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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I need anyone to explain to me Jason Licht plan. This is a joke. Every runningback has been signedz so they go into next year with Barber, who hey didn’t want to have the ball in the first place and now HAVE to draft a back. Dbs have all signed elsewhere but E.J. Gaines.
    I knew the bucs wouldn’t spend big on big names, I’m ok with that, but doind literally nothing is borderline suicidal. Are the glazers tying their hands because they all have basically one year contracts? Because there has been ZERO improvement in a 5 win team. I almost wish Robinson would’ve stayed here and Licht went to Tennessee.

    1. 1.1


      Looks like looks like four people are ok with mediocrity.

    2. 1.2


      I actually am tending to think the Glazers have in fact tied Licht’s hands, not that the Licht Report wouldn’t explain this as purely great strategy by the best GM the Bucs have ever had.

      You may recall when Dominik signed P Michael Koenen as his only “big” free agent signing in the midst of the Bucs being the cheapest team in the NFL and having to defend the Glazers by saying he had access to spend what he wanted, which clearly wasn’t true as evidenced by later review of the Glazer’s finances and debt from the ManU purchase.

      It seems oddly quiet for two guys in Licht and Koetter who know their jobs are on the line…

  2. 2

    Brooks Dunn-Winston

    LOL!!! In other words, don’t expect the Bucs to get involved in talks with any player that warrant payment for his services. Wow.

  3. 3

    Jonathan Goodfellow

    Dont know about releasing Ayers, but we can definitely free up some cap space by dumping the useless, one-dimensional “im-not-even-good-at-that-one-dimension”, William Gholston

  4. 4


    So in other words, expect a new GM and Coaching staff next off-season..

    I like the idea of Jensen and Sitting coming aboard, but we’ll probably be outbid for both. Not sure how they plan on getting upgrades at DE, DT, CB, OG, and C all out of one draft..

    They have no choice but to address at least two of these positions through Free Agents, IMO.

    1. 4.1

      Mike Edwards

      I completely agree with TBChucky regarding a new GM and coach next year. This has all the makings of a lame duck year. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the Glazers have taken away the car keys from Licht and do not want to burden the incoming GM and coach that hey hire in 2019. But if the Glazers have lost confidence in their GM and Coach, why drag it out for another year? The Glazers need to ask themselves, “Would we hire Licht and Dirk today?” And if the answer is NO, then they should fire them now, not later.

      Signed, fan since1976. But greatly frustrated with this team’s direction.

      1. 4.1.1


        Yes but:

        A. That costs money, and we forget that the Glazer Babies oversaw a decade of being one of the cheapest owners in the sport

        B. Top tier candidates aren’t going to walk into a situation where ownership has fired 3 coaches in 6 years on a 5-11 team with a star QB facing a potential suspension over sexual assault. This unfortunately wasn’t the year for quality hires not named Jon Gruden.

  5. 6


    The Bucs need help at DT, had a league low in sacks and they are passing on Suh because they don’t know who would play NT? If this is the logic I hope they fire Licht immediately. You get talented players and adjust your scheme accordingly. What ever happened to the days when Sapp played and they stopped the run on the way to the QB. Get a DT that can collapse the pocket and rush the passer on 3rd downs. We can re-sign McDonald and let him play 1st down NT if its that big of a deal. 2nd and 3rd down with Suh and GMC on the inside would be trouble. Lastly the Eagles are paying their starting DTs 28M I believe, seems like what losing front offices like ours won’t do other organizations are smart enough to pay impact players regardless of what other players are making. We have almost 45M in cap space with Sweezys 7M and Ayers almost 7M still on the books, there’s plenty of money available and that can be created. We could convert some of GMCs salary into a bonus and reduce it even further if need be. Stop with the scheme and personality excuses. Our scheme was shit last year, nothing about it HAS to carry over into this year. Do you think Mike Zimmer wouldn’t pursue Suh bc he had GMC or any other good defensive mind? What scheme doesn’t need talent? This sounds about as bright as year 1 being told that Lovie’s defense would be better without Revis lol now we cant pressure the QB but not adding Suh is being rationalized? Jason you are front officing your way to an ESPN cap analyst job next year. I can’t wait to read the article that lights into Licht as GM. Grimes is here because of Mike Smith, Desean came because of Jameis and outside of that, the only gem he’s found in FA with this dumpster diving philosophy is McDonald who is best used as a rotational player. It’s amazing that we couldn’t spare a 4th rounder for Robert Quinn or a 5th rounder for Michael Bennett but he got duped into giving away a 5th to sign the likes of George Johnson lol. His body or work is terrible, I will ask for him to be fired in every article because this guy is absolutely AWFUL.

  6. 7

    Billy Louis

    This is just ridiculous, instead of adding actual talent to the team Licht wants to wait and sign nobodies from the bargain bin.. Here comes another losing season, at least we’ll likely have a top three pick.. And hey, a new coaching staff, and GM. It’s just too bad we couldn’t get new ownership…

    1. 7.1


      One of the few defenses I can give Mark Dominik for his time here is that he was hamstrung by an ownership group that wasn’t going to let him spend cash for most of his time here. And while I generally think Dominik did an awful job evaluating players he managed to do marginally better than Jason Licht who, until now has been able to spend freely in free agency and waste a ton of Glazer cash in the process.

      I do think the clamps have been set in for Licht by ownership and he’s being left to sink or swim with the roster he’s already built. Good luck and good riddance.

  7. 8

    Honey Bear

    Definitely get rid of Ayers and Sweezy, but don’t forget to also release Gholston. That’s another $6m.

  8. 9

    Pete Wood

    Criticizing the Bucs for not signing a free agent running back assumes that there was top talent (there really wasn’t except for Crowell) and that the available rbs were worth the money. They weren’t.
    I think the Bucs should sign a veteran rb at this point to play for maybe a year and put their hopes on the draft the next two years. Ultimately free agency fills gaps and the draft builds teams.

    1. 9.1


      Why not criticize this team? This is the same team that thought doug Martin would amount to anything the last two years. They can’t evaluate runningback talent at all. And backs like Carlos Hyde are damn good backs. While some like McKinnon got overplayed, we seem to forget we paid DM 7 million last year to suck.

      1. 9.1.1


        Carols Hyde is another injury prone RB who has failed to rush for 1000 yds in a season his entire NFL career. He is not a damn good running back. In 4 seasons he has had 2 seasons which he failed to rush for 500 yds and the other 2 seasons he didn’t break 1000 yds. Sounds Doug Martin on Crack player. If we wanted them stats we would have kept Martin. Hyde got our rushed by McKinnon last year. Hyde is due to make 6 mil this year and 5 mil next year. That’s a lot for a RB who cant rush for 1000 yds in a season.



          Stop looking at yards per season and look at yards per carry. 4.2 for his career and he just wasn’t used much. FACT Hyde played all 16 games last season and outside of one season were he injured his knee, he has missed a total of three games in 4 years. Then look at his attempts a game, you know which actually matters. He’s NEVER averaged over 16 attempts a game for a season. And all of this behind a subpar line with no QB in SF for the last 4 years till Jimmy G got there. And you saying Doug martin is on his level makes question if you even watch football.



            There is a reason why he only got 16 carriers per game. He is and fragile and cant handle more than that. Even looking at YPC, he only avg 0.3 more than barbers and cost more than 5 mil more. 0.3 ypc doesn’t warrant 5 mil more a season sorry.



            Easy with the question, if you even watch football, just because someone doesn’t agree with you. I watch football and there are 2 sides to every story. Doug Martin was the #2 RB in the entire league, once! He did it with questionable QB play and also had a very average O line. Did your boy Hyde EVER even make it to the top 20 in a season?? Or possibly top 25-30? I don’t even really like Martin, but c’mon now. Hyde isn’t that great either. If he was that good, SF would not be getting rid of him.

      2. 9.1.2

        Pete Wood

        I have plenty of criticism for the Bucs, but think they are behaving rather sensibly with free agency right now.
        I’ve been a Boston Red Sox fan my whole life and I used to delude myself in the late seventies and early eighties when the Sox rather poorly attempted to copy the Yankees model. They signed plenty of high priced free agents, but few worked out. Not until they started developing their own players did they win the World Series again.
        The Bucs can dive into the free agent market and pay a lot of money for a lot of egos or they can be patient and choose wisely for some middle level talent and veteran gap fillers while they gradually build a playoff team through the draft.



          I agree that building through the draft is a big thing Pete, no doubt. But then it leaves to your coaching staff to develop the talent and draft the right people. And that fact is, outside of a few home runs, this staff hasn’t improved guy. I mean at this point, and things might change, the entire 2016 draft is a bust. That’s horrible. But you have to take a chance of free agency every once in a while. I don’t want them to go nuts, but scared money don’t make money.


            Pete Wood

            Preaching to the choir. The Bucs need to draft better. The only thing worse than their draft record is their free agent record.
            A kicker in the second round? Good God. Even the worst fantasy football player knows not to overvalue kickers.

  9. 10


    Contrary to many, I like the article and it makes sense. I do however, believe it’s very possible the Glazers may be more involved than reported; I would. With the top brass jobs on the line in a “prove it” year or you’re fired why would you want your organization to over pay for players. Overpriced FA signings are not the answer to put yourself in a cap situation longer term. Better coaching imo is the biggest reason our team was 5-11 instead of 9-7. A couple good drafts is the answer along with better coaching. I really hope Koetter is more effective and makes huge gains in holding players/coaches accountable.

  10. 11


    McCoy never gets any help, but we can’t get help unless it’s the right fit for McCoy? How about freeing up 12 million by trading McCoy for a second rounder then using that pick on a D.T. in a deep draft class? The kid would come younger, cheaper, and better moving forward. We wouldn’t have to worry who we put next to him that might hurt her feelings.

    1. 11.1


      Agree 100% surfer. Every time we look at a d lineman, we need to skirt around how it will impact McCoy. If we have to dance around this guy trade him. And I don’t want to hear how much worse we’ll be without him. This defense has been mediocre for a while since he’s been here. We won’t die without McCoy’s 5 sacks a year.

    2. 11.2


      nice try… the author was only referring to salary cap numbers & McCoy is & has been lobbying for DL help for years… so cut the hurt someone feelings crap

  11. 12

    Keith F

    Thank you for the update.

    Honestly, I like Licht. He’s taken some chances and moved on from the mistakes. Like the article references, he could go all out to save his job but is he really saving his job by over paying for guys because who knows what you’re getting. Not many FAs have worked out for teams for whatever reason: complacency, scheme, coaching, etc…

    I would like to think that the team we saw the last five weeks of the season is the team we have in Tampa. I think we already addd by subtraction in my opinion. I think Barber with a draft pick at RB will do the job nicely. I’m hoping to get Jensen to upgrade center and move Marpet back at guard. I know Sweezy didn’t have a great year but I like that he has a nasty streak and I’m hoping he comes back even stronger. Obviously, the staff sees something in him. The offense looked amazing the last five weeks so how much more do we really need?

    I know, I know the defense was bad and we need help. As reported here, Jay Hayes wasn’t listening to his players and wasn’t putting them in a position to be successful, he was just too hard headed to listen. TRUST ME, if you’ve ever played for a coach like that, it’s not fun! I think Buckner will change that room! I think it’s almost a given we’re drafting Vea which will be a HUGE upgrade. If we draft something close to what PR had in their mock draft we will be fine! Some might complain about Hargraves but I’m hoping they get him to press more because he’s more comfortable. Evans showed a lot of potential so I’m thinking he’s going to be great next year. Obviously, our LBs are pretty good.

    We have a lot of talent on this team, we may not be as far off as we think.

  12. 13


    So basically a same team, same coaching staff but hell yeah we will rebound in the toughest division in NFL. Kudos to the positive thinking of our management if not anything.

  13. 14


    Taking care of your own is a sound strategy when you are doing well, but when you were crap all last year it is hardly a recipe for future success.

    IIRC the plan to improve the defense was pretty much the same, and we know how well that turned out.

  14. 15


    sorry sick of hearing about locker room chemistry when this team brought in a n-bomb dropping player into a predominantly african american locker room… if they can play & help the team win… you can line up OJ, hitler & manson 😂😂😂

    1. 15.1


      Name ONE… just ONE….NFL locker room that isn’t “predominantly African American”. I challenge you. Fact is, over half of every NFL team is African Americans. If any population is more than 1/2 of the total, that is the definition of “predominant”

  15. 16


    Another article with the same suspects and the typical hot take/sour grapes comments. Can’t wait till the offseason is over if only to be rid of such incessant b*tching over nothing.

    The Front Office philosophy is fine. I’m pretty tired of being the annual “Free Agency Winner”.

  16. 17


    Given this amazing haul from free agency, I sincerely hope they can trade down in the first round. I try to stop myself from adding to the din of dissatisfaction we’re constantly forced to engage in with this front office and ownership, but this isn’t remotely enough in this free agency. SR cites that someone got a center/guard from Pittsburgh for 7.5 million/yr and we might sign a 31 yr old former pro bowler at ~ 7. The guy from Pittsburgh is 26 for near the same money.

  17. 18


    Didn’t free agency just start today? It’s March…. the season is not over yet. Keep your pants on, it’s only the 1st day.

    While I don’t have a great deal of confidence in this FO, I’ll wait to see what the Bucs put on the field in in the fall. Go Bucs!

  18. 19

    Mitchell Myers

    I know the Bucs have made the mistake of being big players in FA in the past, but I don’t understand the decision not to sign a young zone cornerback like Gaines, but to sign Sitton, who is 32, for $8-9 million. If the CB position in the draft is deep, great, but that still means they’re losing a high draft pick to address the CB position. That means either DT, DE, RB, or SS aren’t getting a premiere pick and you’re trusting a rookie CB to play opposite of a 35 y/o Grimes while Hargreaves plays nickel. That’s a LOT of risk at the CB position. Meanwhile, they haven’t fixed the pass rush, Allen could be a three-down starter at DT, Conte could be starting at SS, and you still need to replace a guard and CB a year or two later when Sitton and Grimes are done in Tampa. Mike Smith would be set up for failure again.

  19. 20


    I tend to agree with Mr. P. Wood. To many of our players do not play like professionals. The Scheme is not the problem. We had a great defense for about ten years during Dungy/Gruden. Because we were fundamentally sound in a high school scheme. Heck I played in a one gap cover 2 scheme in youth league during the mid 80s. My point is Dungy held his D to a fundamentally sound standard. Gruden came and heid the Offense to the same standard. The rest is history. Could have been a dynasty. remember 99 season. Somebody anybody at one Buc demand a fundamentally sound standard in all three phases. Tampa 2 went to @ least three super bowls Colts,Bears, & Bucs. & chuck noll in the 70s. Hello people. The pats change schemes frequently. but remain fundamentally sound. they went 11-5 with Mr. nobody Matt Cassell. they won with Brady suspended. Gronk & Brady are the only Hofs on that team. How many wins could Bill get in Tampa. Lombardi, noll ,& both bills won multiple Rings. with fundamental football . Here in florida in high school football you play fundamental football or you get cut or the pine. Florida is the mecca for football we are littered all over the college & pro landscape. There is no excuse for teams to suck like the Bucs, Dolphins, rays, & Knicks. Instead we get the lightning as contenders. The powers to be. think we are suckers. I vote for empty Stadiums in miami,NY, & tampa. sellout the bolts. Demand fundamental sound teams with our dollars. Stop crying take your time,money,passion to a fundamentally sound team & management.

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