Mike Evans - Photo by: Mark Cook/PR
Mike Evans – Photo by: Mark Cook/PR

Falling from 9-7 to 5-11 last season left many people scratching their heads wondering what went wrong in Tampa Bay. But more importantly, how does it not happen again in 2018?

In January at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said he, and other leaders, needed to start holding players accountable. Basically police from within. On Tuesday, following his press conference where he was introduced as the Bucs $16.4 million dollar man, Mike Evans said he also must hold players on his side of the ball more accountable.

“Absolutely, and I think I can do better in that aspect,” Evans said. “Our defense has been solid for us since I have been here. They have been solid and the offense has been lacking. We have great players ,we just are not clicking sometimes. We had a great season two years ago. We are looking to have one like that(in 2018), including more wins and hopefully making the playoffs. I think I need to hold guys more accountable, as well as our other leaders in the offseason. I think that is where it starts.”

Evans also said despite getting rewarded with his new mega deal, it won’t change his approach to the game or how he goes about things.

“I am a captain and I am a leader and will continue to be a leader,” Evans said. “I am getting older and more mature, getting better knowledge of the game. I am a veteran and I am one of the best players on the team so I think it is my duty whether I have a big contract or not.”

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    • True. Until a new staff comes in next year of course. A head coach who doesnt hold players accountable each and every day is not going far in this league. I’m glad Evans is gona step up, but it must come from the top before everyone buys in.

  1. This sounds great, but what does it really mean? Winston made some bad place. The lineman didn’t block that well. How does he stop that? And he says the defense plays salad?! Not sure if he was watching the same game as I was.

  2. You have the three stooges running things. Licht is Moe, Koetter is Larry and Smith is Shemp. We have no shot this year. Give it up. Until these clowns are gone we won’t win. This team will be in last place again with a losing record. Bet on it

  3. Hey Scott, can you text Licht and see if he’s on vacation or something? Amazing silence in free agency from such a crappy team. Signing the same players that got you 5-11 doesn’t really get it done. So tired of this minor league operation. My 8 year old gave up on the Bucs and is now a Pats fan. I’m thinking of trying out being a fan of my current home town Rams. I idea that Jameis Wilson will take us to the promised land is ludicrous. He’s a child who says what he thinks people want to hear. “Eating W’s”…. really?

  4. Wow. I kind of thought that Evans still needs to show he is accountable. But that is fine. I like a leader.
    But all this negativity about the Team going into Free Agency really seems unfair. I think the management knows that it is under a Microscope and they essentially have one year to turn the ship around and get back to a winning team and even challenge for the Division or they are toast. It amazes me how fans a year ago were so sure we were going to playoffs (unrealistic) and we have a setback and they are willing to burn down the house. The Coach carousel has never worked well in Tampa. Give these guys one more year and have some faith! Go Bucs.