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    We need you right now McCoy. You had a great game. Hope you are feeling better by Sunday so we can keep this streak going. The Defense was on fire Sunday.

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    I don’t know if the McCoy injury is serious or not, but we wouldn’t be the Bucs if we weren’t somewhere between a rock and a hard place every week. But part of maturing or growing up as a team is finding a way to win despite the difficulty. Maybe this is a part of changing the culture!

    Get better soon Gerald, we need every man! Somehow I’m beginning to believe if you can’t make it, the new brotherhood of the Bucs will rise up find a way to carry your load!

    I believe! Go Bucs!

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    So true macabee.
    How many times would we have seen a Bucs team lose a game like that in the last 8 years. It was almost a given.
    Toss an INT, go down and score. Stop, and then a field goal for a win is how it would have gone.
    This team is better and has stronger character and attitude thanks to Winston, but it still lacks the depth to easily overcome an injury to a player of McCoy’s ability.

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    Absolutely right Dr. D. Past teams might have let this one get away. This version has a new mindset.

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    I’ve never knocked McCoy as a player when healthy, but the injuries have really been a lot with him. Hoping boot was more precautionary and he can play still now that it’s playoff time of year and we are still in the hunt. Damn frustrating the injuries.

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    We have some D lineman playing at high level so if he can’t go we can still win I think. This team seems different last few weeks and seem to rise to the occasion.

    Go Bucs! McDonald has been playing very well at DT too.

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    There is no WAY Gerald will miss the game on Sunday. He’s being smart and taking care of himself. The players are really pumped, have totally bought into each other and the systems on offense AND defense. Listening to Kwon’s total access show yesterday was a joy. The players and fans are on the same page, a positive page!

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      Nailed it Garv! Tweet from Sirius XM NFL Radio on McCoy availability.

      SiriusXM NFL Radio ‏@SiriusXMNFL 2h2 hours ago
      #Buccaneers DT @Geraldini93: I will be out in San Diego and ready to rock against the Chargers in Week 13. (Regarding foot injury).

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