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    Bucs 24,Falcons 38. I wish it was different, but we don’t have the pass rush and Smith likes a loose zone.

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    The only way we can win this thing is to untie Winston and let him go for the win. Let Winston be his best Bret Farve and let the defense go after Ryan on a regular bassis. There are no points for style. Go Bucs….If this happens Bucs 34. Falcons 24. If we use the last games game plan we will lose 24 to 34. Go Bucs…

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    It’s time for the BUCS to man up. Get mad at the Falcons.
    Time to let Winston go. He seems to get fired up for the Falcons. Throw the ball all over the place. Their going to throw like crazy also.
    Hoping for a W here folks.

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    I knew we had good chance to beat Raiders but we stunk. No run game,depleted defense, QB has regressed, and a kicker that is utterly useless. Thanks for that Licht!

    If Jameis has a career day and doesn’t turn it over maybe can win. He will have to air it out. We don’t have to have a huge run game but we need to at least get to 3rd and manageable.

    If asked for a guess maybe 38-21 falcons.

    I could see bucs winning like 31-28 if the above scenario was to happen.

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      I don’t see Jameis “airing it out”. If our run game doesn’t work at all, that may be all that we’re left with, but unfortunately given Jameis’ inaccuracy on long balls and lack of speedy receivers,, an air-only attack is mostly likely to produce INTs rather than TDs, and leave our defenders on the field for 90+ snaps like last week, which is a recipe for a late game breakdown.

      On the other hand, if Payton Barber and Mike James surprise us with a reasonably effective running game – aided by quality run blocking especially on the right handside – and given the Falcs’ weak defense, Jameis could have a very effective night with the play action passing game. Then it will come down to how effective our pass rush is. If it isn’t we’re dead meat – Matty Ice will pick us apart. But if our pass rush IS effective, we may be able to hold Ryan and the Falcs offense to less than 30 points.

      1. 4.1.1


        Actually, the 94 snaps last week was also due in part to playing most of a fifth quarter. But in a four quarter game, if our defenders are on the field for more than 80 snaps, then Ryan will manufacture another one of his fourth quarter comebacks, if it is even necessary.

        That’s why we’ve got to have a decent running game or we’re toast. Nobody thinks we will with Rodgers and Martin out. But it’s not unthinkable that we could be effective on the ground against Atlanta.

  5. 5


    Scott, Kwon had a pick six vs the Rams. But yes, they need more Defensive TD’s.

    Just when I thought we couldn’t get more banged up, Quizz & Shep go down. This is simply unreal. Unfortunately, we don’t have the WR’s to run Dirks vertical passing game. He’s going to have to mix up the play calls, 3 step drops, dink and dunk our way down the field. And yes, Jameis will have to be dialed in for 4 quarters. He has to carry this team tonight. I’d love to see some no huddle tonight. All that said, I can’t see any way we stop their offense. Praying for a miracle.

    ATL 34 Bucs 20

  6. 6


    50 -0 Atlanta. We suck……

    1. 6.1


      I am getting close to where you are. This is a BAD team.

  7. 7

    Dustin Romero

    It says the Defense hasnt produced a TD this year?? But Kwon had a Pick 6 against Denver I believe….I know he has a Pick 6 though.

  8. 8


    Given how the season has gone so far, against many of the expectations of Bucs fans, it is easy to play the contrarian, so let me give it a shot:

    1) Running game. With Rodgers and Martin sitting out, everybody expects us to have a crap rushing attack. But people seem to have forgotten that three weeks ago, nobody expected Rodgers to do squat with Martin out .. and equally, people have forgotten that the week after Jacquizz’ breakout game against CAR where he got his first 100+ yard game, Peyton Barber also collected 84 yards on only 12 carries against the 49ers. So given that the Falcs have given up over 100 rushing yards in three games this season, maybe Peyton has another good day, with support from Mike James. IF this happens, it sets the stage for Jameis to run the play action passing game.

    2) Passing game. Well, we’re only as good as Jameis can be accurate with his throws. If the aforementioned rushing game proves effective, then Jameis will need to throw it selectively into somewhat less tight windows that open up when your running game is working. The Falcs are obviously going to double team Mike Evans as our no. 1 receiver (both underneath and over the top) and show little respect for our other receivers, both WRs and TEs. But if Jameis can focus on throwing up high where only ME can reach it on jump balls, that can defeat the double teams. And if our other receivers step up better than they did last week, perhaps also because of the running game keeping the linebackers and safeties up close to the LOS, the single coverage on those guys may not be as tight as it was last week.

    3) The trenches. I think this is the key to the game. If our D-line gets an effective rush on Matt Ryan, meaning Gerald McCoy draws his usual double teams, leaving Spence, Gholston, and Ayers to get to the QB, we can force some game changing INTs by our ball-hawking but small corners. Maybe we need to mix in a fair amount of blitzes by our linebackers who are pretty damned good tacklers most of the time. Maybe even throw in some corner blitzes, since it’s going to be very hard for our small corners to cover Julio Jones. If we don’t produce a decent pass rush, it is going to be extremely difficult to outscore Matty Ice with our depleted offense.

    Bottom line – if all three parts of our game are clicking per the above, we could crank out a win of maybe 28-24 over the Falcs (I don’t see a shootout tonight). If all three parts of our game aren’t clicking, it could be a very ugly night for the Bucs.

  9. 9


    Feeling so damn deflated going into this game I wonder if it’s worth making the drive. Hoping against hope the players don’t feel the same way and man up to win one for their remaining fans at the stadium. The Buccaneers are so bad at home the Ray Jay has become a visiting team advantage!

    So what’s it going to be? Do the Buccaneers come out hell bent to win? Do their play makers step up and make plays when it counts? I hope so. Don’t we all. No damn “predictions” here. Face it, they’re wild guesses from “experts” and rarely if ever come to fruition. Don’t believe me? Just picked up the SI NFL issues from my bathroom floor and noticed their “experts” picked Arizona over Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl this year. Right.

  10. 10


    I think this is going to be an ugly loss for the Bucs, something along the lines of 34-13. Not enough offense and basically a tired and hurt defense. I’d like to say that I see some hope here, but honestly if the Bucs are going to win a home game, it’s next week against the Bears.

  11. 11


    He better “air it out” or we will lose. He might throw picks yes. So be it. You think we are going to win playing that dunk and dunk garbage against leagues best scoring offense? Lol.

  12. 12


    Scott, and Eric, you have the Bucs getting losing badly, yet your picks to click are McCoy, and Kwon. If they both played great, shouldn’t we not be beat so badly?

  13. 13


    I am going with the better QB. Flacons 42-16.

  14. 14


    By the way that scores assumes the Bucs let JW “air it out. If they run the ball and shackle JW, we have a chance.

  15. 15


    Raiders were leagues worst defense against pass and not great against run but they had no trouble shutting Bucs down. Naplesbucs fan thinks we won’t need to air it out and will be able to run with bunch of practice squad RBs because falcons defense isn’t good? Hilarious bro.

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