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    The Doug Martin signing is officially now looking as bad as the Sweezy deal. This guy cannot help the team when he’s NEVER ON THE FIELD! Good GOD! Roethlisberger as KNEE surgery and is back in TWO WEEKS! I’m sick of this BULLSHEET! You know what? Buccaneer season ticket holders should be on the injury report too because we’re pretty God damn sick too.

    STILL pissed off and not expecting anything better tomorrow night.

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      Y is Doug Martin on the team again many posters called this last year that this would happen just i.r. him he is useless they should cut him like asj cuz availability is the only ability that matters lol Scott taught me that

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      That report just came in and listed a huge fan turn-out for the Falcons game as “doubtful”

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        I’m sure many fans will elect to stay home. I wonder how many Falcon fans will make the trip for a Thursday night. You would THINK the message would be getting through…… Buccaneer fans are tired of losing at home.
        Maybe, just maybe they start to turn that around tonight. Sure hope so.

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    Hamstring injuries are the worst. Even minor ones can linger all season. I have next to no confidence Doug plays any meaningful games this year. I really was pulling for him to be resigned and now I feel like an idiot. McDonald is missed on the DL. What a frustrating season and we haven’t even played 8 games yet.

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    Hmmmmmm. I wonder what the fan reaction would have been had the Bucs allowed Doug Martin (# 2 rusher in the league) hit the same exit as Michael Bennett, Donald Penn, Doug Williams and countless others. “Oh those cheap Glazers” would have typed on these same pages over and over again. Outrage! I suppose the Vikings should part ways with Adrian Peterson too. My goodness we have no tolerance for an injured player regardless of his stature. Perhaps Licht could have allowed Martin to depart in Free Agency this past off season and at his news conference state, “The fans predicted he’s going to pull his hammy in week two so we’re going to start Chuck Sims. Oh, wait, I just got a tweet from another psychic fan that he’s going to get hurt too so we’re just going to cut him after this press conference. I always liked that little Jaquizz Rodgers so we’ll get him cheap. Oh wait, another Instagram coming in. Son of a gun, another soothsayer says he’s going to hurt his foot. OK, Mike James is available; but wasn’t he hurt once before? I got to run guys. I need to find a running back who’s invincible…………….and cheap.

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      Scubog, there is a huge difference between Martin and AP. AP missed a total of 12 games in his first 7 years. Martin missed 15 games in his first 3 years. You don’t pay a RB top 5 money when he injured every other season. Go back and look at all my posts, I did predict martin would go down with some kind of injury and only play less than half the season. Its easy to predict a player will get injured when he is injury prone. No need to be sarcastic, there are no RB’s that are invincible. Every RB gets hurt but not every RB is injured for half there career and the ones that are don’t make top 5 money at there position.

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