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    Great Team effort. Defense played inspired football. Winston has another big day. Winning the Division is not out of reach. If we can win 3 out of the next 4 games to finish off the season, Brate, I am your biggest fan. Keep on keeping on, you are becoming one of our best players.

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      A few weeks ago when VJax went down, Doug was hurt, and OSJ was sent away, there was a lot of talk about the Bucs offense being only Mike Evans. As fans it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of only seeing the stars. But opposing defenses actually have to game plan against all of the real people lining up; including people not yet considered stars by the talking heads on TV or the fans. They have to cover Martino, and Humphries, and yes, Brate. Cam has been really fun to watch. I actually called his name right before the go ahead touchdown. I was yelling at the screen, “Touchdown, Cam, touchdown Cam” over and over again right before the snap on that play and nearly lost my mind when he caught the ball. He has quietly become a noticeable threat…….to the fans. I guarantee that opposing defensive coordinators have seen him as a threat for a while now. Awesome to see and it really shows that you don’t know who is going to emerge as a star in this league. Keep shooting for the stars Cam. I’m a fan too.

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    Things are getting real now! Dallas will be the toughest test remaining, but they may be resting starters by the time we play them. If we can slow down Drew Brees, I can see our offense carving up their D for another 2 division wins. The Panthers are well…the Panthers so I’m seeing worse case scenario we finish the season going 3-1. One more good draft and we run the south. Go Bucs!

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    If Bucs can slow Drew Brees and the Saints next weekend, it could possibly set up a huge national audience game with 8-5 Bucs vs 12-1 Cowboys in Dallas! The Bucs do play better on the road! It could happen Buc’s fans. Concerned a little about the injuries. It was nice to J. Rodgers back today! He will be a big help down the stretch. Gotta love consecutive wins against Bears, Kansas City, Seattle, and San Diego! Go Bucs!

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      Stocker got banged up too. Although I am not sure in his five yrs here that he has ever played two full games in a row.

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    The C. Shorts injury was quite scary! Kid could have broken his Neck! Godsspeed in your recovery Shorts! Glad it wasn’t your neck or something horribly worse! Go Bucs!

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      Honestly from initial words, ‘d be shocked if shorts ever played again. Word is he torn every ligament in his knee and dislocated his knee cap. That’s Terrible. Wish him well. Things like that are going to happen as these Db’s are diving for the knees now as they can’t hit high.

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    One game at a time. Beat New Orleans, and we get to 8-5.

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    The team obviously can’t get ahead of itself…. but we can. I see a lot of 10-6 …9-7 records coming out of that NFC side. 3-1 gets it done. Vikings Packers Redskins Lions…. 9-7 (9-6-1 skins). Your welcome for the bold prediction.

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    I know we all look at Atlanta’s remaining schedule and see them winning out giving them a better Conference record even if the “good guys” also win out. Thus the NFC South Division championship seems unlikely. But what appears to be an easy forecast doesn’t mean it will fall into place the way the prognosticators predict it will.

    After getting stunned by the Chiefs the Falcons must now go all the way to L.A.; possibly without the services of Julio Jones. Victory is not guaranteed in this league. Mighty Bucs just need to take care of what we can control. That starts with focusing on the Saints this week.

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      Scubog – never count out New Orleans or even Carolina when it comes to predicting Falcs game outcomes – each is capable of whipping the Falcs on a good day. They may not be having good seasons, but they’re not quitting.

      Same thing applies to the Bucs, of course. It is never easy winning two against the Saints, and when CAR comes to town that is going to be a brawl.

      Frankly, I even like our chances against the Boys … they’re good, but they’re not as good as their record says, as they’re starting to just barely eke out wins (just two points on Thursday). And I really love how well the Bucs play road games – 5-1 so far!

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    Our sole goal, other than winning each game as it comes up, per Coach Koetter’s “one game at a time” mindset, is to win the NFC South Division Championship. We can win it. We’re tied with Atlanta, and they could very easily lose two or three of their remaining games (Rams, Saints, and Panthers). The dirty birds have a habit of crapping out in December, and they started that trend again yesterday.

    Our Bucs are playing competitive ballwith any team in the league right now, and we could – not “easily”, but plausibly – win three of our remaining four games.

    Win the NFC South, and then look out, league!

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    One game at a time. Koetter’s mantra remains true. The Buccaneers are preparing to win the next game and have not let up. I was worried about San Diego, the long road trip after the hype of the three game winning streak and beating KC and the Seahawks back to back. But the young Buccaneers continue to play the next game as if it’s the most important game of the season.

    Keep it UP! LOVING it in SRQ!

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    The common theme here seems to be 1 game at a time for the BUCS.
    Maybe, just maybe the Giants will stub their toe. 3 divisional games and the Lions. Hard to believe I just said the Lions.
    This is turning out to be a great season for BUCS fans.

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