help his chances of staying a starter.

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    Of course Josh Robinson will step in. I wonder if there are plans to use safeties Keith Tandy or Ryan Smith in the slot cornerback role? They played corner in college.

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    He may not be great fredster but he is a solid contributor and contrary to your evaluation, is the starting nickel back.
    I know every trainer and coach tells their players before they take any type of energy drink or supplement to speak to them so they can see if it contains any banned substances.
    Why this continues to happen is beyond my comprehension.

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    At this point I’m just relieved it wasn’t domestic violence or DWI. Sad but true. I’m bummed about Gottschalk, I think he has a future with us. If we can go 4-2 over the next six, that may be enough to get us the division. GO BUCS!!!!!

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    Hey Jude, that wasn’t smart
    To eat a PED to make you better
    Remember and take this lesson to heart
    Now that Roger has sent you that letter.

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    Drd I hear ya and losing depth is never great but he is not playing at a high level right now was my point. Whoever comes in may play better. Like when Rodgers started getting more touches than Sims and then Sims got hurt. Rodgers was better and that’s my point it’s not always a bad thing when someone else steps in unless that player was playing at a high level. That penalty at the end of the Raiders game was horrible and cost us the game. Will see how it plays out but I do agree with you losing depth is never good but he is not playing at a high level IMO. I also unde stand he is he starter but Sims was the starter over Rodgers too and he was a dancing idiot that couldn’t gain any yards.

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    This is disappointing and there really is NO excuse for it. ESPECIALLY after seeing what happened to Kwon last year.
    He let down his team and his teammates. Hopefully he’ll learn from this selfish and STUPID act and come back a professional.

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