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Forbes’ annual list of NFL franchise valuations was released on Thursday, and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady was not happy with what he saw. The seven-time Super Bowl Champion took to Instagram to voice his displeasure in the NFL Players Association, believing they succumbed too easily to the league’s lowered salary cap. Based on the increase in value across NFL franchises, it appears Brady has a point.

In a year where the owners claimed there would be financial losses due to COVID, it appears the opposite happened. After getting players to reduce the salary cap by nearly 20 percent in March for the 2021 season, the league announced new media deals soon after. Those deals are set to pay out over $110 billion over the next 11 years.

Despite the pandemic, league owners saw an average 14 percent value increase, the largest gain in five years. NFL owners absorbed a small hit due to limited ticket and concession sales in 2020, but the losses were always going to be short-lived. The NFL remains more successful than ever before, and owners clearly could have handled a larger salary cap. Brady’s frustration with the NFLPA for not properly educating players on the league’s tactics appears to be a justifiable complaint.

The NFL set the 2021 salary cap at $182.5 million in March. In 2020, the salary cap had risen to $198.2 million, up $10 million from the 2019 season. In early June, it was announced that the salary cap ceiling for the 2022 league year would be $208.2 million. The final cap number could come in below that, but it is expected to be around $208 million.

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About the Author: J.C. Allen

J.C. Allen is one of PewterReport.com’s newest beat writers. As a New England transplant, he has closely followed Tom Brady’s entire career and first fell in love with the game during the Patriots 1996 Super Bowl run. J.C. is in his second year covering the team after spending a year with Bucs Report as a writer, producer and show host. Some of his other interests include barbecuing, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. His favorite Buccaneer of all time is Simeon Rice and believes he deserves a spot in Canton. Follow J.C. Allen on Twitter @JCAllenNFL.
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1 month ago

Football is the toughest sport on your body and mind, it’s has ever lasting effects on your quality of life. Great job calling them out TB12

1 month ago

I don’t disagree with Brady one bit. My only gripe with Brady, has been his lack of a voice in the past, regarding NFLPA issues. I’m glad he’s speaking up on this, but there’s been too many times in the past, where he should have spoken up, but kept quiet. If there’s a single player in this league, that would be unanimously listened to, it would be Brady. So knowing that, I always wished he ran for NFLPA President. Every player in the league looks up to him, respects him, and listens when he talks

Reply to  Dave
1 month ago

He should have spoken up? It’s not Brady’s responsibility to speak up. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable speaking up. I think Brady winning the SuperBowl in Tampa in a new system and a new team has helped him find his more public persona. He seems to be more relaxed and outgoing than at any other time in his career. Perhaps the always personable Bellicheck had something to do with his lack of outspokenness? We just don’t know. I’m just glad that Brady is Buc and he really seems to be enjoying himself and his teammates like never before. Perhaps, it is… Read more »

1 month ago

Brady is looking out for his players that’s what he does in practice, and film study, it’s what he did with Antonio Brown and that’s what he is doing here. He is pointing out a contradiction And how the NFL players Association screwed them so that it hopefully won’t happen again.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg