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    Good to see Desean in the building, it can only help. And I’m impressed with his work with Jameis at Tallahassee as well. I didn’t think he would and I’m glad to be wrong. Jameis becoming a dad is a big thing. The maturity it brings to you instantly can only help him. I’m not a father but I’ve seen what father hood does to a man and it can certainly be a good thing. AS for the investigation, the fact that Jameis hasn’t even been interviewed yet is mind boggling.

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    The most interesting quote I heard was from Ali Marpet. He said the following, “it’s gonna be a lot easier, when your playing next to good players.” It could be that Ali is of the opinion that JR Sweezy and Pamphile/Smith are not good players. And I tend to agree with him.

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    I think moving Marpet to LG is stupid. This guarantees we arent drafting Nelson. Or do we make Nelson switch to RG? Or does Marpet switch positions yet again?

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      Nelson is on record saying he can play on either side.

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    All I know is that whether Winston is guilty or not, if his name comes up for the wrong reasons anytime after this, I would seriously consider getting rid of him outright. This is insane…

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      I hope I am just confused by your comment. It appears that you are saying that if someone makes an accusation even if false and there was media coverage, you would get rid of a guy. I don’t want to live in a world where you make the rules!

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        I think what Charlie is saying is that where there is smoke there is fire. If the accusations continue to come in then more than likely Winston is guilty of something whether its provable or not. Even if its not provable the NFL could still suspend you like in the E Elliot case. Do we want a QB who is consistently going through what Elliot did last year. Will he play this week or not? We need consistency and reliability out of our QB. We don’t need a threat of suspension every year.

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    Dy-nasty D

    So, why do you think they’re moving Marpet? Hope it’s not just to accommodate Sweezy.

    Is it more advantageous to have your best G on the left/weak side?

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      Isn’t one the new FE’s taking his old position on the line?

      1. 5.1.1


        Ryan Jensen the center.

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    But that’ll have been the 3rd time by then, speculating obviously but whatever it would be. And that’s pretty damning. Most people, including celebrities don’t get targeted 3 or more times unless you’ve done something, ANYTHING WRONG. Like seriously, calm down geno, guy. Trump rules!!🤘🤘

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    Excellent points Charlie!

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    I’m happy Jameis is going to be a father. I’m old fashion, what about becoming a husband? This young lady has been with him through all the rough times, she’s a keeper Jameis, do the right thing. I loved what he said about being a father, I just wish he referred to her as his wife instead of girlfriend. Other young black, and white males look up to you, set the right example. Anyone can knock up their girlfriend, but it takes a real man to own it by making his girlfriend his wife.

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      I thought the same thing Surfer. Perhaps it’s the girl who doesn’t want to marry.

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