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    We got robbed on that one and the phony hands to the face penalty that wasn’t, and cost us a Brate TD.

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    Ref’s usually aren’t friendly to us, but as we climb the food chain they will eventually reward us for our endeavors.

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    So true seat26. They ran only one replay on that hands to the face and you sure couldn’t see it from that view. With all the cameras at a game you know there had to have been another viewpoint but they never showed it.
    They probably didn’t want to embarrass the ref or the league with such a blatantly bad call.

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    All weekend was as horrible calls by the refs. College and pros. That was a bullshit ticky tacky call on Dotson.
    Oh well, it turned out great.

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    Don’t understand rule really of why they ran clock out. I already knew Koetter was more upset with the slow spot because he said it in his press conference right after the game.

    Moot point anyways does anyone Honestly think Aguayo would hit what would have been about 50 yard FG after missing at 48? I don’t……

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