Winning a Super Bowl can have many impacts on a franchise, especially financially. According to Forbes, the Bucs have experienced the largest increase of any franchise in the NFL over the past year.

Forbes annual list ranking the NFL’s most valuable teams came out Wednesday, with the Bucs slotted 21st overall. The 29 percent increase equals a nearly $660 million financial gain. This places the Bucs at a valuation of $2.94 billion dollars.

The Glazers originally bought the franchise in 1995 for $192 million. At the time of purchase, the Glazers set a record for the amount they paid. The $2.94 billion evaluation equals more than a 15-time return on their initial investment.

The Glazers have done well putting resources back into the community with the Glazer Family Foundation. The foundation supports charitable causes in advancing children’s education and well-being. Starting the Glazer Vision Foundation in 2006, it aims to help identify children with vision problems at early school ages. The family also donated $5 million to the construction of Tampa’s Glazer Children’s Museum, along with many other philanthropic efforts in Tampa Bay.

The Glazer family has been on the forefront in the hiring of minority and women coaches and staff in the NFL. Owner Darcie Glazer-Kassewitz has been a leading voice with the Women of Red, a group for the team’s female fans, and has been a leader in the charge for more opportunities for women in sports.

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About the Author: J.C. Allen

J.C. Allen is one of’s newest beat writers. As a New England transplant, he has closely followed Tom Brady’s entire career and first fell in love with the game during the Patriots 1996 Super Bowl run. J.C. is in his second year covering the team after spending a year with Bucs Report as a writer, producer and show host. Some of his other interests include barbecuing, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. His favorite Buccaneer of all time is Simeon Rice and believes he deserves a spot in Canton. Follow J.C. Allen on Twitter @JCAllenNFL.
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5 months ago

I remember people actually laughing at Glazer when he paid $192 million in 1995 for the Bucs! What is he doing they asked? Seriously, it raised people’s eyebrows that he would pay such a king’s ransom for an NFL team, and the Bucs to boot. I guess he was crazy like a fox! To turn $192 million into 3 billion… that’s just mind blowing. Talking about generational wealth? That’s incredible!

Reply to  bucballer
5 months ago

Some folks thought the same when they purchased Manchester United. When you watch the Men Who Made America series, they all had two things in common… and big balls.