As the Bucs OTA practices came and went, one question remained a constant as each week.

Where is Jason Pierre-Paul?

The Bucs’ prized acquisition of the 2018 free agent period (though he was acquired via trade) was a no-show at all voluntary OTA practices over the last month. Though they are voluntary, not being there with your teammates can certainly hurt chemistry. But, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the potential chemistry wasn’t the only thing being hurt by Pierre-Paul’s absence, as a hefty workout bonus of $250,000 would have been paid his way had he just shown up.

He didn’t — voluntarily.

“Jason Pierre-Paul, in his contract that they got from the Giants that he’s now playing under with the Bucs, includes a workout bonus of $250,000 that he just said, ‘Eh, I’m good,'” said Stroud on his podcast Sports Day Tampa Bay.

All JPP had to do was show up and he would’ve been paid a quarter of a million dollars? And he didn’t? All I can say is I hope I’m that rich one day.

We know how much it hurt JPP’s wallet. We’ll see if his absence hurt anything else once mandatory mini-camp and eventually training camp get under way.


  1. Can’t really blame the guy Jonathan, other than rookies, who could possibly get excited about having to play for this dumpster fire of an organization? The Bucs should be trying to incentivize JPP even further if you ask me, they need him that badly lol.

  2. Yep vtran, it must be nice. Geeez these guys are nuts. I heard the other day 80 or 90 percent of all nfl players are broke within 3 yrs of retirement. Decisions like this dont help. He has made a ton of money already but walking away from 250,000 is dumb no matter who you are. The missed chance to improve is what gets me. He has a qb cap hit. If he isnt a game cha ger this year its time to cut the losses. I still think Quinn would have been a much better addition. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. I watched a news clip on Utube I think it was ESPN the day JPP was traded, They asked him to show his Tampa Bay jersey
    And from the look on his face, you could tell he was not happy -body language tells a lot, this guy is not happy being traded out of New York, He is not going to take chances with injuries, he is not going to be a killer lineman a lot of you were claiming.
    I thought he was coming here just for a paycheck maybe I was wrong
    To miss practice with a new team and 225,000 is a big deal.
    A lot of people on this site gave me hell when I said New York was laughing it ass off when they traded JPP to Bucs, now some of you might see why New York so happy to get his salary off them and on the Bucs. Ray Charles could have seen this one coming, But Jason Licht did not.

    • A little lesson in psychology. We often see what we want to see. Psychologist call it selective attention or confirmation bias. Then when a worker is transferred or a player is traded, if there are some disturbing feelings about the move, it is called psychological displacement.

      If that were true and JPP felt bad about the trade, what you fail to point out that the displaced person is more likely to overperform than underperform to show that the trading party made a huge mistake. Then consider the loss of the 250K. Couldn’t the PR headline have been “The Bucs save 250K when a 10yr veteran doesn’t attend voluntary OTAs”. Lol.

      And lastly, as far as the Youtube clip that you saw, here is the “unstoppable smile” that I saw when he signed with the Bucs. Remember that worrisome term – confirmation bias – we see what we want to see! Lol. Others may see it differently. Go Bucs.

      • Odd take to throw in confirmation bias in there… JPP has never played a down for another NFL team was traded (not signed) and has refused 250k to show up to OTA’s when I’m not sure he’s missed too many in NY. There 250,000 bits of hard evidence that might throw cold water on that “unstoppable smile” about being here you saw.

        If your theory that people perform better when they are displaced was even REMOTELY true Macabee than firms would go out of their way to hire people from out of state. Now, unless all of this money in I/O Psychology is being absolutely wasted, why on earth are employers selectively choosing in city or in state workers if they, as you predict, would be better served by getting workers to displace themselves so they can move there and prove their worth to their old companies.

        If we take the sports analogy to your hypothesis then we can look at displaced players in free agency and trades. As you follow PR you’ve surely heard Scott say that free agents have a lower “hit rate” than drafted players (who aren’t uprooting themselves any more than other college students are expected to). I would say there’s a lot of evidence that displaced players/workers do more poorly than their average, unless you can cite a study saying otherwise.

        • Devasher. The photo speaks for itself. I have no idea what you are referring to about hiring people from other states. Huh? I was referring to workers that get transferred or player,s that get traded. I think you are using displacement to mean people that are fired. I’m referring to psychological displacement where the person may feel bad about their change. Please re-read!

          • The person inferring that I mean something I never said (that displacement = being fired) is telling me to re-read? The MW definition of displacement is as follows macabee:

            Displacement – The moving of something from it’s place or position.

            Now I don’t know where being fired has anything to do with it, transfers, quitting or generally looking for work across the country can result in the same outcome.

            But to my point, people are moved from there original place to a new one, and if you know anything about hiring or being hired you would know that businesses strongly prefer a local candidate vs an out of state one, because of the detriments of moving to a new place or “displacement”. Certainly not the pro’s of displacement. If moving people from out of state was a universal win, particularly not by there choice, then why not do it more frequently?

            Also, if you’re telling us this is a positive based on a picture you saw of him smiling, I would kindly ask if that is the extent to your opinion or if you have anything more to support it.

        • Jon Gruden, Get some help!! lol.

          In Freudian psychology, displacement (German: Verschiebung, “shift, move”) is an unconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.
          Displacement (psychology) – Wikipedia

          • MAC- Dude, thanks, as in most instances, in providing a “different” response. It’s nice to see some color every now and then.

          • And again, if your theory on the player who engaged in displacement held water Macabee “he displaced person is more likely to overperform than underperform to show that the trading party made a huge mistake.” Then I would ask you:

            1. Why aren’t there more trades if this improves player outcomes (in theory trading players in the NFL would increase their value)?

            2. Why is the success rate of free agents low relative to draft picks? I imagine a free agent who moves on from a city that didn’t value him as much now engaging in displacement has as much to prove as a player traded.

            Regarding Freud, while he was incredibly important in historical terms, as many forefathers of their field many of his theories have been outright dismissed. I had to right a 12 page research paper on Psychoanalysis in grad school and it was painful as there is so little science to support his work. It’s one of the reasons why therapy has gone to more research based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral methods.


    • If JPP’s agent didn’t make it clear to him that he was losing money, then his agent should be fired.

      More likely JPP was fully aware of it and chose not to come for whichever reason. Not a good start for another one of Licht’s master strokes of genius.

  4. Keep in mind, this is the same guy that almost lost his entire hand to a fireworks accident. To say he’s playing with a “full deck” is an oversight. At the very least, show up, earn your money then donate it to a charity if you don’t want or need it. These kinds of stories illustrate just how much we desperately need a shifting of societal values; afterall, I can’t imagine the day that a paramedic earns a $250,000 bonus for saving lives!

  5. Not only is he throwing away $250K, he is missing an opportunity to bond with his teammates as well as get familiar with Coach Buck’s philosophies. You are getting paid to workout for godsakes. These practices according to someone in the know is usually over by 2PM and consists of mostly meetings and working out. They have full access to personal trainers, nutritionists, message therapists, and not to mention all the free food they want.

  6. Not a great way to start with this team. Needs to be a teammate. Needs to understand what we’re doing with a new coach, new organization. He needed to be here. Leaving the money on the table is just stupid.

  7. Every year the media and some fans focus more on any player who doesn’t come to the facility for “voluntary” workouts than they do for the ones that do. Who cares as long as they are ready when the season starts regardless of how they choose to prepare.

    Of course I’d like for 100% participation, but come September 9th if JPP sacks Drew Brees none of us will give two spits if he was a June no show.

    • Yes, I think there is a reason, he could care less about OTA’s he is not thrilled about being traded they will pay him big bucks regardless how he works out or plays this year, he knows Bucs going nowhere in 2018 he is not stupid. Why risk injury in OTA
      Why risk injury in Pre Season and soon to find out why risk injury during the season, he will be on cruise control this year!
      He was pissed when Giants traded him he said so himself.

      • Mike, this is a serious question and not sarcastic. Are you actually a fan of the Bucs? Nothing of what you post shows any appreciation or like for this Team. I’m not talking just some of the Coaching, GM or Players but the Team as a whole. If you are not a fan of this Team or Tampa then why are you even here commneting?

        I am really interested in your thought process and not being a jerk….

        • Buc-N Philly Fan
          I really am a Bucs fan I would love nothing more than Bucs to make a serious run
          It sounds like I am hard because at 5-11 and those 5 wins coming from really bad teams except a playoff seeded team last game. Bucs played a team with winning record and they lost. At end of the year, this team management keeps a coach who as an OC had a losing record and should have never been made a head coach. And want to do a small tweak here and there and they’re not serious with free agency and trade back in the draft.
          I am not Denver fan but they had same record and fans in Denver screaming they wanted Elway head on a platter and Denver felt the heat went got a QB that was in playoffs last year, traded up in front of Bucs snatched Bradley Chubb best player in the draft right out of Bucs hands. Bring JPP in with huge salary and in serious decline, these things just make me feel this team management is gearing up to be an opponent, not a winner.

  8. 250 grand is a lot of money to us because most of us..make under 100 grand a year!! JPP can afford to not show up with his regular salary. I’m not worried about the least. Its not mandatory so who cares? Its his nickel, let him spend it the way he wants. As for bonding with his teammates? He’s been there done that countless times before. When they see him bring no other Buc has done in a long time..They..will bond with him. JPP will be there when its mandatory from him to be. Thats all that counts. And Who’s to say..He is not making money or good use of his time while not attending non-mandatory camp? JUDGE YE NOT..without all of the facts!

  9. Off season fodder. That’s 2.5% of his salary. To a guy making $100K per year, that’s $2500 to get that week off in his personal life. Makes even more sense with JPP’s $. At a certain point you have enough money and your personal life is more valuable. He’ll be a great addition and fun to watch.

    • BucWonder, if you’re a GM considering a trade for a player, do you want to trade a 3rd round pick for a guy nearing 30 who has “enough money” and their “personal life is more valuable.”?

      And as someone in the financial club you mention, there is no freaking way I’m giving up 2500 to take a weekend off. Especially if I just started at a new job. It wouldn’t exactly endear me to my new coworkers and I could use that 2500 a lot more than a weekend that I know I’ll have off later.